by how hardworking they are

How to make magic:

-3 galons of hardwork sweat (palms,forhead,armpits work fine)

-2 1/2 mason jars of tears from nearly giving up

-1 teaspoon full of accidentally acquired blood (note: hardest to collect usually from deep papercuts ,the blood must also be your own)

-An irrational sense of grandeur (to be concealed and felt not shown)

-Fluctuating waves of crippling self doubt

-5-8 cups of water ingested daily 

-Surging good vibes coming off of your body

then give it up to the universe and you’ll feel it ,others will too if you’re strong .


1/  kim wonsik feat. cute cheeks


10/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; lee hyori.

"i want to tell everyone, "you’re perfectly fine right now." no one told me that…i hope people can think, “i’m great the way i am. i’m doing fine. even if i can’t reach the criteria of success measured and necessitated by society, even if i’m weeded out, i’m beautiful the way i am. i’m pretty, i’m perfectly fine without having to think about other people’s opinions and stereotypes.

stop judging muses based off of the face claim.

start judging muses based on the established character information/how well your muse would be able to interact with them/how much effort is put into the muse/pretty much any piece of substantial, non-aesthetic material to judge a muse by.

you are literally admitting to judging something based off of appearances.

their face has nothing to do with the character itself nor does it reflect the mun’s own writing ability.

it is not a roleplayer’s fault if their face claim has a sudden spike in popularity. 

#2준8배우생일축하해 >> Happy Birthday, Lee Joon!

Passion for acting?
Even if I don’t get to become a top actor, I want to act until I become 100 years old. That’s the way to win the victory. I want to work for a long time. - Lee Joon


Fifth Harmony as Pokemon’s Elite Five

[part 1 / 5]

ROTBTD Hogwarts AU Meme: [9/?] - Toothiana


140914 kimheenim: Thank you thank you for the 1st place for 5 consecutive days. During the encore, did you see Beagle Lee Yoo Bi’s ‘MAMACITA’ dance and, me and Shindong doing adlibs for Ryeowook and Kyuhyun’s parts? Today was the last stage so I sang with my all my life kekekeke See you at Fri, Sat, Sun’s . #SUPERSHOW #LeeYooBeaGleThank you thank you for the 1st place for 5 consecutive days. During the encore, did you see Beagle Lee Yoo Bi’s ‘MAMACITA’ dance and, me and Shindong doing adlibs for Ryeowook and Kyuhyun’s parts? Today was the last stage so I sang with my all my life kekekeke See you at Fri, Sat, Sun’s SUPER SHOW 6>. #SUPERSHOW #LeeYooBeaGle (cr)

WOD Bible: Muscling Through The Muscle-Up

The Muscle up is the pinnacle movement of crossfit. It is an incredibly difficult skill that many crossfitters will struggle for months or even years to obtain. Achieving a muscle up will require many hours of dedicated skill work and strength training to obtain the strength and coordination needed to perform a muscle up. Today, What Should Wodders Call Me is breaking down the muscle up and hopefully helping you to get your first one. 

First things first. Let’s break down exactly what a muscle up is. There are two different types of basic muscle ups. The first is a bar muscle up and the second is a ring muscle up. While both are difficult feats to achieve, the ring muscle up is typically regarded as being more difficult. Unlike the bar, the rings have a tendency to move around as you swing and pull yourself on top of them. Today we will be discussing the ring muscle up (we will do another feature on bar muscle ups sometime in the future). The purpose of a muscle up is to take yourself from a hanging position on the rings, and bring yourself on top of the rings. This can be done both with a kip and without a kip (strict). A kipping muscle up will consist of a kip followed by a violent pull towards the rings. Once  hips are at ring level, the athlete will essentially perform a sit-up into what is known as the catch. Once the athlete has hit the catch, all they need to do is execute a ring dip until their arms are locked out on top of the rings. However, before we even begin to talk about various techniques, we will need to build the strength base necessary to attempt and successfully achieve a muscle up. 

