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The party part 10/?

L: We should get Shiro and go back to the ship so we can get you bandages or something- 

K: No! Uh… it’s okay I can do it myself, 

K: Just go back to the party

L: No way I…  Wait

K: W-what

L: Have you been

L: Crying?

This is fucked up but imagine like a witch spell that would disable the most useful part of you

So like suddenly Lance can’t see shit and therefore can’t aim

Pidges thoughts are all muddled so she can’t come up with a plans

Keith’s sword arm seems to collapse on itsself and break so he can’t use his Bayard

Hunks strength leaves him and he can barely hold himself up

and Shiros voice completely stops working so he can’t give any directions

And they all have to somehow still work together and fight even with all their conditions

Or you could seperate it so that only one or two of them get hit with this spell and leaves them in a complete panic

                                                                MAFIA AU.

      viktor nikiforov, a name whispered upon the lips of the damned.  winter had sunk into his bones, made his heart cold as war itsself. he was no plain criminal — no. he was more. he was groomed for leadership, groomed for the weight of being the most dangerous man in the world. 

The line ‘And I gave you my best and we both know you can’t say that’ just hits me so fucking hard because I remember that towards the end of the relationship, Taylor tried so fucking hard. 

Like Coachella, when she posted a bunch of adoring pictures on Instagram. How about at the iHeartRadio Awards when she actually thanked him in her speech which is something she has never done for any other boyfriend and the speech itsself was so heartfelt and complimentary. Like, she got choked up and had to brace herself, but she did it, and he didn’t even… fuck, he barely reacted???

but he didn’t even show up to both the MET gala and BMI. I know he’s a lowkey guy, but those were HUGE nights for Taylor. It was the end of the relationship but she still tried so hard, and he didn’t and they both fucking knew it and-


oops nightmare memories

i think, nightmare wasent as physcial as an entity as the rest of us.

he…. how do i put it. he was kind of like, the concept of fear itsself.

darkness, fear, cold, he was all of those things, he was the very personifacation of fear, of the bite.

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Hi! :D shinee reaction to you doing a sex scene in a movie with another member :)


Onew would be jealous but he wouldn’t show it because he trusts you and his members


He woud be extremly jealous and ask you guys A LOT of questions.
He would never ever leave you alone with that member again.


*gif speaks for itsself*


Minho somehow understands the situation since hes an actor too but eventually the jealousy would take over him and he would deathstare the guy.


Taemin would be really jaelous and he would tease you about it afterwards by playing hard to get.
He would probably say things like that:

(gifs are not mine)



Note: I am pointing out someone who needs it, this is just a suspison, but I have a feeling this is the person who’s been insulting Ciro and Brandon, you can read more about that, but this is just a feeling, no I am not accusing anyone.

Please go here before continuing to get the full story: here and here

If you do not like this, feel free to leave and ignore.

Lets start with this first comment. Yes Im breaking this down FOR ME! NOT TO BE MEAN. So please, feel free to leave, as I said up above.

  • “Because we obviously know nothing about her. Raph knows nothing about Mona or her personality. He only knows that she can fight. He likes her look. That’s not love. That’s lust.”

Well considering they are both reptiles, and not all human, these two acted on animal instincts, and in the animal kingdom, its kind of run on instincts. 

Now we know shes a high strong, shes blunt and to the point, which is why he likes her, she doesnt like taking other peoples crap, which is another quality he would like about her. So there are two quailities I just listed of her personailty. Lets also add in that, she is honorable, that is a quality they both share. Also, who cares if its lust or love, these two have been canon since 1980, since Raphael Meets His Match aired. Just letting you know on that infomation.

  • “it’s pretty sad that this show teaches kids that beauty matters the most. Most of the female characters are there only for the franchise and only to be love interests.”

Really? Cause, from what it taught me that girls can kick ass. Looks shouldnt matter the most, I think thats what you took from this show. Mona is a lizard, yes she can be pretty in the eyes of the beholder, but to others, these girls can be ugly as hell and still be amazing. THEY ARE NOT JUST LOVE INTERESTS.

Im so sick of people using that as a reason, no, These girls are surely NOT JUST THAT. If that was the case, they wouldnt get so much love that they do, they get more love then hate, why? because they have likable personalities.

Lets take a look at these girls, shall we?

