by how hardworking they are

Headed home from working with @KickThePJ on Oscar’s Hotel ! Very exciting and so proud of just how talented and hardworking he is! An actual creative genius if ever there was one! 💜💚💜

She’s incredibly hardworking, herself… I really respect and admire how hard she works, how focused she is. And also she’s an incredibly loyal, supportive friend no matter where she is, traveling the world on tour, you know, she’s there for you, always!
—  Karlie Kloss on Taylor Swift (interview with E! News 7/17/15)

My project manager just wrote a glowing “let’s recognize how great and hardworking Steph is” email to my manager, VP, and my company’s PRESIDENT and now I can no longer see for I have been blinded by the waterfall of tears coming out of my eye holes

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I have so much appreciation for a person who can take Kuwabara and give him the love and attention he deserves. I think the fandom's had a very long-standing habit of turning him into a joke, but you absolutely do him justice when so many other people won't. He's lucky to have you as a mun.

                                      { CHARACTER PORTRAYAL. }
                            anonymously tell me what you think of my character portrayal.

        can i just thank you for acknowledging the fact he
        gets so little respect because holy crap is it true. i
        acknowledge he’s a goofball and often the butt of
        the joke in canon, but there is so much more and i
        promised myself i’d explore both his serious and
        silly sides. i’m so glad to hear i’m succeeding in
        that. thank you, misso. /squishes your cheeks.


I think Seungri - Oh Malaysia was inspired by this Song titled  Anneke Gronloh - Brandend Zand (Oh Malaya).

It’s such a great song with some story behind it. I’m surprised that Seungri know such an old song. Especially because he isn’t even a native people of Malaysia. It shows how much he cared about you VIP. Don’t just take it for granted, Okay. This also show that Seungri is truly something. Thumbs Up for his dedication. Seungri didn’t really boast his hardwork in front of tv or the world but this song prove his dedication and hardwork. I mean how could he choose this song out of all song out there and to Malaysia out of all country. It’s not a coincident, guys. Seungri plans it. If it was true, I’m so proud of him. It’s such an honor and it’s so romantic. This is for those who curious about it.

“ANNEKE GRONLOH had a big Dutch hit record in “Brandend Zand” in 1962. To build on the popularity of her “Asmara” and “Bengawan Solo” in South East Asia in the early 60’s, Anneke took the same musical arrangement and recorded “Oh Malaya.” 1963 saw the creation of a new country called Malaysia, made up of formerly British-governed Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak and Sabah. “Oh Malaya” was quickly changed to “Oh Malaysia,” and this song helped to foster the new and growing national pride of the new Malaysians. (This video was taken in 2000.)

On the shore beyond the tropical sea
You will stand to welcome me
On the shore beneath the sky so blue
All my dreams at last will come true

Oh Malaysia, land of glory
Where I found my heart’s true love
In a night so warm and tender
With the moon and stars above”

Text Taken from :  (SINGAPORE 60’s POP MUSIC - Vernon Cheong, HJ Teo &)

Video Credit to :  jcbhau

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Hoshi + love

Lovey Dovey

rated T for too many feelings all at once that accidentally escaped

Soonyoung loves many things. 

He loves the beat that seeps under his skin everytime he starts dancing, taking control over his body and guiding his soul and moving his entire body as if he had no control over it; he loves how much his hardwork pays off for the smiling fans that follow his and his group members’ dreams as well.

He loves the smell of the beach and how the sand feels under his feet. He loves eating, but never alone; there is something about watching his group members, his brothers sharing such a simple activity that gets him extremely happy. 

Soonyoung loves sleeping too, and no one can deny that.

But more than anything (and it could even be cheesy, if anyone wants to point out) Soonyoung loves you. And boy, if you ask him, he could name at least a thousand of things he loves about you. ‘what do you want me to talk about, specifically?’

He loves how you pronounce his name, accent and all. It’s a different way that only you can reproduce, a sound composed of your entire love and admiration for him. He loves how you pout lightly and how red you get once he points that out.

you’re the cutest’, he always says.