Building the Strength Base
This is the part of the muscle up that I see most often skipped when people are working towards a muscle up. It’s understandable, it’s easy to get caught up in trying to work on your technique. After all a muscle up is 80% technique. However, without the strength base it is unlikely that you will get a muscle up and you also risk injuring yourself if you do get a muscle up before properly developing your strength. The first aspect of the strength base, is your pulling strength. This is the strength that you will need to pull your body close to the rings so that you can sit up into the catch.
There are several drills you can perform to improve strength in this area. The first is a ring row. A ring row that is being used to improve strength for muscle ups will need to tax your pulling strength. In order to do this, you will want to be as parallel as possible with the ground. The best way to achieve this position, will be to put your feet up on a box until they are in line with the height of the rings or higher. For an added challenge, consider doing these with a weighted vest. Another important aspect of your pulling strength will be your ability to do strict pullups. The more strict pullups you can do, especially chest to bar strict pullups, the better. 
The second part of the strength base required for a muscle up, will be your core strength. The strength you need not only to control your kip, but also to sit up into the catch comes almost entirely from your core strength. While traditional core exercises will certainly help to improve abdominal strength (planks, crunches, etc.), there are several movements that will contribute specifically to the movements that tax your core in a muscle up. The first, is a GHD situp. After your hips become parallel with the rings, the transition into the catch of the muscle up is essentially a very large GHD situp. The more GHD stiups you perform, the stronger and more explosive your core and hips will become and the easier it will be to make that transition into a muscle up. A good drill on the GHD machine is to perform sets with a few very explosive and strong situps. Lean back slowly until your fingertips touch the ground and then sit up as explosively and quickly as you can. Another exercise that will improve your core strength by ten fold are hollow rocks. Many people conveniently forget about the existence of hollow rocks (they are fairly painful and difficult). However, properly executed hollow rocks can do wonders for your core strength. Make sure that you keep your entire body, squeezing your abs, quads, and glutes as you rock back and forth. The more hollow rocks you can do unbroken, the better. 

Hollow rocks are a great way to build the core strength required for a muscle up. 

The third and final facet to the strength base required for a muscle up, is dipping strength. I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely essential it is that you have the ability to perform strict ring dips. Why? Because the entire second half of the muscle up is a push up out of your deepest, darkest ring dip. I see so many people attempting muscle ups without a proper ring dip base. This will not only lead to failure, but can also be incredibly dangerous. If you do manage to make the transition and hit the catch and lack the strength to balance on the rings in the dip position, you could fall out of the rings and possibly seriously injure your shoulder or arm. Many coaches recommend that you be able to perform at least five strict ring dips with full range of motion before even attempting a muscle up. If you are currently unable to perform a ring dip, I suggest you begin with bar dips. Bar dips are essentially the same thing as ring dips, but substitute parallette bars, which are more stable, for rings. Try to avoid using bands as a scale for your ring dips, as these don’t allow you to build the strength required to press out of the bottom of the dip. Instead, practice negative dips. Slowly lower yourself to the bottom of the rings or parallettes. You can also practice ring dips with your feet up supported on a box in an L-position in order to build strength in the dipping position. Once you have achieved sufficient dipping strength, make sure to maintain it. A great drill for strict ring dips, is tempo ring dips. Start by holding yourself on top of the rings for a two count, lowering yourself for a two count, holding the bottom of the dip for a three count and then exploding out of the bottom of the dip. Once again, I cannot emphasize enough how important your ring dips are. The more dips you can do, the better. 