  • Karai: Complex story, rebel, smart mouthed female ninja who’s quick on her toes, and was reunited with her father, only to have it taken away from her, again. Her mother was killed by the man who kidnapped her and made false stories up about her REAL father, just so he could keep her.
  • April: A half human/half kraang. Psychic powers. High strong, stubborn and a firey red head. Was a normal girl until the Kraang kidnapped her dad, after reuniting with him, it didnt last long when he got mutated. twice. Puts up with ALOT of stuff in her life. Her mother lost, her father always gone, the only friends she has are guys, her best friend turned out to be Kraang Prime. Oh lets not forget that this season her powers are growing, and getting better as this series progress.
  • Renet: Saved time itsself from being destroyed by Salvanti. ((Forgive me for misspelling his name)) spent six months looking for the turtles, saved them once again. Shes clumsy, a dork, a legit fan of the turtles. She kicked ass when it was much needed, quick thinker, and a total sweetheart.
  • Mona: Shes a second in commant, a lutinent. An honorable warrior. Head strong, at first she was quick to judge, but soon came to realize that the others may not be so bad. She teamed up with the turtles, and fought side by side, both times now. 

We still dont know much about Mona, but that doesnt mean we wont know anymore. Also, these personalities and qualities dont matter huh, since I guess they’re just love interests. or just here to please the franchise. No you know what, April 2012 has more of a personality then the 1980s April. So please dont start that bullsh*t with me, because thats just it, bullsh*t.

  • “Girls aren’t useless, you know. Mona’s character is pretty good. She’s badass and I don’t hate it.”

But wait, didnt you say that these girls are just to be love interests? Oh wait, MOST. Whoops. 

  • “I hate their rushed and forced relationship.” 

Okay, I am not trying to change your opinion or whatever, but Im gonna let you in on a secret…..THIS RELATIONSHIP WAS NEVER FORCED. you wanna see forced? Leorai, Miket, hell even freaking Apriltello is forced. Why, because unlike the other 3 pairings, we’ve seen Raph and Mona together, before in the 80s series. Which is why it feels natural, just in a different version. 

The relationship rushed? now see thats where it depends, Raphael didnt just like her off the bat, vice versa. They both were trying to kick each others ass. And then, it hit him…..literally. Relationships are different in many ways. For example… Apriltello, one sided love, Donnie has been infatuated with this girl since season one. It took 3 seasons for these two to kiss, and they are still not together. The difference is, April and Donnie like to beat around the bush, while Mona and Raph are very blunt and up front characters. He told her, she told him, they both grew fond of each other. Lets not forget that we gotta think about how long they have not seen each other. Raphael even said that he didnt even think he’d ever see her again, so yes they reunite with a few kisses.

  • “And this joke has gone too far. We all know it’s a joke. It’s not funny anymore. It’s sick. Joke about teen pregnancy? AND about Raph giving birth or something like that? That it not funny.”

See this is why Ciro and Brandon troll you, because you take EVERYTHING seriously, like wtf bruh. Raph giving birth? Really?

  • Go ahead and block me, post my comment or whatever. No matter what, this show is not TMNT anymore. 

Last time I checked, the logo said “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” and it was about 4 turtles. Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo….Unless the names and logo changed….

  • “Kids aren’t interested to see turtles and aliens kissing.”

I maybe 21, but mentally im 15, and deep in my heart Im 10. Hell even when I was that age I wanted to see people kissing. Your just to immature to handle that bull, or you…just need something else to enjoy in your life….

  • “Please don’t start any more wars and try to improve the show. That’s your job, isn’t it?”

Bruh, he can do whatever the hell he wants. He does this sh*t because people like you in this fandom make it to easy and fun to troll.

  • “Ps. I do appreciate your work on the show. And I still want to watch it. But I can’t anymore. And I’m not the only one. That’s disappointing” 

Im positive your the only one bruh….wait…nevermind, there will always be crazy rabid fangirls like you in every fandom you see. You appreciate his work so much that this is the second time you complain about either the girls or a shipping. Hell it had to do with the show. That I remember…wait, i have a screen shot of it.. 