Soonyoung loves your lips, as a matter of fact. Endless nights he had spent dreaming about one day touching them and when he finally did - he never believed the fireworks thing was actually real until he kissed you. Quivery lips and sweaty palms included, the night when he took you out to watch a movie was the best night of his life - and your lips were the sweetest he had ever kissed. When your lips collided, it was just as if two rivers had met, flowing perfectly against each other. 

Soonyoung loves to watch you sleep and he loves to fall asleep with you. He loves how you laugh at his jokes and he loves how you joke about him and with him. How it’s so good to be around you and feel like all the pressure and all the worries about being an early adult has just faded

(on a side note, Soonyoung loved how much you loved when he bleached his hair)

Soonyoung loves - no, he adores with all his strength how supportive you are. He brags about you for literally everyone, and once he even started talking to an old lady on the bus stop on his way home at how beautiful his girlfriend was. The members sometimes talk to him about how he’s too in love, how he might get his heart crushed because who knows what life has for us, but he pays them no mind. They don’t know you like he does.

Soonyoung loves you. Imperfections and all, he’s your number one fan. And the fact that you’re his, that you love him just as much, makes him go through every single day as the happiest person ever.

(if only he knew you feel just as much, he could burst of happiness)

Send me an idol + a word and I’ll write a quick drabble!

I still can’t get over the fact that Miz saved Amanda because of her looks. When are they going to stop using that same old mentality about women and start praising them for what they can do, how hardworking they are, and who they are as a person. So sick of this bs. I really feel like Miz didn’t make that decision. Maybe I’m over analyzing every thing, but it just doesn’t make sense to me.

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What were the keys to your athletic success in highschool? Also how do you handle pre race nerves?

My mindset! I started enjoying working hard in all aspects of life in more than just running- academics, art, radiating positive vibes, etc!

Thinking about how enjoyable success is motivates me to keep enjoying doing everything it takes to get there!

I talk about it more here!

During a race,  I think happy thoughts!! Races are fun because you have the oppurtunity to celebrate all the hard work you’ve put in and a chance to surprise yourself.I don’t think about the consequences.

 I think about what an amazing, talented, and hardworking person i am. I think about how much i deserve to earn success and how capable i am of unleashing that powerful kick!I also enjoy the pain. Pain indicates that I am achieving all that is possible in that given moment

.I run my own race. I focus on how much effort I’m putting in. I can’t control others, and there’s no use letting that cause pressure.

I basically just trust my training and I know that I will get what I deserve if I enjoy trying my best, stay confident. I just picture how awesome it is afterwards if I run well!

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Minghao + desserts

Piece of Cake

Rated C for Minghao is the ultimate cutie pie

Taking Minghao to your house to meet your parents for the first time was a nerve-wrecking situation. At first you though that language was going to be a major barrier, but your boyfriend showed how hardworking he was and during the entire dinner it was actually a beautiful display of skills, which made you smile brightly at him everytime you two made eye contact, except for the fact you knew he was controlling himself not to say anything wrong.

Sitting across from you wearing a baby blue sweater you had picked yourself, Minghao seemed like he was a dream - the entire dinner was being a dream, with your parents loving him dearly (besides the one time your father strictly told you to sit one across from the other on the table because he didn’t want wandering hands, which made you blush violently and whine at him for being so dramatic and blunt). 

“how is the dessert, dear?” your mom asked Minghao, and the table fell silent before he raised his doe eyes, mouth stuffed with chocolate cake.

“ifs vewy goof, mif” he tried to say with his full mouth, earning laughs from both your parents and a giggle from you. His cheeks got a bright shade of pink while he realized what he just did, and he looked at you desperatedly, mouth still full of cake.

“you’re a peach, Minghao” your mom smiled warmly at him, asking your father next to follow her into the kitchen to pick something else she had prepared. When they exited the room, you giggled a little louder and looked at Minghao fondly, extending your hand over the table for him to hold.

