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Why do you love Zhang Yixing? Part .1

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“That’s a tough question tho xd. I think his personality, his caring for others and his dimple! I also like his voice, is soft and cute in korean but in Chinese is so ughhhh!!! I like when he knows he looks good and simply smirks. I also like his characters in his name especially 兴 (don’t know chinese but I found cute that character). Oh, I also like his thighs!” - @holyxingsdick

“He just stood out to me in EXO at the beginning so I start looking for him specifically when I got into kpop/exo and I just grew to love how quiet he was but sososososo hardworking. I love his dancing, and his extreme maturity and perspective when it comes to life and work in general.” - @hobixing

“He just has a great character. He’s so respectful and kind and I envy him for that. He’s also very dedicated and works very hard. He’s been through a lot in the past and he’s still here standing strong. I also envy him for being so strong and brave. He’s always fighting and never giving up” - @djtaetaehyung

“hes literally an angel. Yixing is sincere and honest with everything that he does” - @yixingthetype

“Oh gosh where do I start, I know the beginning. I fell for Yixing when he cried after they won their first award for wolf. Chanyeol was actually my bias at the time but in that moment I switched without hesitation. When I saw him my heart skipped a beat because it was so passionate. You really saw how much all of this means to him. All of the work he did before hand, all of the things his been through, the strain he’s put on his body. In that moment I felt just how much it meant to him and how proud he was.

With everything he does that. passion, dedication, hard work, love, perseverance is in every single thing he does. He puts his entire heart in everything. He loves so openly, his love for his fans is something so beyond this world. Everything he does he does so well, even if he isn’t feeling well he still tries to give 200% (Even though I really wish he would just rest and take care of himself) The passion he has for making music and sharing his work and voice with everyone. Even after loosing so much of his original work he just started from scratch and continued doing what he loved.

I’m so happy he was given the chance to share his beautiful music with us a handful of times. But he deserves even more, he wants a solo album and he deserves it. even a duet album with one of the other members would suffice…..for now. I love every aspect of his entire being he is just so sweet,loving,kind,funny,talented as heck,hard working,passionate and I could go on.

He makes me want to be a better person and I want him to have an abundant amount of happiness,love and success. Since I am near his age, only two years younger I can’t love him blindly and hold him on a pedestal of ultimate pure perfection where he can do no wrong. But I do see him as just a wonderful,genuine and beautiful Human being. ” - @what-if-yixing

Thank you guys so much for helping and taking part in this! This couldn’t be done with out all of you! See you all tomorrow!

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honestly jongin sounded so upset with himself when he was talking and like just all around really bummed out. it’s really pitiful that they had him stay at the concert when he can’t even perform and you know how much of a sweetheart he is so he’s most definitely beating himself up over this. i just hope he knows we understand and support him and want him to put himself first because he so rarely does that. he’s so selfless and hardworking and joyful. i don’t know how he does it but the world does not deserve this angel.

Daiya no Ace Act II Ch. 43

Let’s start from the cover

Can we just look properly at him? This is the boy who cried over shoujo manga and slept during classes. But look at those eyes, those passion, how am I supposed to do if it’s not fall for him again and again? He is my son tho…….ehm, anyway…

I’m so proud and happy that I cried reading this chapter like can you see how much he has been improved? How his hardwork been paid off and people finally able to see his true ability. Ah, my son <3

Even Miyuki noticed, no, of course Miyuki would noticed I mean–

–look at the obligatory “he gave me goosebumps”.

*sigh* how many times already, ne, Miyuki? Ha ha.

But that’s another story let’s take a look at this:

When I found the spoiler I was kinda excited, curious and happy (tho a lil bit confused) that the coach ruffled (or pat?) his hair. That was unexpected, I mean for someone like Kataoke to do such thing.

But! The translation came out and now I get why he did that. 

And the last panel (and the previous as well, ofc) answered my confusion earlier. I was curious and confused as to why Eijun looked dissatisfied eventho Kataoka sort of praising him. 

Only when I read the translation that I understood, Eijun dissatisfied (if not dissapointed) because Kataoka apologized to him.

Why would the coach apologize even though it is also Eijun’s responsibility to bring the team to victory, or in this case, to save their ass? He is part of the team so why an apology?

My guess is that Kataoka probably feel guilty for allowing such tight condition went on and only called for Eijun when the bases loaded with only 1 out and the 4th batter sanding on the plate. He apologized for putting Eijun in such a nerve-wrecking situation. He is that type of a guy after all.

