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Perfect Strangers: Part One (J-hopexYou)

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Ok, this is a story for HalluPallu and Hollyobygolly! I am so sorry it took me soooo long! I really hope that you both enjoy it! I will have part two up as quickly as possible!! :)

Perfect Strangers

Part One: First Meetings and Collisions

You were late for work…again. Why were you always late? You were giving that white rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland” a run for his money, as you rushed down the crowded street on your bicycle, pedaling with ferocity past the many cars. There were loud honks, and obscene gestures, the usual rush hour traffic hustle and bustle, and it was all so distracting—enough to send you crashing into another biker.

“Mother of ‘Cheesus’,” you cried, as you were sent toppling to the concrete from your bike.

Your small purse had spilled over your feet as you landed ungracefully upon the other biker, your limbs all tangled together, like a couple of pieces of those ‘monkey’s’ in a barrel everyone played with as children. Sitting up you began apologizing immediately, cursing your lack of luck and clumsiness, untangling your arms from the long, lean ones that were around you.

Your hands were dusting off your shirt and pants, searching the fabric for any tears—your boss was going to kill you if you ripped another uniform. Hey, you couldn’t help that you lacked any and all grace, it was part of your charm—or something.

“I’m so sorry,” you heard the boy sigh as you continued your inspection of your uniform, eyeing it warily as you found a few small tears and spots of dirt.

You waved him off with one hand, shrugging off the accident, as was customary of you—these things did have a habit of finding you, “It’s alright. It was my fault. I was in a hurry and wasn’t paying any attention—clearly.”

A laugh made you glance toward the boy finally; he was beautiful—there was no other way to put it. Shaggy dark hair flopped over his forehead cutely; kind dark eyes were looking down at you sweetly; a large, beautiful smile adorning his lips as he too dusted himself off. He was very tall and very lanky, but it worked for him. He was perfect. Absolutely, and undeniably perfect.

Standing there, he straightened his jacket with slender hands before smiling largely down at you, holding his hand down to you, “Here, let me help you up.”

You stared for a moment at the hand before you, thinking about all of those romantic moments in the movies where moments like this actually existed, before nodding and taking his offer. Placing your hand within his, you found his hand to be warm and smooth beneath yours, pulling you easily from the ground.

“Thank you.”

He shrugged, and kept your hand in his a moment longer before dropping it, “I told the guys that I was bad at this “bike” thing. It’s been so long since I have touched one—and they say you never forget: wrong! You definitely forget it if you haven’t ridden long enough.”

You found yourself laughing at his expense, but the way that his face moved and his whole body gestured largely was enough to send you into fits of giggles. He joined in your chuckling warm-heatedly; he was big enough to laugh at himself—you liked that. A lot.

“You poor thing! They just left you struggling behind all by yourself?”

“Yes! I tell you, it’s as if they are trying to lose me,” he sighed dramatically, before breaking into another large, goofy smile.

“Gee, I can’t imagine why they’d do such a thing with your expert biking skills, and over enthusiastic attitude,” you teased, lifting your bike from the ground, with some help from said boy.

“I know, I mean, I’m a serious catch. Like, the life of the party is me, duh,” that same boyish chuckle escaped his mouth; his mouth formed into that huge, playful grin as he upturned your bike and helped you back onto it.

“Well, they just don’t know what they’re missing out on then,” you giggled, adding, “Maybe they tried to leave you behind because you’re such a catch? Like, maybe you are squashing their swag, or whatever? You’re just too cool. They don’t stand a chance against you.”

“I think you might be onto something here. I like the sounds of that: swag game too strong. It’s a curse to be so cute sometimes,” he chuckled teasingly, lifting up his own bicycle with ease, and settling himself on the black cushioned seat.

You couldn’t help the eruption of constant giggles that were escaping your mouth, he just had the best sense of humor. You felt completely at ease standing there in the middle of the hurried street, as if for the first time since you had moved from home, you finally belonged here. No one had made you feel this comfortable since, well, forever really. This perfect stranger was really something special; like some prayer answered and dropped on top of you—literally—from the bright blue sky.

You caught yourself staring blatantly and quickly looked down at your fingers gripping the handlebars of your bike loosely, “Tis’ a curse. I would know all about that too, I mean, clearly,” you joked, gesturing to your tattered form—hardly “brag” worthy.

“I’m sure you would. Let me guess, your friends rode off and left you behind too?”

Crap. Work!!! You face palmed at your extreme-just-utterly-unforgivable-and-inexcusable tardiness, then muttered, “I am actually on my way to work. And, I’m super freaking late. Great.”

“Well, come on then! We gotta move!”

He was riding ahead of you, wobbling in his knees as he attempted to pedal himself quickly through packed cars with little room to weave through. It was like one of those terrible mazes that you used to suffer through at carnivals; the ones that you never seemed to find your way out of and waited for someone else to come stumbling through to help. You were quite amazed when he somehow came out of the mess of cars without any scratches on himself, or the vehicles he had precariously passed in the process.

“Made it,” he called back over his shoulder; a signature goofy grin plastered on his lips, showing off those large white teeth.

“Thank, God,” you called back to him, pedaling toward him on the side walk.

“No, I’m not that good. You don’t have to call me ‘God’, unless you want to, of course,” he smirked, waving you off casually with one hand, a devious glint in those brown eyes.

“Wow, are you always this conceited,” you asked, teasing him as you rode past him down the sidewalk, smirking at him, “Come on wobbly knees, keep up with me.”

