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Track 7 - I Love You
Track 7 - I Love You

Track 7, the Seduced Ending and the last track of the Oikawa-sensei cd! So, voting is now open for who you want for the next cd! Besides that, enjoy you and Oikawa-sensei finally being together.

Track 7 Seduced Ending
Finally we can be alone. There’s no one else here beside us. So I want you to say your true feelings. I will say my true feelings too. What do you think about me? You already knew my feelings, didn’t you? I’ve told you so many times. I love you. More than anyone in this world, more than every woman I’ve met before, I think you’re the most fascinating woman to me. I can see no other woman but you.
Now, it’s your turn. Tell me your feelings. What do you think about me? I can understand if you’re just keep silent. Or, do you want me to force you to say it? Say what you think yourself. If you’re my student, you should be able to do it. With your own words, what do you want with me? Say it. Do you want to stay as my student, or do you want to be my woman? I can’t understand if you just nodding your head. I don’t want to just bothering you. Tell me.
“I’ll be in your care.” That means… you’ll be my woman? For real? You will not regret it? It’s like a dream. I always wait for you to hear those words from you. For a teacher, all students have the same right. That’s a lie. You are far more important than the other students.
Hey, can I hug you? Right now, I really want to hug you. Thank you. *hug* It’s still unbelievable for me, to be able to hug you like this. This is the first hug after you become mine, right? You’re right now, is not my student. But, my woman. For a while, let’s keep it a secret. Until you graduate, our relationship is not something that we can boast off. This is a forbidden love, for a teacher to date his student.
Eventhough we’re dating, we have to keep our relationship a secret, and we can’t tell anyone. On top of that, we can’t go to a date much. In school, we have to act like a proper student and teacher. It must be hard, but my feelings won’t change. I will treasure you with all my might. As your lover.
Ah, eventhough I am your boyfriend, I will not treat you specially at class. You can’t get your scores fall just because we’re dating. Ups, I slipped to speak like a teacher. When we’re alone, I am not your teacher. I will be more careful. From now on, not as a teacher, but as a man, I will teach you many things. Like a pleasure being a woman, and the way to kiss.
I am at fault because I fall in love with you. But you became my accomplice since you accept my feelings. If someone found out our relationship, it will be the end for both of us. Don’t tell anyone about us, so we won’t be found out.
Good response. I love you. I will not let you go. You are the woman I love the most in the world. *kiss*

Haikyuu Character: Oikawa Tooru

Drama CD: Zettai ni Kudokaretewa Ikenai Kyoushi 24ji vol 1

Producer: EM2 Record

VA:  Namikawa Daisuke

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Mitsumeatte koi wo shite mugamuchuu de oikakete
Dakedo motto shiritakute MERA MERA shiteru
Negau hodo nazo wa fue omou hodo netsu ni naru
Dakara motto tobikomu no mikai no sekai

Koi toka yume toka dare demo shinjiru kedo
SOKO SOKO semenakya tsumannai yo
Gaido G demo subete kowashite miseru
GIRI GIRI MIND sara naru G he to
Ishiki wa tokeru karada wa seigyo funou
Icchau kamo ne

Fuzake atta tomodachi to motomeatta ano toki to
Mata aeru hi no tame ni KIRA KIRA shiteru
Hikaru hodo kage wa deki moeru hodo HIGH ni naru
Hashiru hodo miete kuru abunai RAIN

Jiyuu mo hei wa mo nozomeba umareru kedo
MOTA MOTA shitetara kusatchau yo
Hijou shiki dane mada kasoku shiteiru yo
GIRI GIRI MIND Genkai tennara nurikaete ii
Hakai to saisei kara watashi wa dekiru

Gaido G demo subete kowashite miseru
GIRI GIRI MIND sara naru G he to
Ishiki wa tokeru karada wa seigyo funou
Icchau kamo ne

Moetsuki nagara mada kagayaite miseru
GIRI GIRI MIND anata no tame ni
Mirai no tame ni nando kudake chitte mo

Aisuru koto de umare kawaru
Aisa retakute ikite kaeru

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Made-up playlist: Anime Workout


Warmup song: Hametsu no Junjou (from Macross Delta) (I wish I could find the full version??)