“you’re amazing” you simply said, earning a smile with chocolate cake between Minghao’s teeth. 

“fank fyou” 

Send me an Idol + a word and I’ll write a quick drabble!

Thank you got7-gotscenarios for tagging me!~ (It’s Nana from our-happyendings on her personal account) <3

- What are your 3 favorite things about your Ultimate Bias? - I don’t really have an ultimate bias. But from my biases? 

Suga - His hardworking personality, and how he cares for the members and everybody in his own way.

Junior - His motherly personality.

Baekhyun - His talkative and caring personality.

Chanyeol - Besides his caring personality, the ability to stay happy.

Woozi - How he’s dedicated and hardworking.

- Chips or crackers? - Chips.

- Would you rather be the leading lady of a K-drama or the leading lady of a MV? - That’s hard… Either one,

- If you could only listen to one group’s songs for the rest of your life, which group would you pick? - EXO. They have so many songs ISTG.

- Favorite color? (I’m running out of questions…..gah) - White

- What was your first impression of your current bias? -

Suga - Cold, lazy, cool and chill

Junior - Brains

Baekhyun - Crazy

Chanyeol - Moodmaker

Woozi - Adorable

- Favorite Ice Cream flavor? - Chocolate

- What would your reaction be if you were going to be on We Got Married with your bias? - That’d be highly unlikely (I’m gonna say my bias for this one is Luhan) but I’d be shocked, and I don’t have the ability to suppress my excitement, so I’d be like an awkward dork (even more than usual)

- Name 3 k-pop stars you think would be most useful to have when you are lost in a foreign country and why. -

Hoshi/Soonyoung from Seventeen - He’d keep me happy and amused.

D,O/Kyungsoo from EXO - He’d keep me calm and stop me form breaking down.

Suho/Joonmyun from EXO - He’s a leader, he’d know what to do :)

- What is the craziest thing you’ve done for k-pop? (spend lots of $$$ on kpop merch, cry over a M/V, get a kpop tattoo, etc) -

Cry over a M/V maybe. 

- What is a dream or goal you have? (it can be a short term goal, long term goal, anything! :D) -



1. Which body part are you most confident about? (I WILL GO AND CHECK IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE PREPARE FOR A SPAM)

2. Current Lockscreen?

3. Which entertainment company (kpop) would you sign under? -

4. Are you sad or happy most of the time?

5. What’s your favorite design (floral, pastel, solid, neon)? -

6. Introvert, ambivert or extrovert? -

7. Summer song? -

8. Fave type of coffee? -



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is awesome that you translate what your followers ask you :) hardworking and doing a good job. how do you know korean so well? i'm korean and i'm learning english but think you can translate korean better than me. awesome!

Thank you for the praise! Haha.

I am actually Korean and was born there, and I moved to the states when I was young. I currently work as a translator, so I need to be decent enough at both languages =] I try to help as many people as I can because I know it’s super frustrating to get through things in a different language.

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kinda weird but I was thinking about this idea after I watched Jake's interview on Big Boy; he is literally my husband goals lol like physically and mentally I love how much he loves kids and he's so hardworking &amp; genuine + he's just gorgeous in general, but I really hope he does find the right girl he really deserves it! :')

this message is so nice and positive, i love it! :’)

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S!Annabeth, G!Percy, G!Jason, R!Reyna, G!Hazel, S!Leo, H!Nico i think frank would be a Ravenclaw (or Gryffindor or Hufflepuff) and H!Piper cuz i see her as someone who is loyal, dedicated and hardworking idk

its so nice to see how different this is for everyone! S!annabeth is interesting

You know who’s a better rapper than Rapmon? Honestly just in my opinion? 

Yongguk, and all those amazing lyrics he writes. Don’t get me wronng BTS is amazing and I love Yoongis rapping styles and they’re both amazing that I can’t even handle. But I like Yongguks raps better I mean Rapmon has those few good verses but Yongguks are always so I don’t know, his lyrics are just better and his actually mean something and show how hardworking they are because honestly they are. And Yongguk is so aware of his surroundings and makes great lyrics from that. 

