by ingvild

Competition Schedule for Nordic Ski World Champ Lahti 2017

(Time Local Time)

Wednesday 22 February  

Cross Country Classic Interval Start (Qualification)
14:00 - Ladies 5 km
15:30 - Men 10 km

Thursday 23 February 

Cross Country Sprint Free Technique
15:00 - Sprint Qualification (Ladies/Men)
17:30 - Sprint Finals (Ladies/Men)

Ski Jumping Women Qualification
14:00 Normal Hill

Friday 24 February

Ski Jumping Men Qualification
14:30 Normall Hill

Ski Jumping Woman
17:30 Normall Hill

Nordic Combined 
10:30 Ski Jumping Normall Hill
13:30 Gundersen Cross Country 

Saturday 25 February  

Cross Country Skiathlon
12:00 - Ladies 7.5/7.5 km
14:30 - Men 15/15 km

Ski Jumping Men
17:30 Normal Hill

Sunday 26 February - 

Cross Country Team Sprint Classic
11:30 - Semi Finals (Ladies/Men)
13:30 - Finals (Ladies/Men)

Ski Jumping 
17:30 Team Event Mixed Normall Hill

Nordic Combined
12:00 Relay Ski Jumping Normall Hill
15:30 Relay Cross Country

Tuesday 28 February 

Cross Country Classic Interval Start
13:45 - Ladies 10 km

Wednesday 1 March  

Cross Country Classic Interval Start
13:45 - Men 15 km

Ski Jumping Men Qualification 
18:00 Large Hill

Nordic Combied
12:00 Ski Jumping Large Hill
16:15 Gundersen Cross Country

Thursday 2 March 

Cross Countru Team Relay
15:00 - Ladies 4 x 5 km

Ski Jumping Men
18:30 Large Hill

Friday 3 March 

Cross Country Team Relay
13:30 - Men 4 x 10 km

Nordic Combined
16:00 Team Sprint Ski Jumping Large Hill
18:15 Team Sprint Cross Country

Saturday 4 March 

Cross Country Mass Start Free Technique
14:30 - Ladies 30 km

Ski Jumping Men
17:15 Team Event Competition

Sunday 5 March 

Cross Country Mass Start Free Technique
14:30 - Men 50 km

Silmarillion - Fëanor and Finwë

This is the drawing that’s been preoccupying my mind for the last two weeks, even though I have barely had any time to actually work on it, so tonight I decided to pull it together and finally finish it. When I first started it I was completely in love, because everything worked out fine, and looking at it now I do realize its not perfect, but I still love it, especially the characters. Yes there are a few anatomical mistakes, but who cares, right?^^ personally I feel ive learned so much working on this, so thats a silver lining!

And yes, I have fallen completely for Fëanor, and all my drawing ideas are of him, my next hopefully being of him and his wife! :D

Well I still dont have a scanner so please excuse the crappy quality =P

Finwë and Fëanor © J.R.R. Tolkien

Art © Me/ingvild-s(deviantart)/ingvildschageart(tumblr)/Iggys_art(instagram)

1-5-2016 • Maedhros - The Fire of his Heart

Here is Maedhros, for my Sons of Feanor-series. I knew I already painted him, but I wanted it to be much better because he is after all my favourite of the sons, and I have grown quite a bit since the first painting I made of him.

In this painting he is watching the ships burning at Losgar, his heart burning with fear and anger for his fathers actions, and yet he cannot abandon his love for his father and his faith in him. (I feel I need to say that Feanor is my favorite of the Noldor, maybe especially because he is so damaged and strong-minded ^^’)

Maedhros © Tolkien

Art © me ~ IG: iggys_art ~ deviantart: Ingvild-s ~ tumblr: ingvildschageart (please let me know if you see my artwork anywhere else)

Ps. Only 22 days to my birthday!!!!

Thank you Sunday Submitters! 

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I can’t even begin to explain how much I love this painting. It has been a while since I’ve felt this utter and complete happiness while working in a piece. Even with the anatomical flaws, I can’t but love it with my entire heart! It’s so beautiful, and somehow I manage the painting with a surprising control I’ve never had before, so this is all very overwhelming!

I hope you like it as much as me, and I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to post updates as I go along! 🤓