by haruka

anonymous asked:

the stickers are so cool! id love to know what rin and haru thinks of them!

Haru: They’re fun.

Rin: Wha?! They’re LINE stickers! How did you get these? And why are you putting them on me?

(Thank you anon! I was potentially thinking of making them into physical stickers or something eventually, hence this. I still have some old asks… very old asks… I still intend to get to.)

Get the stickers here!

anonymous asked:

Oh, Rei in M!

for your consideration: instead of a full-blown transformation, the henshin wands just act as the on/off switch for senshi powers and the girls have to make their own “vigilante girl hero” costumes. Some choose to wear more protective gear than others. (Ami insists everyone’s at least have elbow/knee pads because PEOPLE TRIP IT HAPPENS and there’s only so many boxes of bandaids you can buy before people start asking questions guys)