But I mean just saying JUST A THOUGHT/OPINION. 

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Favorite things about virgos? (:

How hardworking they are!! (I have a Virgo friend who took on like 6 AP classes in one year, and she would go to bed at 9 every night and wake up at 2 in the morning to do all her homework before school! She turned out to be valedictorian in the end!) And I love how self-giving and kind Virgos are!


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1. What was your first kpop song and how did you feel like listening to it?

electric shock f(x) it was on the youtube homepage

2. If the world would end tomorrow, what would you do today?

go on like normal talk to family and friends

3. Are you kpop trash or nah?


4. If you only had ONE chance (in your life) to meet your bias, who would it be and what would you do?

i would meet minghao and tell him he’s an inspiration to me with how hardworking he is. (or i reallly want a hug from mingyu or v)

5. 3 languages you wish you could speak and why?

korean- i would love to travel there and see the histoic sites and nature

 mandrin - alot of chinese ppl are moving to my city (especially international students) so i wish i could understand them to make more friends 

thai- that country is so beautiful i would love to go teach english there so yea

6. Your favourite season and why?

fall its cool and i can wear sweater and see the stars

7. There’s a talent show in your city. Would you go and perform?

noooooo, i have been in a pagent b4 though…but not doing it again

8. Do your close friends also like kpop?

i have friends that like it but were not suuupper close


cold u can put a sweatshirt on or something then

10. Something you wish to accomplish this year?

learn some korean

11. CHRISTMAS IS SOON ( only a few months left !! okay 5 months but who cares it’s christmas!!) What do you wish for?

a seventeen poster and a camera

12. Who’s your ultimate bias and why?

minseok, just watching him grow to be even more talented and i have so much respect for seeing his perseverance pay off; him for being the least liked to hot trend.

13. Bias group?


14. How do you feel about Luhan’s role(s) in the Parent Trap?

i didnt know about it…

15. What other genres do you like besides Kpop, or what did you listen to before Kpop took over your life?

pop rock,indie and rap.

16. How fluent are you in Korean when measured by Korean artists’ songs. For instance: Are you closer to Sex Trip (all English) or can you rap Namjoon’s part in Part 2 of Cypher?

i can read all the hanguel in seventeens adore u and sing it besides the rap.

17. Favourite K-POP song?

ughhhh thats hard…the entire in the mood for love pt1 album

18. Second favourite kpop artist?

infinite or bts

19. Some (constructive) criticism for your bias?

seventeen is pretty new so all i can say is: you all have a hand in your music so dont feel stress by urself and pls rest you all have worked very hard pls take a break

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They are making another set of layoff announcements at the company my mom works at today. Making the executive decision to outsource more jobs to cut costs and produce more money for their top execs, major stock holders, and CEO.

But it’s ok!

That man who is only 3 years from retirement could easily go out and start a new. Tons of companies are hiring right?

All those middle class people don’t need jobs. They all have trust funds to fall back on anyway. They don’t have to worry about saving up hundreds of thousands of dollars for their kids to go to college, their kids can just rack up a bunch of high interest loans.

Who cares about how loyal or hardworking an individual employee is? Who cares what the effect on the local and wider economy will be? At least a handful of people will be benefiting.

Then let’s have a big work meeting where, after we literally list off the lay offs in front of the entire company by department, talk about our new logo that we hired a local artist to design for multimillions of dollars. Also! the new logo will be integrated on all the phones, office supplies, building design, carpeting, and toilet paper. We spared no expense! ;)

Oh, and by the way! The CEO is getting a raise and 15 million dollar bonus for thinking of and implementing these changes.
Happy Friday! Don’t forget to buy Oreos thins!


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I love Little Bit. It has a different flow and tone than some of his other songs but it fits very well. I love it and how it calmly tells a hardworking story.

I’m so obsessed with it!