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I love this picture for many reasons, here’s a list of some of them:

  • Height difference 
  • size difference, see how his fist is so much bigger than hers because his hands are huge
  • their cute little faces I love them ☺ 
  • her arm pressed to his chest
  • its like the perfect snapshot of Ginny and Mike’s relationship (playful, filled with teasing, chemistry and spark)
  • did I mention how big his arm looks
  • Imagine Mike’s hand caressing Ginny’s face
  • her hand is so close to his beard and the beard looks so fluffy 
  • those big arms are practically wrapped around her I CAN PICTURE IT SO CLEARLY

This is mostly Ginny and Mike for the sake of the list 

At Ginny and Harry's Wedding.
  • Hermione: I hate being single sometimes.
  • Pansy: I don't.
  • Hermione: Why's that Pans?
  • Pansy: Mione my dear, I am single because why should I let someone else ruin my life when I'm perfectly capable of doing it all on my own.
  • Hermione: Because you might be happy?
  • Pansy: Wine makes me happy Mione. Doesn't mean I want to date Wine.
  • Fred: *finger guns* hey, cool beans, how are you?
Hermione: *whispers* he’s so cool.
  • Ginny: you have such low standards.

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Harry shouldve named his son 'Hagrid Minerva' and said 'You're named after the first real father figure i had in my life, and the bravest witch ive ever known' like. Give them love Harry.-Kes


I mean honestly, even Dumbledore was pretty sketch and for all his good intentions, he didn’t really do Harry many favours in the long run.

I know that Lily Luna’s middle name was supposed to be after not only Luna, but Remus as well, but that’s not really as obvious and I mean he could have also named Albus after Remus.

Or like, even Arthur? Because that man loves Harry just as much as any of his own children, and also, why should all their children be named after people that were important to Harry. They’re also Ginny’s kids. Let them name some of them after Weasleys.

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So, apparently the "here cutie have a nacho" gif set has always said "here cutie have nacho" and now no one can figure out if we all collectively saw the "a" there and it was never there in the first place OR if it was changed. That day in the fandom was a rollercoaster of emotions.

Hi anon! Either way, Louis thinks Harry is a cutie

and he offers him his nachos

Nothing will ever surpass the “he got the dagger” day, as a rollercostar of emotions, though. Oh, wait…Harry got the bee

I wonder how often Ginny teases Harry about his mistress Magic. I can see Harry being constantly awed and amazed by even the most mundane of spells.

Ginny: You’ve got that look in your eye again.

Harry: What look?

Ginny: That oh my god I love magic look.

Harry: Stop it.

Ginny: Remember the first thing I ever said to you?

Harry: Not this again.

Ginny: You were bloody nervous about getting onto the platform–

Harry: Wouldn’t you be?!

Ginny: –and I looked at you and said a heartfelt “good luck.” And what did you do?

Harry: *sigh*

Ginny: You ran right past me, without even a glance in my direction. Head first into the seductive arms of magic.

Harry: Yes. It’s a wonder you put up with me.

Ginny: You’re insufferable.

Harry: But…I AM the Chosen One.

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Do you want to share why you were on hiatus?

ooc: In terms of divulging the details on here, not so much. As an intensely private person, putting personal things on a public platform like this is the opposite of what I’m comfortable with. There are a handful of friends I feel safe enough to discuss it with. I’m not going to be fully back for a bit longer, in terms of posting and queues and roleplaying etc. But I’m around tonight and I very much appreciate you keeping me company :)


do you guys remember that one text post about pyjamas the terror being an anagram for harry james potter? 

so initially I was going to draw only harry wearing a pyjamas the terror t-shirt, but then I googled online anagram generator and had so much fun with it that ended up drawing the entire gang

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