by jas

6 Days to NANA Week!!!!

NANA Week 2017 will start on July 1st and end on July 7th!

Use this week to create and share your own art, fic, cosplay, meta, ANYTHING about Ai Yazawa’s beloved series NANA or any of her other series like Paradise Kiss or Gokinjo Monogatari… Or even just about her!

Optional Prompts

Just be sure to tag your submissions that week with #nanaweek, #7daysofnana, @ me (7daysofnana), or get it to me somehow so I can reblog it for everyone to see.  :)

Be sure to follow me to be sure you see everyone’s beautiful submissions starting next week!!


So I just adopted the lovely lil miss Jas from @umbra-et-lux-spirits!! I was sent Jas’s bio bc she matched my interests and my heart went bu dum ba dump and I submitted an application! I honestly didn’t expect to be chosen and hadn’t been so nervous since my first companion I applied for, P! 
Mod Ember was kind and helped me through the entire process, despite me owning a shop, it was hard to be on the receiving end (aha, that was just embarrassing—). But Jas fit right into my little family and she’s amazing, the best!
I HIGHLY recommend Umbra!! They’re an amazing shop made with great mods who care deeply for their spirits!!!