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Can you show us an excerpt from the jasmine fic?? 😏

It might have been the alcohol pumping through your veins, or her beauty, or the fact that you couldn’t stand one more moment without kissing her - but one thing lead to another and your lips were on hers. The kiss was soft, gentle and unrushed - just like her. You pulled her closer to you, and she quickly straddled your lap and laughed when you bit her lip.

You pulled away, resting your forehead against hers and trying to regain your breath. The music was still blaring through the speakers, people were still dancing and the world was still spinning. But you were just looking at her.

“You’re so beautiful, Jasmine” you hummed, resting your hands on the skin of her thighs and biting your lip when her head fell to your shoulder.

”[Y/N]” she whispered softly, clutching onto your arm. She pulled her head away from your shoulder and placed her hands on your cheeks, rubbing her thumbs over your skin.

Your heart almost fell out of your ass when you heard what she said next.

“Take me home”

Frank Perconte headcanons
  • The guys may tease him about his dental hygiene, but then he gets to be really smug when they’re begging him for a piece of floss because something is stuck in their teeth
  • The guys may tease him about his height, but he always wins at limbo contests
  • Loves anything to eat anything mint-flavored
  • Luz likes to joke that Perconte goes through so much toothpaste that surely he’s just eating it straight out of the tube and not even actually brushing with it
  • Can make a mean lasagna thanks to Grandma Perconte
  • Prefers hot chocolate to coffee
  • Doesn’t like to thumb wrestle because he’s at a disadvantage
  • Likes to insist that he’s “scrappy” and could hold his own in a fist fight
  • Likes music with lots of trumpets in it, jazzy stuff

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Have you seen 'the young revolutionaries' extra on the 2012 Les Mis DVD? My favourite part is when Bahorel (Iwan Lewis) says he isn't trusted with a gun! Not to mention the jazzy Bring him home, when they are supposed to be lying down, lined up dead!😭😂 You must see it if you haven't, it is on YouTube

I’ve seen the gifs a thousand times :3 It’s just adorable to see how much of a team they were, the barricade boys :’) My favourite thing is all the cast members going around the set with cups of coffee between takes, it’s delightfully anachronistic

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And for the adorable asks, 9, 21 and 27

9 - aesthetic? 

brightly dyed hair, chipped black nail polish, peace signs & sticking your tongue out, & red converse.

21 - favorite word? 


27 - what makes you smile? 

oh i could name a ton. the random photosets & gifs of lin @casual-hamiltrash always sends me, pippa soo, my long lost twin @life-liberty-and-peggy, my filipal @elizabethschxyler, malec, tacos, being on stage, people running their fingers through my hair ( i dunno, its just so satisfying ), hitting jazzy’s high note in say no to this… life is just beautiful. 


Sebastian Stan and the Tshirt™ for the Beauty Book (2011) (x)

  • <p> <b>Eliza:</b> Alexander, there's a letter from John Laurens' father for you<p/><b>Alexander:</b> what does it say?<p/><b>Eliza:</b> *opens letter* all it says is 'I love my dead gay son.'<p/><b>Alexander:</b> well fuck me gently with a chainsaw<p/></p>