“Wait up!” He called, pedaling long legs quickly, sending his bike flying forward uneasily.

The two of you raced down the sidewalk together, both of you laughing giddily and earning several looks from pedestrians walking along on their cellphones. You found that their stares didn’t bother you at all. You were having fun for the first time since your big move. Let them look, you thought happily, I’m enjoying myself for once.

But, perfect moments never last, and you found yourself giggling in front of your workplace—a small diner—panting for air from your long bike ride. Looking over at the boy, you drank in his smile and deep chuckle that suited him so well, and those kind dark eyes that lit up like the sun and shined light into your soul, sending swarms of butterflies through your stomach. He was like a shot of endorphin’s, sending you into a high that you were becoming slowly addicted to.

“Well, this is my stop,” you sighed, hopping off of your bicycle and walking it toward the metal rack lined with other bikes, locking it there. You didn’t want this perfect moment between strangers to end.

“Oh,” there was a sadness in his voice; his large grin dissipating slightly as he leaned onto his handlebars.

“You know, you didn’t have to escort me. I could have made it here by myself,” you prodded teasingly, trying your hardest to win another one of those heartwarming smiles of his.

It worked. A huge smile broke upon his face, lining a constellation between slim cheeks, as he blushed lightly, “Well, now I had to make sure you didn’t get lost on your way, or get into another accident. You know, since you’re so clumsy.”

You gasped cutely, scoffing and holding one hand in the air toward him as you made your way toward the entrance of the diner, “You should talk! Wobbly knees! I think we both know who really caused our collision.”

A faint smile, unlike his very large, goofy one, graced his thin lips, as he looked at you sincerely, “What can I say? I was blinded.”

Your heart leapt into your throat, nearly closing it off completely, but somehow you managed a small squeak to erupt from the tight space, “What do you mean by that?”

A small laugh broke from that tiny grin, “You’re beautiful. It was like watching a shooting star, I couldn’t look away and before I knew it, I was colliding with it. With you.”

The air in your lungs escaped in a huff, leaving you completely breathless. No one had ever said such poetry to you in all your life. You were uncertain on how to respond to such pretty sentiments; your go to was always humor, but it seemed utterly inappropriate now.

Before you even had a chance to work out a response though, his mouth was working its own, “So, what do I call you? Shooting stars need names, you know?”

You quickly responded, “No, no, no, no! This is fate. We cannot exchange names, not yet. This was all too perfect. If we meet again, then we will tell each other our names, but until then we can’t.”

Confused, he laughed that loud, ridiculously adorable laugh, “And if we don’t run into one another again?”

“Then this was a perfect meeting between two strangers.”

“But—,” he began, unhappy with your response.

“No, no! Stop,” you interrupted, holding two feminine hands over ears and walking into the restaurant, watching him from the window as you made your way toward the kitchen.

“You’re late. Again,” your boss’s deep, raspy voice came at you, bearing down angrily upon your shoulders that immediately tensed.

Tying your apron around your waist, you straightened your ticket book and pens, blushing and avoiding eye contact, “I know, I know. I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. Insert same speech as last time.” You joked, he remained stony and angry, glaring down at you with blackened irises.

“Right…Well, I will just get on out there and start serving that wonderful bunch of customers we always attract,” you smiled forcefully, and pushed open the kitchen door, reentering the dining room with a relieved smile that you somehow avoided that long line of unemployment again.

“Hey, you have a table at six. He requested ya,” a young waitress—Molly—said, chewing on pink bubblegum obnoxiously, and tapping her pen on the ticket pad she was holding.

“Right, ok,” you nodded, walking toward table six with one of your fake smiles you always wore at work, but as you approached you immediately recognized the boy and his large, silly grin.

“You,” you stammered, looking around, “What are you doing here?”

“Hello, again,” he wiggled long fingers at you, “You really thought you could lose me that easily, my shooting star?”

Reds and pinks flushed your face and neck uncomfortably, as you pulled out your ticket book, which was littered with pictures and stickers, “You know, this doesn’t count as a ‘second’ meeting. I told you it has to be fated to happen. Not forced.”

“But, it is fate. I was meant to come in and eat and be waited on by a shooting star,” he grinned, settling his chin into the upturned palm of his hand, before glancing at his menu.

“Cheese ball. OK, wobbly knees, what do you want?”

“You, mostly.”

“I’m not on the menu,” you forced that blush to retreat back beneath your skin, as you raised one eyebrow, prompting him to give you a real order.

“Fine. Then, I suppose I’ll settle for a cheeseburger.”

“Done,” you grinned, jotting it down on the small paper, and tearing it out as you made your way toward the server station and stuck it in the small window for the cook, “Order in,” you called loudly.

Watching him, you observed the strange boy quietly as he fiddled with his phone, smiling like an idiot anytime you made eye contact. You served him his food and avoided any more conversation, wanting so badly to let fate really work its magic for the two of you. It was difficult though—you were very drawn by that big, bright smile, like a moth to a flame. However, you resisted your urges and kept your distance, allowing yourself to only glance a few more times before seeing him stand and walk toward the door.

He shot you a smile, and then pushed the glass door open, stepping over the threshold into the afternoon light. You scrambled over to his table, spotting a twenty dollar bill folded neatly underneath his napkin, which had pen marks scrawled all over it in the form of doodles—hearts, bikes, some unknown figures that you couldn’t quite decipher—and then the words: Until next time, Shooting Star. And, there WILL be a next time. I can feel it.

You hoped that he was right. 


Ok, that is it for part one. Part two will be up shortly! :) 


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