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The Signs As Characters From Supernatural

Aries: Lucifer

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Taurus: Charlie Bradbury

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Gemini: Dean Winchester

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Cancer: Chuck Shurley

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Leo: Jo Harvelle

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Virgo: Ash

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Libra: Ellen Harvelle

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Scorpio: Crowley

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Sagittarius: Bobby Singer

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Capricorn: Sam Winchester

Aquarius: Castiel

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Pisces: Rowena

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Random Septimus Heap Headcanons

  • Erik, Edd, and Jo-Jo hang out together ALL the time. The twins unofficially live in Jo-Jo’s flat near the Gothyk Grotto and they have a big pile of sheets they sleep under. The sheets come from Jo-Jo’s bed. He spends a lot of time screaming.
  • Syrah and Rose are besties and Syrah grows herbs for the Sick Bay
  • Septimus and Jenna have intense thumb wars and arm wresting competitions. Jenna wins all the thumb wars and Septimus cries.
  • Lucy knits her brothers and sister in law really ugly knitted scarves and they all wear them EVERY WINTER.
  • She also knitted one for Rupert but took it back when he insulted it
  • The Sarns just give in eventually and adopt the Orm
  • “Ferdie get our other three brothers” “We only have two” “You’re forGETTING ORMIE”

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