Now that you’ve built your strength base for your muscle up, it’s finally time to move onto the technique aspect of a muscle up. For some people, the coordination required to perform a muscle up comes fairly easily. However, for others it can take hours of practice and muscle memory building. Either way, technique is absolutely essential when it comes to a muscle up, especially a kipping muscle up. 
Part 1: The Grip
Before we even begin to kip, we will need to decide on how we will approach holding the rings. There are several techniques for this, and each present their own benefits and drawbacks. The first grip style is fairly common in the crossfit world and is used by most people to achieve their first kipping and strict muscle up. This grip is known as the false grip. To use a false grip on the rings, you will need to turn your hands in to face you as your grab the rings. Your wrists will be touching the rings. The false grip can be useful, because makes the lever of your arms significantly shorter. Not only that, but it can also help to facilitate the transition into the catch. However, it can be difficult to kip properly in a false grip position. It is also difficult for many people to obtain the wrist and forearm flexibility to properly false grip the rings. However, the false grip can really help to facilitate the muscle up and is almost essential for achieving a strict muscle up. The next grip is a non-false grip. this grip is what most people use when they first jump up onto the rings. This grip makes kipping easier, especially when it comes to stringing muscle ups. The third and final grip, is a neutral false grip. This grip is a little less extreme than a full false grip and can help to facilitate the transition to the catch while not restricting kipping as much as a full false grip. While all three grips are useful, I would recommend a full or neutral false grip when attempting your first muscle up, as both will help to make the transition to the catch significantly easier. 

Part 2: The Kip
Now that you’ve got your grip all figured out, it’s time to take a look at the kip. While not incredibly complex, the kip does require coordination, flexibility and core strength. If you have a kipping pullup, you can apply the same kipping technique to your kipping muscle up. While the kip will obviously be slightly larger than the kip you use for your pullup, it should not be so big that it takes away from the actual muscle up. Your kip should be explosive and powerful, but at the same time controlled. You should not for any reason break at the hips or knees on the back swing of your kip. When you allow your feet to swing up and behind your head as a result of breaking at your hips and knees, your legs essentially become dead weight rather than assisting in the swing. You also want to keep your kipping to a maximum of one swing back and one swing forward before pulling your hips up to the rings. Too many kips can cause the rings to start to swing and can make your kip awkward. Be sure to keep your entire body tight and controlled while kipping. After the backswing on your kip, swing your legs up until they are parallel with the ground and pull your hips to the rings. 

Be sure to keep your body tight and not break at your knees on the backswing of your kip. 

Part 3: The Transition Into The Catch
As your hips get closer to the rings, you will want to sit up into the catch. Throw your head forward and your feet back. As you sit up, the rings will fall beneath your arms and you will end up in the bottom of the ring dip. From here, all there is left to do is to push up and into the lockout position of the muscle up. While many people choose to do a strict dip at the end of their muscle up, others will elect to kip out of the bottom of the ring dip. Whatever it is you chose to do, make sure you can do it on the low rings before attempting it at the end of a muscle up where your muscles will be fatigued. 

As your hips get closer to the rings, perform a violent situp as you swing your head forward and your legs back into the catch. 

Muscle Up Skills and Drills
By now, you’ve probably figured out that unless you have previous strength or gymnastics training, it is unlikely that you will get a muscle up in your first try. But never fear! The muscle up is easily the most difficult and complex movement in crossfit. It has an incredible blend of technique and strength that make it so elusive to so many crossfitters. It is very likely that it will take several months of strength and technique development before you actually achieve it, but there are several drills that can help to speed that process along. 
1. Band Supported Ring Transition
This drill is perhaps the closest you will get to having a “banded” banded muscle up. Unfortunately, unlike with bar movements, where technique can be practiced in bands to help decrease resistance, rings don’t provide athletes with the opportunity to utilize bands when learning the movement. However, an easy way to get the feel for the transition of the muscle up without actually getting on the high rings. To perform this drill, stretch a band across a set of low rings as though you were going to do a banded ring dip. Sit back into the band and grab the rings as though you were going to do a muscle up off the floor. With your feet off the ground, make your body parallel to the floor and pull the rings to your hips as you violently sit up and hit the catch of the muscle up. To complete the drill, you can either finish with a dip out of the bottom (if you already have strong dips, this is not necessary), or you can sit back into the band and perform a few reps. To make this drill harder or easier, loosen the tension on the band beneath your but. An easier version of this drill will be to position yourself as though you were going to do a ring row with your feet on the ground and pull yourself up into the catch position. 

