by hester

Some random stuff with Talcott and Cor I guess

  • Meeting Cor is like one of the best days of Talcott’s life (besides Noctis) because it is THE MARSHAL standing right in front of him and whoa, his dream finally comes true
    • The kid met him once when he was super young but he doesn’t remember
    • “Look! It’s him! It’s actually him!” Talcott jumping up and down with excitement as Monica and Jared welcome Cor into the house.
  • Cor stands there almost confused because it’s not often does a kid come up to him with such pure delight except all those years ago with young Noctis
    • Jared explaining to him how his grandson used to draw pictures of the prince and all the people he wanted to meet when he was younger. Cor being part of the pic too.
  • Talcott bombarding Cor with all the questions as the two sit on the couch and asking if he can hold Cor’s sword because it’s pretty damn cool
  • Eventually, Cor notices the little collection of cactuar figures on the table, and during his travels, he spots one at a small shop and buys one for Talcott
    • He comes back from time to time to check on everyone
    • Talcott shows him his almost completed cactuar collection and nice enough to give Cor one to keep because he has an extra from Noctis. Cor thinks of it as some good luck charm
  • One day, Cor and Talcott go on top of the lighthouse. Talcott asking Cor if he ever sailed the seas and Cor talks about his first trip to Altissia with King Regis and co. 
    • “Wow.” Talcott looks hopeful. “When Prince Noctis comes back, do you think we can all go together?”
    • “Certainly.”

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Lil traditional piece I made the last days… unfortunatly I can’t make it clean enough without killing all the contrasts, but oh well, I had a great time.

All the (more or less good) boys and glasses <3

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I need more Ignis+Talcott in my life
  • Ignis turning his nurturing attention to the orphan as a coping mechanism while waiting for Noct to emerge
  • Talcott finds comfort in Ignis because unlike the others, he doesn’t treat him like a fragile child
  • Ignis is not afraid to teach Talcott how to defend himself and use sharp weapons, a cut or two will teach him to respect the blade and Talcott appreciates the trust
  • Ignis is liberal with his praise when Talcott does something correctly, the boy thrives on positive feedback
  • a year later he has become Talcott’s parents for all intents and purposes
  • cooking his favorite foods as best he can, calming him down when the nightmares come, nagging him to better himself by reading and training  even if the world was seemingly over
  • Ignis refusing to believe it is the end, because he believes Noctis will return, and they need to be ready for that day; Talcott agrees because there’s something he desperately needs to tell Noct
  • learning how to defeat low-level daemons together using Iggy’s perception and Talcott’s visual advantage until they’re both comfortable fighting alone
  • when he’s old enough, Talcott drives him to the ancient tombs and reads what he can of the scripts, they compile their knowledge together and have lengthy debates and theories
  • nostalgia trips over tea, about the days they spent in Insomnia as members of the royal court and/or civilians
  • Ignis falling asleep in the car while Talcott drives
  • Talcott sleeping in the car while Ignis keeps his ears strained for a potential attack
  • Talcott whining about the constant darkness and Ignis sassing him over how awful it must be
  • sharing a living space because they depend on each other emotionally and domestically
  • when Cid moves to Lestallum, he and ignis have a lot of memories to relive about Regis and Noctis, Talcott will never run out of bedtime stories of his idols
  • Talcott helping Ignis with his hair and choosing his socks so he can look presentable despite his disability
  • the bittersweet moment when Talcott decides to work at Hammerhead while Ignis chooses to stay with Cid in Lestallum
  • give me all the talcott growing up an orphan in an apocalypse feels ;-;