by ivy

Gotham City Sirens Preference #1: How They First Tell You They Love You

Anonymous requested: Hey! Could I request preferences for how the Gotham City Sirens would tell their girlfriend that they are in love with her?

Harley Quinn

The first time she told you, it was spontaneous and out of the blue. You were just sitting together, when Harley threw her arm around your shoulder and said, “You know, I’m really in love with you.” You were surprised, but, of course, you felt the same way. After that, she couldn’t go a day without randomly telling you how much she loves you.

Poison Ivy

Deep down, Ivy was a romantic. One day she decided to finally tell you that she loved you, but she wanted it to be perfect. She cooked a fancy, candlelit meal and surprised you after you had a long day at work. At the end of the dinner, Poison Ivy told you that she loved you. You said it back, and had a great night after that.

Catwoman/Selina Kyle

Selina told you she loved you right before she went on a mission. She was going with Batman and the other members of the Justice League. Right before she was about to leave, she said, “You know I love you, right?” Then she kissed you passionately on the lips, and left, not giving you enough time to respond. Of course, when she came back, you told her that you felt the same way.

I’ve reuploaded and seriously revamped and updated my lady villain playlist. These are basically the collection of songs I like where women sing about feeling violent, sinister, manipulative or a little/lot evil. Some of the songs could also apply to anti-heroes rather than simply villains (a lot of them are firmly villainous though). It’ll likely be updated in the future, so I won’t bother with a tracklist here- you can click on the link and see the current list of songs. There are about 30 right now. Enjoy and get your bad on.

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So I decided to go for a run/walk to clear my head. I found a park I had never been to before, and took the dog along so I wouldn’t be alone.

the park you guys…

It has swamp lands

And there are eagles nests, snakes, and a bunch of other creatures. It’s a beautiful park, full of energy and feels truly magical. But the best thing, you guys the very best thing, was this:

a THREE WAY crossroads with a space where I can easily bury spell stuff for Hecate. (and there were 5 of these around the park)

My beloved Goddess was all around me as I processed my issues, I felt so at peace, I was able to run faster and further than I thought I would ever be able to, And I received so much clarity here.

The image of me, my black hound at my side, the swamp around me and the signs of Hecate revealing themselves to me, all around me. The Goddess love and presence was not lost on me.

I will be coming back very very soon.


Whale Academy Basketball Court - 8:30pm

Unsurprisingly, the bleachers were packed with people by the time Mirabella and Ivy arrived, forcing them to sit almost at the front. The game begun at 9, and went on for a good hour, each team getting ahead of the other just for the other one to quickly follow back with more scores. It was intense, the air in the room filled with adrenaline and excitement. Mirabella was bored, but Ivy couldn’t keep her eyes off the game for a second. 

At one point, a guy from Elk Creek tried to trip Lucas and take the ball from him, but Lucas was able to quickly pass the ball to a teammate before the asshole got a chance to steal it. Lucas still fell, and as he did, glanced over at the bleachers, his eyes almost instantly locking with Ivy’s. He smiles as he stands back up, and Mirabella proceeds to start nudging Ivy about it, who is numb in response. 

“Proof! Proof!” Mirabella shouts at Ivy, but she’s drowned out by the roar of the crowd and the buzzers as Whale Academy scores the final goal, and Lucas is lifted into the air as everyone cheers his name.