2. GHD Muscle Up
Position the GHD Machine below a set of rings in such a way that when you are at the top of your GHD situp, you can enter the catch position on the rings. Lower yourself back until your arms are straight and pull yourself up as you perform a violent GHD situp. 
3. Hips To Rings
This drill is performed on the high rings and will help you to better get your hips to the rings when you attempt an actual muscle up. Take one kipping swing and perform the first half of a muscle up until your hips make contact with the rings. The goal would be to get it so that when your hips make contact with the rings, your entire body is parallel with the ground. Your legs are not broken at the knees and your back is not arched. Your body should maintain a straight line throughout this entire process. 

Good luck and be sure to make sure you develop your strength and technique bases before attempting your first muscle up to avoid injury. While some coaches recommend that you try to achieve a strict muscle up before attempting a kipping, if you have a proper strength base and your technique is strong, you should not have an issue achieving your first muscle up. Crossfit on.

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hakkesho asked:

HANABI HEADCANONS (the party continues, i'm loving that haircutE ;sadjf;laksjdf;lkasdf)

Oh man yeah Hanabi’s haircut is adorable!! But yes hakkesho you really shouldn’t have gotten me started haha. HANABI HEADCANONS GO  

  • Hanabi is the unofficial Hyuuga clan spy! Ever since she was little, she had taken up watching others around the compound even though they all possess the byakugan and knew she was sneaking up on them anyway. 
  • There’s this one cat that frequents the Hyuuga home and it has taken up the role as Hanabi’s sidekick when it comes to sneaky spy manoeuvres. It is clever enough to trot up to certain people and give Hanabi and excuse to be there and eavesdrop. She never gave the cat a name.
  • The cat disappears for a while and one day she finds meowing from behind the gardening shed. Her cat friend has mini cats and they’re so small and she doesn’t know what to do. 
  • Hanabi ends up sneaking food from the kitchens and blankets and is pretty pumped about her new secret and everyone wonders what is up with Hyuuga head’s second daughter for a while, chalking up her sudden appetite to the fact that she’s still growing.
  • Despite being the observer, there are a lot of things that Hanabi fails to understand. She doesn’t understand the reason why her sister is rushing home giddy and blushing some days and what happened to cause the sudden change in her usually meek demeanour that makes Hinata stand up to her father one day. She doesn’t know why her cousin Neji is so stone faced and cold towards them all, (Hanabi wasn’t born yet when the curse seal was put on him.) and what happened between them to make Hinata forgive him if she even held anything against Neji at all. (she didn’t)
  • Basically Hanabi always seems to be absent when it comes to the important parts of her sister’s life and it’s a frustrating thing for her. 
  • Hanabi was never one for dramatic proclamations of love or crazy storybook things like self sacrifice like Hinata, but she cuts her hair into the cropped style here after having returned to the destroyed village that once was Konoha and admits it does kind of feel something akin to new beginnings.
  • The shirt she’s wearing IS actually Neji’s old one she pinched when he outgrew it. She didn’t ask, and neither did he. 
  • When they were younger, Hinata and her weren’t exactly close. Hanabi spent a lot of time with her father, working hard for his approval whilst Hinata would try to spend her life being as unobtrusive as possible. Sometimes though, Hanabi would find a roll of bandages by her bedside or a jar of ointment by her bedside where it wasn’t there before. There’s only one person she knows who makes it.
  • Hanabi also always assumed it was one of the cooks that always packed her lunches in the morning, all neatly in their own compartments with all of Hanabi’s favourite things, but it was always Hinata even when she was busy and always had to rush off to the academy.
  • She couldn’t care less about becoming the head of the Hyuuga clan. She just wants to become an excellent ninja, and even if her father doesn’t believe it, Hanabi thinks her sister could be a good leader for their family if she given the chance.
  • Hanabi isn’t afraid of getting the caged bird seal either, because if she did it’d mean Hinata would be in charge anyway and she wouldn’t dare use it against her.
  • Neji may be the clan genius, and Hanabi may be the better fighter, but Hanabi truly believes Hinata is stronger than them both.