Not joking, her second time. Which is why I have a feeling… Well at least she was a bit more mature this time…((And yeah, I just did that sh*t))

No someone bullying a writer and a creator of a show is disappointing. Along with fans like you who take this kinda crap way to seriously. Like bruh, take a pill, drink some ice water, and chill.

This is literally sad. Brandon cant even joke about this kinda crap without one of you fans making this into a sensitive sob fest, let alone stand up for himself without being gained up on without others knowing the FULL story, 


 I take bullying very seriously and hearing that Ciro and Brandon are being bullied, over this Ramona bullsh*t? Really? Its not their fault you dont like it! So why even bother? Do you not have a life outside of the internet? Im just wondering. Sometime this fandom, just…really amazes me sometimes, and not the good kind…

 I love you guys, THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE. But the actions you guys do sometimes, it just breaks my heart…

Welcome to the horrid Internet Miki. 

Well this can go badly for me, or positively for me…whelp nice knowing ya Miki!


Discussion: Here

Hate: Here

As usual

Creepypasta #388: I Don't Think I'm Real

5:30 am

My Alarm clock goes off. I wake up and hear a tapping noise coming from my window. I turn to it and see nothing but the still dark sky and the other apartment buildings in the complex I live in. I dismiss it as my half-asleep brain continuing its ceaseless quest to make my life a living hell, or as close to it as one can get.

I hit snooze, hoping to slip into unconsciousness for just a little longer before beginning the day, but the tapping continues and I eventually get back up to look at the window again. Nothing.

Sometimes I hate my brain.

I fall back asleep and wake up again at 5:42. I decide today will be a wake-up-late-and-rush-to-get-ready type of day and hit snooze again. I wake up at 5:56 and begin to start my morning routine. I throw my clothes on, brush my teeth, put on deodorant, and grab some pop-tarts to eat in the car. All of this was done by 6:01. I’ve gotten this routine down to a science because I do it pretty much every morning. I go to work and begin my never-ending grind. I take a lunch break around noon and go to subway. I think I see something in the corner that looks like a person, but I look back and it’s empty.

“Guess I didn’t get enough sleep last night.” I say to myself as I go to the counter to get my usual artery clogging meatball sub.

I finish my sub and go to the bathroom to wash up and pee. As I’m washing my hands I notice something strange. It’s like my reflection isn’t… In sync with me. I put my hands in the water, and so does my reflection, but a split second later. Again, I chalk this up to not having enough sleep, but as I was leaving, I could have sworn it smiled when I definitely did not.

I go back to work and say a casual “hey” to my coworkers as I pass them, but every one of them ignored me. Guess they’re not in the mood to talk. I go to my manager’s office to ask him if I can have a day off next week (Doctor’s appointment, nothing important), but he ignores me, too. He acts like I’m not even there. I wave my hand in front of his face, but he is unphased. At this point, I’m aware that something isn’t right, but I wasn’t sure if he was just being a dick (He was pretty well known for being one around the office). Finally, I go back to my cubicle and go to sit down, when I see myself, sitting at the desk. I blink my eyes hard, thinking I’m just hallucinating, but after I open them, it was clear he was just as real as anything else. I begin breathing heavily, and he must hear me because he turns around, gives me a sly, almost knowing smile and turns back around. I stop thinking rationally at this point and start screaming. I expect people to react, to tell me to shut the hell up, or even ask if I was okay, but no one said a thing. No one even seemed to notice, which was more terrifying than anything else that had happened today. I don’t even remember leaving the office. What I do remember is people looking at me like I was crazy when I drove my car home. Even other drivers. I almost caused a few accidents because people couldn’t stop staring at me. I wonder what is so interesting about someone driving home.

I walk in my front door and go to the bathroom. As I’m leaving, I notice something in the mirror, or should I say lack of something. Me.

I wasn’t there. I walked right by it and never saw anything other than the wall behind me. And then it occured to me why people were looking at me so weirdly when I was driving. I don’t exist. To them the car was driving itsself because I’m not real. But I had to be. How else could I have even driven? How had I eaten my lunch. Why hadn’t someone noticed in subway?! The person who gave me my sandwich seemed to see me just fine, so why hadn’t anyone else? So many questions are running through my head right now, but not one single answer. As I’m sitting, trying to figure out what the hell is happening with my life when I hear my alarm clock go off.

