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There are myriad traditions of how Kali came into existence. One version relates when the warrior goddess Durga, having ten arms, each equipped with a weapon and who rode a lion or a tiger in battle, fought with Mahishasura (or Mahisa), the buffalo demon. Durga became so enraged that her anger burst from her forehead in the form of Kali.

Once born, the black goddess went wild and consumed all the demons she came across, stringing their heads on a chain which she wore around her neck. It seemed impossible to calm Kali’s bloody thrashings, which now extended to any wrongdoers, and both people and gods were at a loss what to do. Fortunately, supreme Shiva stopped Kali’s destructive rampage by lying down in her path, and when the goddess realized just who she was standing on, she finally calmed down. From this story is explained Kali’s association with battlegrounds and areas where cremations are performed.

In another version of the goddess’ birth, Kali appeared when Parvati shed her dark skin which then became Kali, hence one of her names is Kaushika (the Sheath), whilst Parvati is left as Gauri (the Fair One). This story emphasizes Kali’s black aura which is symbolic of eternal darkness and which has the potential to both destroy and to create.

In a third rendition, men and gods were being terrorized by Daruka who could only be killed by a woman, and Parvati was asked by the gods to deal with the troublesome demon. She responded by jumping down Shiva’s throat. This was because many years previously Shiva had swallowed halahala, the poison which had risen from the churning of the ocean during the creation and which had threatened to pollute the world. By combining with the poison still held in Shiva’s throat, Parvati was transformed into Kali. Leaping from Shiva’s throat in her new guise, Kali swiftly defeated Daruka and all was well with the world once more.

By K.Nagori

as we all know 2016 kinda really really sucked. luckily I have had such amazing friends and blogs on my dash to get through these terrible times. half the people I follow don’t really know the amount of gratitude I feel towards them for helping me procrastinate school stuff and distract myself from my life, so this is me taking the time to recognize them. i wanted to end this year on a happy note and i think this is a good way to do so. hopefully next year will be better for me and you. i love all of you lots and lots! have a happy new year!

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Gauri Ma.
Gauri Ma was a prominent disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. Born in 1857 she ran away from home at 18 to avoid marriage and traveled across the Himalayas performing severe religious austerity. She carried a stone image of Krishna with her and worshiped him as her husband. A strong and feisty character she would cut her hair short at that time and dress as a man to avoid attention.

She met Sri Ramakrishna at the age of 25 and dedicated the rest of her life to him. He gave her initiation as a sanyasini and she received the name Gauriananda Puri, Gauri Ma for short.

Ramakrishna encouraged Gauri Ma to settle down from her life of pilgrimage and devote herself to working for the betterment of women in India, Ramakrishna wished her to work to improve their education and development. Gauri Ma protested, that she had neither the proper training nor education for such a feat. Ramakrishna replied, “I am pouring the water. You knead the clay.”

Swami Vivekananda praised Gauri Ma stating, “Where is Gauri Ma? We want a thousand such mothers with that noble stirring spirit.” Gauri Ma was gently reminded by Sarada Devi, “The Master (Ramakrishna) said that your life was meant for serving women – the living goddess.”

She founded the Saradeswari Ashram providing free education, support and accommodation for women.


“Humne jitna chillaaya, na, utne mein toh parbat bhi apne jageh se sadak jaata! Par aap? Aise aalsi chirote ho, wahin ki wahin khade rahe! Waise, chalti train ke darwaaze pe kaun khada rehta hai?”
“Chalti train se dhakka kaun maarta hai?”
“Toh kaa karte?! Humare paas bas wohi raasta tha.”
“Toh aise kaam karti kyun ho?”
Ek jhaap pe deewar pe…sat jaaibe.”
“Mujhe bas itna pata hai ki mujhe iss waqt Dilli mein hona chahiye tha, aur main iss jungle mein phans chuka hoon! Pata nahi kahan hoon main!”
“You –!”
“Aap hi ne toh – Arrey! Ab kahan chale?!”
“Jahannum mein jaa raha hoon! Chalogi saath mein?”
“Yehi hai kya, aas paas? Aye, Hippie! Aye, Jatadhari Hippie!”