  • Hanabi is awful at gardening and has a hide time finding patience for it. Even when Hinata sections off a patch of garden just for her and gifts her with packets of seeds everything always ends up withering. She does spend a lot of time watching her sister tending to their mother’s garden though, and Hinata sometimes asks her for help and guides her through it and this kind of gardening really isn’t too bad.
  • True to her namesake, Hanabi LOVES fireworks and is so proud to share her name with them. As a child, she wasn’t allowed to leave the compound all too often, but she pretty much begged her father to let her see them one year and he surprisingly conceded.
  • She’s so happy about this fact she decides to ask her sister to join her and Kou, but then she stops outside Hinata’s door and remembers she can’t see from having strained her eyes earlier, and what would Hanabi have to say to her anyway.
  • Aaand she’s not asking Neji nope lol he looks like he doesn’t want to come anyway, stalking around Hinata’s room and looking like he doesn’t want to be disturbed. (episode 306 I love it a lot)
  • Sometimes she challenges Neji to a fight and bugs him to teach her the kaiten because her father won’t just yet and NEJI JUST HAS ALL THESE ONE-SIDED RIVALRIES, MORE THAN HE CAN HANDLE LMAO
  • Konohamaru-kun is always going on about “Naruto-nii-chan” and one day Hanabi spies on him choking on his own ramen noodles and doesn’t think he’s anything special. What does Konohamaru and Neji and Hinata even see in him lol
  • But then she reminds herself that it was Naruto that defeated her genius of a cousin that day, the turning point for Neji, and then she can kind of understand why Hinata might give her life away for him.
  • There’s a brief stint where she develops a little bit of a crush on Konohamaru in the class above her. It doesn’t last but it’s kind of sweet. She tries to completely smother her feelings because out of the two sisters, she has to be the pragmatic one lol
  • Hanabi is kind of a little jealous over Neji and Hinata’s relationship. After the chuunin exams the gap between the two began to shorten, and later on Hanabi began to grow closer to them too. But they’re closer in age and she’s greedy for their attention.
  • Actually she’s kind of jealous of Hinata’s teammates too even though the dog guy smells and Shino unnerves her and she can’t wait to graduate the academy and become part of her own team too. She wants to gain the same bond that both Neji and Hinata seem to have with their own teammates,
  • Really, she is just in awe of Hinata and Neji’s generation. To her they are more impressive than tales of the old kages because they’re friends of her family who are pretty much from the same graduating class and their generation is a generation that will change everything. They’re all heroes and she heard among them is a brilliant strategist and the amazing medic kunoichi who will surpass Tsunade-sama and the next hokage and clan leaders of the future, her sister included wow. Hanabi has high hopes for the future if it’ll be directed by them.
  • Later when their relationship is less stilted and resembling a real family more and more, Hinata and Hanabi enjoy trying to cook for their father even if they’re not great at it. She likes to think he secretly enjoys his two daughters getting along better too. Seeing his face soften, she thinks he might look a little how he was when their mother was still by his side.
  • Hanabi has never really known what a mother is, having lost her own shortly after coming into the world. But when Hinata combs through Hanabi’s hair and offers encouragement and soothing words after a particularly awful day, Hanabi wonders if that’s what having a mother is like.

DreamWorks puts so much love into their work, it’s amazing, aside from the nice storytelling the animation of the characters is so realistic and phenomenal. Even simplistic things people might not pay any mind to like fingers, they put their best foot forward. 

I saw HTTYD2 yesterday at the theater. As Hiccup matured so did his fingers, less scrawny and circular at the ends and more square and muscular like an actual older male human beings fingers would look. Literally looks identifiable to my own hand.

Not only that, his fingers make movements like actual fingers would, are in the respective positions someone would have them, have the right amount of space between them that they should, are the appropriate length, and all.

Even in smaller things like having a little pinky finger poking out and a thumb angled and creased a certain way when in a certain position they just were at the top of their game. 