2. Cutie Panther (from Love Live)

3. Maximum the Hormone - [F] (from DBZ) (Listen this doesn’t seem like a workout in the traditional sense but try dancing to it without stopping lol)

4. Give It Your All Sailor Fuku (Lil Jon vs Lucky Star)

Cooldown song:  彩花 Ayaka x Maid Cafe - City Lights

BONUS: Boom Boom Dollar, not exactly an anime song but it’s a DDR classic lol

Send me a made up playlist title

IwaizumixOikawa by Gusari Sensei - A Chronology

Hi guys !

I just had a message from a friend who told me how she was sad about the last IwaOi fanbook by Gusari she found on tumblr and I told her “Yes but we’ll have a cute & perfect ending.” My friend seemed surprised and asked me how I could know about that. I realized then that she didn’t know that IwaOi fanbooks by Gusari is a serie !

If you missed it, you can see the number on the first pages of the doujinshi like this : #1, #2, #3… 

Like this :

And you can see this kind of presentation in all the IwaOi Gusari sensei books.

Here is the list of all the IwaOi fanbooks in order :

- #1  Hyakumankai Ai wo Sakebe

- #2  Kokokara Dokonimo Ikenai

- #3  The First Battle Deployment

- #4  Shisseishou Oikawa Tooru no Hanashi

- #5  The Second Battle Deployment

- #6  Gunjou no shashin

- #7  Ano Machi ni Sunderu Karera no Koto

- #8  Ichi Byoukan no Rendez-vous / One-Second Rendez-vous

- #9  Kono Machi ni Sunderu Karera no Koto

- #10   Uramado Dog Fight

- #11 The Third Battle Deployment

- Side Story to #6 Shukufuku no Namae wa

Et voilà ! 

If you know any other book from this serie please let me know so I can add it on the list (I try to find where I can buy the #3 & #5 so if you have information let me know). Sorry I can’t translate the #9 & #10 titles. I don’t speak/read Japanese ^^

I’m sorry if there is already a post like this one & sorry if I made mistake, english which is not my first language (Yay French!) 

I hope this post will be helpful fo some IwaOi, Gusari sensei or just Haikyuu!! lovers (o˘◡˘o) Thank you for your reblogs


PS: Please buy Gusari/Sashikizu sensei books if you can. Thank you (´。• ᵕ •。`)

EDIT : Thank you very much  @nightreii for the help  (♡˙︶˙♡)

Sinful Sword Bois: A list of Touken Ranbu seiyuus who have been in R-18 otome drama CDs and those aforementioned drama CDs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ✨ 🔞 

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In Case・~といけないから

「〜といけないから」 means “in case,” like “do this in case…” Literally, the と is kind of like if, いけない means “no good,” and から is because.

As for it’s placement, it goes before the suggestion, right after the thing that the suggestion would prevent:

lose your key といけないから you should make a spare。

get lost といけないから take a map.

Use commas accordingly.

雨が降るといけないから、傘を忘れないでね。Ame ga furu to ikenai kara, kasa o wasurenai de ne.
Don’t forget your umbrella in case it rains. (in case it rains, don’t forget umbrella.)

かまれるといけないから、その犬にあまり近づいてはいけません。Kamareru to ikenai kara, sono inu ni amari chikadzuite wa ikemasen.
In case you get bitten, don’t go too near that dog. (in case bitten, don’t get very near that dog.)

バスに乗り遅れるといけないから出かけた方がいいよ。Basu ni nori okureru to ikenai kara dekaketa hou ga ii yo.
You’d better get going in case you miss the bus. (in case miss the bus, it’d be better to go out.)

I know this is a short post, but the phrase is really simple and easy to use! Message me if you have questions!



“And thanks to the rain, we’re all alone.” - Drops, Andou Yuki

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