The peoblem is, Eijun dissatisfied. And I thinked Koushu noticed. Oh, the feelings~

Anyway, the only good things from this situation is that now we got another confirmation that the team (and coach Kataoka) really do believe in their ace, Furuya, since tho he lost 5 runs they kept on supporting and hoping he would overcome the situation.

And my (other) favorite part from this chapter:

“It’s like this guy has the power to change the atmosphere at the stadium.” - (Takuma Seto)

I know some ppl (probably) had said it before but having one among Seido pointed it out make it even more real. Like we have many head canons and fanfics with the idea of Eijun being the moodmaker of Seido but this, this panel, make it offically CANON. HA HA.

After all I always thought Seto would be Moche 2.0. Damn perceptive!

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Which member is most Active and hardworking?

The most active (aka has the most activities) member currently is V because of his drama filming (he even had to come to Europe a day late because he was filming for Hwarang), but all of the boys are extremely hardworking.

There isn’t really a ranking of how hard they work because all of them put in a ton of effort into their profession as performers, and also, I personally don’t feel anyone should be ranking something like this anyways! ^^

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for the quick sketch thingy! jihoon + rain c: fav thing about him is how hardworking he is! also his hands lol

me too! his passion is my fave. also his smile. heres tiny wooz using a leaf as an umbrella

Bruised knuckles (Richard Grayson|Nightwing/Reader)

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“I’ll leave the crimefightimg to you next time, I promise,” You groaned and slumped down onto the kitchen table, carefully pressing the ice against your still bruised hand.  

“What, and after your career just had such a promising start?” Your best friend and flatmate said and sat down across from you. You knew that if you would lift your head right now you would see the smirk that he had been wearing on the entire way home from the police station and that always made you want to punch him. Not that you could at the moment. Not that you usuallly did. Well besides a well aimed pillow you would never hit your friend.

The whole police station was highly amused when you were brought in for violent behaviour. They knew you quite well since you had to bring Dicks keys or lunch to his work almost every day. You often wondered how such a hardworking, intelligent young man regularly seemed to forgot his own head.

“You sure you’re alright?” He asked, now serious, you finally lifted your head to smile at him. “It was just an exhausting day, you know?”

You put your cheek on the cold surface of the table and once again closed your eyes.  You felt a warm hand ruffle your hair and unsuccesfully tried to hide your smile.

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Hi. I'm really looking forward to your Dorian/Aelin artwork that you are working on. You are incredibly talented, your work is amazing, and I'm excited to see how this one turns out. Thank you for all your hardwork :)

AWWW thanks guys !! That’s so lovely :) Dorian is actually one of my favourite characters out of the whole series - Sarah has this wonderful gift for writing relationships were the woman/man go through various partners, and in the first TOG book I was genuinely rooting for Aelin and Dorian to be together - I think there is a part of me that still does, despite Rowan (don’t shoot)! So, when we got to QOS and Dorian ended up with the Valg Prince inside of him, I was gutted because I felt like as a character he was sort of pushed to the side and then every so often you would get a random chapter that would sort of describe the mental trouble he was going through. Having said that, those chapters were amazingly well written and hard to read because it was so dark and gritty! 

Anyway, I’m rambling… Basically Dorian is awesome and my fave from TOG <3

Thanks for the support! 

You guys are amazing. <3

Thank you for what all of you said to me before. I think it made me feel better for now. There’s still some heartwarming asks left to answer, but I’ll answer them later, because…

For this whole time I’ve had a sudden urge, a genuine will to write countless of different things for the Smut Fest. In fact, the Pre-Smut Fest post is nearly done. That’s how hardworking I suddenly became… I usually am too lazy to write more than an hour straight, but it’s been different now. I think it may be because of your support. So, thank you. Thank you for helping me do what I enjoy. I still feel like writing for hours, so I’m going to take advantage of this rare situation. I’ve never been this enthusiastic of writing, so… just thank you. I hope you will enjoy the works I’m preparing for you guys. I am trying more than my best with them!

How do I tell all the hardworking LGBT Human Rights Campaign interns that I love them and they’re very sweet and I’m one of them but their employer is a big ol bowl of yikes

Once upon a time, Yori had an older sister. She was three years older than he was, already working & supporting their family along with his parents ; she had been the one to influence his hardworking nature & his sly intentions ; teaching him how to lie so easily between his teeth & hide it under a cool, womanizer persona ; something he used to guard himself, to hang onto. 

Though when Yori was about 13 years old, she got up and left. She had packed up her things and left without a parting word or a single goodbye ; which pushed Yori into a state of guilt & slight hatred for himself ; a doubt that had suddenly began to eat away at his stomach ; ( did he not take care of her enough? did he not make her happy? did she hate him? ) . 