Aside from the animation being detailed and eye-catching 24/7, you can really tell a lot of love was put in it. I feel like I can enjoy their movies better because of all the devotion and caring they poured into them. I can’t way until I have some more money on hand, I most definitely am buying a lot of Dragons merchandise and both DVDs of both movies. I’m so impressed by everything that I’m going to always support DreamWorks in any way I can. Because their shit is that good. 

Life isn’t happily ever after and golden sunsets and shit like that. It’s work. The person you love is rarely worthy of how big your love is. Because no one is worthy of that and maybe no one deserves the burden of it, either. You’ll be let down. You’ll be disappointed and have your trust broken and have a lot of real sucky days. You lose more than you win. You hate the person you love as much as you love him. But shit, you roll up your sleeves and work - at everything - because that’s what growing older is.
—  Dennis Lehane, Mystic River

Facts About Henry Cheng:

Half-Facts/Half-Assumptions About Henry Cheng:

  • He goes to Aglionby.
  • His family is rich.
  • He’s connected to Gansey and Blue.

My Speculation and Hopes and Dreams About Henry Cheng:

  • The source of his family’s wealth could be from corrupt beginnings.
  • I feel like he’ll have a polite, but tense relationship with Gansey (mostly due to competition) and friendlier relationship with Blue that might later become not-as-friendly.
  • Despite the competitiveness, he could also be a companion to Gansey and likes to tease him and is very friendly to him. (He could help Gansey loosen up.)
  • He is bilingual (or might be fluent in more languages), with Chinese being his first language.
  • He’s probably very talented at playing instruments (he clicks with the piano or cello to me, although he might not want to do it professionally or likes the sort of music he plays).
  • He’s good at English and likes reading. He’ll even read random books at times just because he doesn’t have anything to read and he likes surprises/changes.

On page 216 of The Dream Thieves, there’s this sentence:

A voice from the crowd shouted, “Woop Woop, Gansey Boy!" which meant that at least one member of the Aglionby crew team was present.

And I became fixated on the thought that whoever it was that shouted that is Henry, so that results in:

  • Henry calls Gansey “Gansey Boy” (if he does show up in Blue Lily, Lily Blue doing that then you have no idea how delighted I’m going to be).
  • He’s part of the Aglionby crew team. (I think I even read from somewhere before that he was.)
  • He does hang out with Kavinsky’s crowd from time to time, because a) why not? b) he doesn’t mind/is up for their kind of fun, because Henrietta and Aglionby can get unbearably boring and c) because he’s acquaintances with some of the people/is comfortable and friendly with them and them with him.
  • As he’s part of the Asian minority, he probably knows Jiang.
  • Yes, that does mean that he takes drugs and drinks, but more so for recreational purposes than any reasoning close to addiction or Kavinsky’s or Ronan’s (well, most of the time).

If you haven’t, you need to go listen to all the songs under Maggie’s Henry Cheng tag. Listening to those songs excites me to no end (like: “Cis.Cism”, love: “Gimme Some”, “Go’Head" (cool one), and especially "Let’s Go”). From them that results in:

  • Henry is very friendly and quirky and upbeat and a jokester.
  • But he is also moody and—like basically all the other characters—has a troubled past or struggles with internal problems.
  • Seeing as it’s a common occurrence, he probably has a (to put it lightly) flawed, barely there, or nonexistent father (or even mother, or both).
  • Another problem possibly being racism/racial oppression, stemming from history (but he tries to pass it off in a light manner).
  • His happy disguise could be masking an antagonist. (More and better reasoning here.)
  • It’s possible that he might have powers of some sort.

I also hope think it would be cool if he was queer. I feel like if he does have romantic feelings, it’d most likely be towards Gansey, but if it becomes Ronan later down the road, then if things don’t work out with Adam… I’d be good with that. I feel like he could also like Blue, but honestly, where’s the fun in that? This is not a reverse harem anime.

Possibly bad guy suggestions aside, I think Henry is likely to become an ally and will be a nice guy, ultimately. I mean, Maggie did say he was ruining her life with major key songs.

I understand that a lot of these things are debatable, but just want to blow my silly thought bubbles out into the tumblr. You can pop them or not (or let Blue Lily, Lily Blue do it).