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Nu am crezut ca o sa spun asta vreodata in toata viata mea dar…. Dorul..dorul chiar poate sa te omoare… Iti sfasie si cea mai mica bucatica din suflet care inca a ramas intreaga.
Si, iti e otrava pentru inima… Si, la dracu, si amintirile la fel….
Sunt unele nopti cand stau si ma uit pe pereti si, dintr-o data mii de amintiri dureroase apar in mintea mea si, peste cateva secunde am ochii inundati in lacrimi si nu ma pot opri din plans…. 
Dar, mdeah, asta deja nu e o noutate pentru mine. Mi se intampla asta aproape mereu… 
Dorul…. pentru mine, chiar e cel mai dureros sentiment.

nu-iti-uita-niciodata-visele  asked:

Esti minunat, ajuti pe toata lumea cum poti desi tu probabil esti distrus psihic. Din punctul meu de vedere asta inseamna putere, asta inseamna un om cu adevarat bun. Tu poti schimba lumea, o poti face mai buna si pentru asta eu personal iti multumesc. Iti multumesc ca desi ai încasat lovituri de la viata si de la persoanele iubite, inca esti in picioare si ai un suflet superb. Chiar nu imi pot descrie respectul fata de tine, suflet bun 😇

Mulțumesc foarte mult. (mi-au dat lacrimile, dar shh) haide aici 👐👐👐👐

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As vrea sa imi ramana indentitatea anonima... Scuze.😘😘💖 Sper ca nu te-ai suparat. Dar serios, am nevoie de ajutorul tau. Am cautat pe net si imi da motive sa nu o fac, iar eu nu asta am cautat. Nu vreau solutii sa nu o fac, vreau solutii care sa ma ajute sa imi gasesc linistea departe de lumea asta. Si nimic nu ma poate convinge. Vreau doar solutii. Te rog. Fara mesaj daca poti sa imi raspunzi aici, ar fi perfect. Eu totusi iti multumesc ca ai rabdare cu mine si ca citesti ceea ce iti scriu.

Spânzurat. De preferat să nu fie nimeni acasă sau unde vrei sa te spânzuri.
Tăiatul venelor, dar mâna tre’ să fie în apă.
Pastile, dar după ce le-ai luat să te culci. Gândește-te bine înainte s-o faci. Nu te-ai gândit niciodată că ai încercat de atâtea ori să mori, dar ai fost salvată? Poate e un motiv pentru care ai fost salvată.

no but honestly

american gods is doing what no other show has done

in the extent of what’s doing, i mean

a graphic sex scene where a woman swallows up a man through her vagina? check

a graphic sex scene between two men of color that is hot and poetic at the same time? check

a mexican jesus who gets shot by american guns while he’s saving a mexican family cross the border? check

a muslim man praying where the other two white characters stay quiet, respecting his faith despite not believing in it? check

and it’s not just for the shock of it

i fucking love this show

some of the most fucked up lyrics written by harry and louis

  • is that so wrong? is it so wrong?
  • i’d do anything to save it
  • i don’t care what people say when we’re together
  • all of a sudden these lights are blinding me
  • i will hold you closer, hope your heart is strong enough
  • the script was written and i could not change a thing
  • you’re all i want so much it’s hurting
  • could we ever be enough? baby we could be enough
  • calling out for somebody to hold tonight
  • i think i might give up everything, just ask me to
  • nobody saves me baby the way you do
  • darling just hold on
  • i can’t touch what i see
  • we gotta get away from here
  • we don’t know where we’re going but we know where we belong
  • wherever i go you bring me home
E dulce atunci când cineva ştie fiecare detaliu despre tine. Nu pentru că tu le aminteşti în mod constant, ci pentru că ei îţi acordă atenţie.
—  fluppsluup

i feel rly bad whenever ppl come to me for art advice because i literally honestly do not put a shred of thought into any of my art like,,it’s all emotion-driven if that makes sense…?? i literally just hav a loose concept of what emotion im going for in my head and then let my hand do whatever to convey it

i have no drawing process my drawing process is literally just

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Can we get a list of reasons why you love Coran?

Sure thing, here you go!! :D

  • used to make informational videos about Weblums grade-school style
  • is a trained soldier
  • rambles a lot; most stuff seems nonsensical and irrelevant but sometimes things actually appear later in the show again
  • has impeccable posture *:・゚✧
  • loves Allura a lot and is incredibly protective of her
  • seriously he was ready to take on Zarkon’s entire fleet by himself when the paladins were on their mission to get Allura back 
  • despite his quirky and almost carefree behavior he looks out for the paladins
  • knows how the castle ship works
  • was an emo teen
  • got the slipperies and, despite repeated protests, adapted pretty well to that
  • really wants to kick Zarkon’s ass
  • M O U S T A C H E
  • has the paladins ranked by height 
  • somehow?? knew that Pidge was a girl?????
  • was ready to pilot Red and got himself a fancy suit for it
  • is overly dramatic at times  ALL TIMES  most times
  • but can actually act/pretend to be someone else pretty well if it really counts 
  • probably repeatedly cleans the healing pods
  • thinks he can cook
  • respected Allura’s wish to heal the Balmera despite knowing that she might not survive it
  • is responsible for giving us the space pirates outfits (bless him)
  • his pride makes him do/say stupid stuff sometimes
  • sometimes gets this really sad look in his eyes
  • likes to drink nunvil
  • befriended that one Arusian :’)
  • *wakes up after 10000 years of sleep* *is immediately ready for battle*
  • did the airplane thing on Shiro
  • tried to get the mice to make him a sandwich?? which apparently exists in Altean culture
  • was good friends with king Alfor
  • makes… interesting faces sometimes,,,,

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