He understood, ultimately, that she needed to leave. She needed to leave and find herself, to get a breath of fresh air away from them, the people who do nothing but work & try and dig themselves up out of the pit they’ve been stuck in forever ; she was a strong woman, who couldn’t let anything hold her back or hold her down. The lack of money. The lack of time. He understood, yet he didn’t. 

( Chitose , Chitose, the girl who just disappeared ) . 

He tries to find her a few times. Going out to see if she’s still in town, though he knew she wasn’t. He calls out to her through music he plays in his father’s radio station, in hopes she’d hear it and remember them. He begins to steal things that remind him of her ; blue things, things that had cute rabbits on them. That’s what she liked, anyway. 

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Could you please explain why you think Frank Underwood is a Libra mars? That's so interesting!!

mars is initiation, aggression, how we got after what we want and when frank underwood wants something he is charming, strategic, deceptive, manipulative - by making himself appear agreeable, a good friend, good intentioned, dependable etc. even though he has ulterior motives. I’m 100% sure he has capricorn moon though based on what we know about his upbringing and how hardworking and ambitious he is, with a moon/mars square explaining why he is so easily angered, expresses anger unhealthily and can be very vindictive.

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I love hearing about Harry doing stunts and of course never complaining and always working hard. The fact that the stunt crew loves him is so cool and says how much he must have been just great to work with, I am still so tickled about him going out for drinks with cast/crew and playing soccer with the stunt crew...

I’m just so thrilled. Everybody’s going to get asked about working with harry on this movie and I can’t wait to hear everyone gush over how lovely and hardworking he is.


Alberte had been called to the Strex headquarters for some religious work. It was fairly rare for her to be there, since she had a lot of work at the church and other religious centres around town. But it happened sometimes, mainly to perform some services when people were too busy and hardworking to visit the church itself. Or, like today, to give some advices on chants and prayers.

“The pleasure was mine, have a bright and hardworking day” She bid to some higher-ups after the main event was done. Now Alberte had time to just… stroll around the building and bask in the hardworking environment. “Oh!” Just in time. “Ms. Palermo! How wonderful to meet you again. Working hard, I presume?” She sweetly greeted the other woman who, in Alberte’s point of view, definitely didn’t smile enough. cleopatrathesecretary

               u ever think about how claire has two degrees and built an extremely successful nonprofit from the ground up in ten years, and how claire has literally written legislation and has such a strong but also soft ?? inviting presence when she wants to and how she was in to horseback riding when she was younger and how she speaks french and the fact that she says things like “heels crossed” and how she’s extremely hardworking and persuasive and charming ( & ruthless underneath ) and how she’s also lowkey sensitive at times and both her affairs have been with sensitive artistic slightly rugged looking dudes and how that contrasts to her almost always impeccable appearance do u ever think about how claire wants more than she’s even aware of and how she’s stifled herself over the years also do u ever think about frank and ask urself “whose english bulldog is this? who left this here? somebody help him. not me tho.”

queenclarkegriffine: For me I always thought he like…enabled her way too much. It’s been a while since I watched, but I always thought he shoulda been like “Rory wyd” instead of throwing her parties

idk i just don’t feel it was his responsibility to stop her. but i just saw the scene in 6x01 where he told rory he thought she’d last a month before she went back to school. he said, “come on, i know you, you love it.” and when she insisted she doesn’t anymore and she was a new person and walked away, his expression changed and he seemed bothered. he was definitely lowkey hinting she should go back to school without pushing her.

i feel like he likes her because she’s so different than any girls he’s “dated” before–of how hardworking and academic and dorky she is. he wants to have fun with her but he doesn’t want her turning into him. at least that’s been my interpretation of the relationship so far.

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first of all can I say that I would die for Lee 'Woozi' Jihoon second of all I find that my fav side of the svt fandom is the meme side God bless I'm crying it's so funny also I didn't realize how much I missed wonwoo!!!! My old man ;; I've missed u

Oml same I think we all died emotionally while waiting for him to come back.

And tbh I admire Jihoon for being so hardworking and how he didn’t manage to break. He really deserved my respect.

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I feel like you're hard on yourself sometimes. I hope you can see how truly talented you are. I admire your drive to be better because it also shows how hardworking you are. I also like how you defend yourself when you need to. I think your edits are great. You're a great person even if you don't see it all the time. I also think you have a very pretty "potato" face :)

this is so nice thank you very much i’m

yeah i know sometimes i’m too hard on myself but nowadays it’s not as much as it used to be?? not sure whether it’s good or bad though 

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