by jess

Cop Beaten His Daughter Causing a Mild Concession Was Placed On Administrative Leave

There should be no place for cruel and emotionally unstable people in police. Unfortunately, reality shows the opposite. Chief Jerry Dyer reports that veteran Fresno police officer Jesse Joe Ruelas has been placed on leave after he was accused of misdemeanor child abuse. On May 21 Ruelas hit his daughter behind the right ear when he got angry on her because she reminded him that he broke with her mother one year ago. He punched her three times saying that “he could hit her wherever he wanted with whatever he wanted as hard as he wanted as long as he was discipling her”. The punches caused girl to suffer a mild concussion with “post-concussion syndrome”. Grandmother (not father) took a girl to medical clinic. Jesse Joe Ruelas left no visible injuries on the victim’s head – that’s the only reason why this mean cop will not face 6 years in jail for his felony! That’s disgusting! He’s an original criminal – not a policeman! But who you gonna call when police brutalize you? Dyer said that “Ruelas does not have a court date yet for his arraignment, but a warrant for his arrest was issued in July. Ruelas was placed on paid administrative leave on July 31.” Are you still have doubts that the police system should be revisited?