by how hardworking they are

We’re really breaking our own record here :)

This month with 5 days to go, this is chapter #15 released! Woop woop! Every chapter released is a lot of hardwork by a lot of people. Let’s see how many we can squeeze in before the month’s up.

If you have read Atashi Kisushita and Daisuki no Yukue, this is another one shot by Mitsui Haruka sensei released by us PDP!

As usual, you can read the chapter over at! [X]

I think everyone who came along with the TVD 6 Season, at least give the characters the honor to watch the last season.

Not because here is/or not your favorite character, but to respect the actress and actors hardwork.

Let’s see how their life going to be in the end… :)

(I hope you understand what i am trying to say gere, my english is lacking a “little”)

3 years without new songs - it feels like he has been lying to vips for the past 2 years about releasing an album in 2013 and 2014; but they didn’t.
He took the blame because he is the main producer of Bigbang;
He took the blame because he is the leader of Bigbang
But now, seeing how Bigbang’s hardwork for the past 2 years has paid off and their songs are well-liked by the public, how can jiyong not teared?

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Feeling great about #AsianInvasion!! Though I may not look it, my Grandmother is from Okinawa, so I am only ¼, but it’s still there!! My grandma has told me stories about the hardships the people of Okinawa suffered during WWII, but how she grew from them and was hardworking and successful. My family in Okinawa now owns a large architecture company and its subsidiaries, and they are so great to have had meet and learned about. I’m proud to be apart of the #asianinvasion, as my heritage is a unique part of me that I endorse and am proud of!! I’ve had lots of image issues in the past few years, and I’ve also struggled with my sexuality. But im getting more and more comfortable and confident everyday, and I have figured out that I am worth something to the world. I’m also now open[ish] about being gay, and even though I haven’t completely come out, I have realized that all of these things make so special, and I couldn’t be happier with my body and who I am. p>

The Binge Book

I am incredibly proud of him. Of everything he has done and have been doing for years to work on this book. I’m actually so in shock with every detail this process has behind our eyes. Tyler have been working on this project for years without telling us. He had this in mind, he kept that as a secret, to make this even more personal, for one day to show us. It is actually the biggest thing for him, but also for us, and I just wanted to say how happy I’m for being here with you Tyler, for having the opportunity to show the world how amazing and hardworker you are. Thank you for giving us the chance to know even more about you, because you’re incredibly awesome, and I love you so much for every little thing you do. 

anabelle-robinson asked:

Okay, here's a question for Deuce: Are you good at school? Because I still remmeber when Mr. Lou Zarr came to teach but you were late and rude and all. That made me think that you're not really a good student, who doesn't do homework, etc. So what's true now? :)

Hey ghoul, whats up?


..Well, I’d say I am an average student. Sometimes I’m late for classes, especially if me and the dudes were up all night playing expansions for our video games and stuff.

I pretty much always do my homework, I mean its not always neat, but its finished.

Besides, I’m better at certain topics than others. You ask my Phys Dead and Home Ick teachers they would say that I am hardworking and kinda awesome.

But you say “Hey dude, how wells Deuce doing in… math?…”

Its not gonna look so good.

I love when people drag John Cena like…

man. How dare he have a good character that tons of fans enjoy watching. How could someone be so horrible that he tries his best to be a role model and good PG character for kids to watch and enjoy. God.

How dare he have over a decade of really good shows. 

How dare he be so hardworking. What a jerk.

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Hi! I'm curious about something, are you guys the one making the gifs? Because if yes, you guys are too hardworking!! *salutes*

omg i wish i knew how to make gifs lol nope just collecting them ^~^

-Admin R

kendall jenner fans will seriously use the fact that kim doesnt go to her shows as proof that she made it on her own as if the reason why shes not on teen vogue  anymore and is walking in ny fashion week isnt because shes a part of the empire her sister built. smh no ones saying shes not hardworking but how hard do u really have to work when ur sisters a kardashian? not to mention her in-law is kanye west like lmfao gtfoh with this started from the bottom storyline yall want her to have 

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I admire how hardworking you guys are with this blog, your answers are always spot on! forever follow~~ :)

Aw thank you!!! 

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I'm going to be predictable and say Frederick for the fire emblem meme

i wasnt expecting people to ask frederick seeing as how i talk about him literally all the time when i play this game HAHA

Favorite thing about them

do you want to talk about frederick like about how amazing he is and how he puts tremendous effort not only in the big important things but also in the tiniest of things and also about his devotion and passion to his duty which is to protect his charges and comrades and aLSO about how cute he is and HOW he is incredibly hardworking and enthusiastic about what he does and how he alwAYS STRIVES TO BETTER HIMSELF like seriously he wanted to fight dragons simply because he thought it would help him protect everyone else better and how he was so adamant about learning to eat bear meat because in war one should not be picky with what they eat and that he should learn to eat everything im just ok FREDERICK why dont people talk about frederick more yea frederick is amazing i love him so much build a snowman 

Least favorite thing about them

  • does his lack of importance and screentime in late game count hahaha
  • god i dont know! i love everything about frederick

A way I relate to them

  • god i look up to him in so many ways– to how he works so hard and how he is so disciplined and able to do so many things in such a short amount of time. i want to be able to do that. he’s so amazing. i’m always working hard to be even half as good as my favorite characters ;n;

My favorite platonic support

  • I actually really liked his support with Virion haha. 

My favorite romantic support

  • I don’t know. When going from A –> S supports, Awakening’s been really awkward about the transition. So no favorites. I like him with Sumia or Cordelia but I never chose to actually do those for tactical reasons and also… I’m not very fond of Severa so I will not have Frederick fathering her. 

A platonic support I wish could happen

  • Lon’qu. Lon’qu could seriously also use a lot more male supports. I think Frederick has much to learn from Lon’qu and vice versa.

A romantic support I wish could happen (I will also include same-sex supports)

  • Seriously, all I wish for is Male!Robin and Frederick okay. Can’t they get married and adopt a kid somewhere along the line.

How frequently I use them in my playthroughs and why

  • I literally used him almost twice as much as MU. He’s my favorite. My favorites always get special treatment. And he falls behind everyone after the first few chapters but with hard work, he becomes quite the invincible asset with Pavise and Aegis and a high amount of strength and defense. UGH AMAZING. 

Anything else I feel like adding about them