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Any thoughts on Holocaust Deniers and what they represent when they attempt to associate themselves with conservatives and the new right moment?

The obvious function of holocause denial is to rescue the ideas of the parties that were behind that particular enterprise. Put simply, the holocaust makes anti-semitism look bad because it shows the kind of evil it can lead to. Logically, if you want to revive anti-semitism your first order of business is to reduce the impact of the thing  which most undermines its practice  (the sensibilities arising out of the holocaust). The United States, comparatively speaking, doesn’t have much natural inclination  toward anti-semitism so it is difficult for it to take firm hold here. One reason for this is its rhetoric, which is grounded in envy, and animus toward money making (which Americans have not historically been sympathetic toward).  In fact most of those who  indulge these ideas, regardless of what they call themselves, end up revealing their distaste for free markets in general, and their penchant for Collectivist thinking . Racist tendencies almost always run back into Collectivism because it is the only thing that can preserve them. Liberty is toxic to racial prejudice.

And so these ideas have nothing to do with modern Conservatism.  

O Lord, remember not only the men and women of good will, but also those of ill will. But do not remember all the suffering they have inflicted on us, remember the fruits we have bought, because of this suffering - our comradeship, our loyalty, our humility, our courage, our generosity, the greatness of heart that has grown out of all of this, and when they come to judgement, let all the fruits we have borne be their forgiveness.
—  Prayer found scribbled on a note in the pocket of a dead child at    Ravensbruck concentration camp

I cannot stand the country of Israel sometimes.

I absolutely despise their politics and their leaders. I absolutely despise the way they treat Palestinians (and yes, Palestinians have done horrible things too, but by their logic, they’re waging war against a different country, while Israel considers the area their own and thus are, by their logic, committing acts against their own people). I despise the way their history is riddled with war after war for land and greed.

And, most importantly, I absolutely despise the way the U.S and its allies pander to their needs and wants like pathetic lap dogs.

And yes, I know, Holocaust and we have to repent for that and whatever. But, then, what about the Armenian Genocide? The U.S and Turkey and many other nations don’t even acknowledge it as a genocide

Basically, I want the world to fucking stop making excuses for Israel and its leaders’ actions. I want someone to actually step up and tell them that what they’re doing is wrong and, even if the Holocause decimated millions upon millions of Jews and their families, that does not give them any right to act the way they are currently acting.

Frankly. if you’re going to go to white writers for your science fiction template for thinking about the problems blacks have in America, I’d rather see a serious discussion of Robert Heinlein’s appallingly fascist novel. Farnham’s Freehold, in which the black house servant, Joseph. after a successful nuclear attack, abandons his white family (in which, after the attack he was made second in command by the reigning white patriarch) and becomes head of a movement of black who have solved the post-holocause food problem by killing whites and eating them.
—  Samuel delany, quoted in “Black to the future” by Mark Dery, page 196