“What the hell?” I think as I walk into my room. It wasn’t supposed to be going off right now. I look and see myself waking up. I’m pretty much in shock from the earlier events so my reaction to this was basically nonexistent, though inside my head was a hurricane of possible reasons why this was happeningh and even more reasons why the other reasons are wrong.

I’m surprised to see, however that the “me” in my bed doesn’t seem to notice me. Suddenly I get an idea. I go over to my window and tap on it 3 times. I see the other me turn to look at it, then turn back, hit snooze, and go back to sleep. I tap again, remembering when I heard the tapping that morning. The other me turns back around, sighs, and goes back to sleep. At precisely 5:42, he wakes up, hits snooze and goes back to sleep. At 5:56, he wakes up, gets ready, and leaves at 6:01 carrying pop-tarts.

I think I just got a little but closer to figuring this whole thing out.

Credits to: somekindoftimeshift

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Not Stucky, but can you explain how New York City works? Is Brooklyn etc a city itsself? Are midtown and Manhattan the same thing? I'm from a small town in California so big cities like NYC are confusing to me.

LOL!  Sorry, but boy, is that a question and a half! I do know how you feel though - sometimes the “obvious” stuff is the hardest to explain (I have flashbacks of trying to figure out how the british education system works…)

Um - okay.  New York City is a city of five boroughs - New York County/Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.  Even though they are all one city they appear differently in mailing addresses: Manhattan Island is New York, New York; Brooklyn is Brooklyn, New York, Queens is further subdivided by neighborhood (for example Jackson Heights, New York is a neighborhood in Queens); Bronx, New York; Staten Island, NY.  All the boroughs have smaller neighborhoods within them - Daredevil is in Hell’s Kitchen, which is in Manhattan, e.g. Manhattan has neighborhoods like Harlem and the Lower East Side and Chinatown; Brooklyn has neighborhoods like Park Slope and Red Hook and Gravesend and Coney Island and Bed Stuy, etc. 

The borough of Brooklyn is, by itself, something like the 4th largest city in America; Queens by itself is, I think, the most diverse city in the country; but both of them are part of New York City.

Manhattan is what people think of a lot when they think of “New York City” - its a long and skinny island with an uptown, midtown, downtown and a west and east side; these things are situated mainly in relation to Central Park, a big rectangle in the middle of Manhattan Island.  Manhattan, like much of the city, is on a grid; blocks. Stark Tower is in midtown; that is, south of Central Park, and a bit east; the fictional Stark Tower sits over the real Grand Central Station, in the place of what, to me, will always be the Pan Am building but is now something else, I forget what. 

Steve grew up in Brooklyn, which is connected to the lower tip of Manhattan by the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge; he grew up in downtown Brooklyn which was nice and then was a dump and is now nice to the point of overpriced/you can’t afford it. Some comics put Steve in Red Hook which–yes, has docks–but moreover, is a little bubble part of Brooklyn that’s far from public transportation, and so has always struggled financially, though even Red Hook, to my surprised, gentrified during the mid-oughts housing bubble; now there are foodie restaurants and an Ikea and a Fairway there. When I was a kid, Red Hook was where you went if you wanted to die. (Harlan Ellison’s gang novel, Web of the City, is set in Red Hook.) Hawkeye lives in the comics in BedStuy, which has not ben as fast to gentrify (but is still gentrifying.)

Does that help?

It’s sad that even after SMTxFE was renamed to Genei IbunRoku # FE and now Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE to distance itsself from the SMT brand its still gonna get shat on forever because of them announcing its existence way too early

This is why you should only announce games when you actually know what theyre gonna be, not when theyre some vague project idea that you havent even defined yet. I feel like half the complaints thrown at it would be solved had they planned it all smarter

Not that it would have boosted sales for it anything but at least people wouldn’t have been as disappointed by it

The town was small, quaint even, but he’d been let loose and put in this body for a reason right? The first stop was a diner…this human flesh was weak even thought it contained all the power of hell itsself, the only reason he could think of being let out of that infernal place was it was time, the apoclypse would begin now…he just had to take a bride, and they would rule over hell together…or at least that’s what had been written by his Father and his precious predictions.

The first diner he came across was small, quaint even…but clean. The door swung open to reveal his massive frame and he headed to the back for a free table and grabbed a menu; completely unaware of the person approaching him now.