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What I hate about Jackson Wang

Originally posted by gsvnrewind

I hate that you doubt yourself at times

I hate that you are so breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes do not realize it

I hate that you felt you needed to lose weight to be more attractive because frankly it just isn’t possible

I hate that your laugh is the cutest thing on earth (Sorry Youngjae)

I hate that people sleep on you and you take it to heart

I hate that you have my heart (So does my bf)

I hate the cute way you eat

I hate the way you effortlessly can speak so many languages

I hateeeeee your deep voice that snatches my soul ok

I hate the way you are excited by life and that it excites me 

I hate the fact that you are so generous, caring, and hardworking yet people don’t see that

I think the one thing I hate the most is that not everyone in the world will get to experience the love and appreciation I have for you 

Imi pare rau, mama….
Imi pare rau pentru ca te dezamagesc mereu dar niciodata n-am vrut sa fac asta..
Stiu ca nu sunt fiica pe care ti-ai dorit-o tu.
Tu nu ai vrut sa ai o fiica care sa stea toata ziua inchisa in camera ei si sa o vezi plangand toata ziua…
Am incercat de multe ori sa ma schimb doar pentru tine.
Dar, crede-ma ca nu reusesc, mama…. Nu pot sa fiu fericita.
Stiu ca ma vezi tot timpul zambind dar, vreau sa iti spun ca zambetul  meu mereu e fals!
In fiecare dimineata ma intrebi de ce sunt atat de obosita…si nu as vrea sa afli cate nopti am stat treaza.
Pana si eu m-am saturat sa pierd nopti stand si gandindu-ma la tot felul de lucruri care imi fac rau…
Stiu ca ai vrea sa stii ce dracu am si de ce ma simt in halul asta…
Dar mama, nu imi place sa vorbesc despre cum ma simt si nu pot face asta…
Fetita ta te minte mereu ca se simte bine si nu iti spune niciodata ce i se intampla….
Iarta-ma, mama!

natalya-olegovna  asked:

Mama, I feel pretty down right now. At night, things get to me like my moms death and the abuse I get and the state of my house, it’s really messy and I can’t fix itI cry myself to sleep every night because of this and I need advice. I feel like it’s all my fault, I can’t do it all and I’m overwhelmed. And I recently found out my mom died on March 21 2008 and her birthday was June 11th. And it fucks me up she didn’t make it, because I feel like I couldn’t save her. Part 2, on the way.

Part 2: I’m sorry Mama, I don’t mean to unload my burdens on to you. But I really feel I’m partially responsible for her death, because I could help in any way. I also found out my aunt never legally adopted me. I want her to. But we just haven’t gotten around to it. And I love her but sometimes I wonder if I might just be a burden to her. I’m sorry for all this Mama, I don’t mean any harm to you. I don’t want to bother you, because you’re a great person. Thanks for listening, I love you, Mama.

Love, you’re a literal teenager. None of these things are your responsibility. Sure, you should keep your room clean and help in the house here and there, but that’s it. I don’t know any of the circumstances you live in, but it sounds like maybe a counselor or an state official would be helpful for you to get out of your situation/ put more pressure on you getting into a good place. Considering you mentioned abuse and an overwhelmingly messy house it doesn’t sound like a good place for a kid your age (or anyone as a matter of fact). If your aunt is a good caretaker for you I’d like you to stay with her either way and try to push the adoption, if that’s possible. I know it’s hard, but try to think about yourself more, you’ve got all the right reasons to. And please, please try to see a counselor or therapist. Being a bit insecure as a teen is normal, but in no way ever should you feel guilty for your mother’s death for a longer period of time (I think it’s quite normal to have the thought of being guilty for the death of a loved one, but it should leave as fast as it came in a normal mourning reaction). You’re not a burden! You’re a beautiful bean and I love you! Thank you for sharing and letting it out. I hope stuff gets better soon! You deserve it!

Hei, tu! Bună!

Poate că în timp ce citesti mesajul ăsta eşti cel mai trist om, cel mai fericit sau pur si simplu nici macar nu iti dai seama de starea ta. Poate că ai avut cea mai bună zi sau cea mai proastă, dar un lucru e concret. Zâmbeşte. Te rog. Poate nimic nu îți dă motive să faci. Dar fă tu din asta un motiv. Meriti! Nu te cunosc! Dar eu iubesc oamenii. Astazi, si eu am avut, nu de alta, o zi groaznică. Am plâns foarte mult. Acum, noaptea in pat, mi-am dat seama ca desi ma doare trebuie sa zambesc si sa schimb ceva. Sunt tristă cu un motiv, si trebuie sa schimb motivul. Asta trebuie să faci şi tu… nu contează dacă acum o sa te doara schimbarea. Pe parcurs vei intelege ca a fost o alegere bună pentru sufletul tau… uneori, trebuie să renunțăm la tot ce ținem, doar pentru a fii fericiti. Sau sa renuntam doar pentru ca aceea persoana sa fie fericita. Viata e cea mai urata melodie. Dar schimbă tu melodia. Lasă dracu’ jalea, uită-te la tine în viitor. Nu, nu vei ajunge o persoană groaznică, pentru ca vei avea cea mai mare putere pentru a deveni o persoană unică, frumoasă! Te rog… fă asta pentru mine… ai si tu un suflet mic, îl doare tare atunci când te ranesti singura. Mai tare decat sa o faca alticineva. Tu iti dai seama ca cel mai mult tu te-ai rănit ?

E dulce atunci când cineva ştie fiecare detaliu despre tine. Nu pentru că tu le aminteşti în mod constant, ci pentru că ei îţi acordă atenţie.
—  fluppsluup