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these writers are so petty lmao they made caitlin "slash" killer frost kiss barry to kill him and then they made a parallel to this with iris fucking west kissing the man she loves and bring him back to life like a fairytale.


i can’t fucking BELIEVE.

caitlin kisses him to drain him of heat/life and iris kisses him while he’s dying to put life back into him what kind of icon.

Laura and Gabby  sisterly Headcanons that I’ve had

-News travels around the X-men very fast. The day after Laura officially told Gabby that she’d be staying with her for good, Jubilee came to visit and meet Gabby. Soon after, Laura’s phone blew up with texts asking about the “tiny mini you that came out of nowhere.”

-When Jubilee met Gabby, she brought her a very large box of her old clothes. They now take up about 75% of Gabby’s wardrobe. Hence why she is always dressed like a walking pan pride flag.

-Laura bought a bunch of childcare books for advice about taking care of a teenager. All of them were eventually thrown out the window, as almost none of the advice would was applicable in their situation. 

-Laura cusses relatively little, especially for someone with Logan’s genes. Gabby, on the other hand, learned lots of words very early on from the Alchemax guards. Nobody was around to tell her not to say them, so now there’s the problem of Gabby having an incredibly foul mouth on her.

-Laura’s love of spicy food was passed to Gabby. They go through about a bottle of Tabasco sauce every other week.

-Laura still has pretty bad nightmares from time to time. She tries not to make it too obvious, but it doesn’t stop Gabby from coming to her in the middle of the night to try and calm her down. Most of the time, it helps.

-Gabby also has nightmares, which have gotten more frequent after Bellona left after Madripoor. Laura knows about them, but never makes Gabby share more than she’s comfortable with. After all, that’s what Laura would have wanted for herself at that age.

-Gabby’s new suit was a birthday gift from Laura. Nobody for sure knows how it was obtained, but some speculate that it’s made from Laura’s old X-force suit, only recoloured and refitted.

-The building neighbors got used to Jonathan pretty quickly. Aside from being too cute to kick out, he helps with rodent problems, and besides, nobody wants to be on either of his owners’ bad sides.

-Both Laura and Gabby are on the autism spectrum. Laura’s learned to work with it with age, but Gabby’s is a bit more obvious, especially when it comes to social skills and communication with others. And if anyone makes fun of that, there will be some form of revenge.

-After reuniting with Megan and Debbie, all four Kinneys went to lunch. Gabby learned a lot about what Laura was like at around her age. She found the part about getting suspended for talking about how to poison someone particularly funny, and asked Laura if that was the real reason she didnt force Gabby to go to normal school.

-Laura replied to that with “no comment.”

-One time, a picture of Laura and Gabby fighting a group of Neo Nazis wound up in the New York Times. Strangely enough, the swastikas weren’t censored, however, Gabby’s raised claw was because it looked like a middle finger.

-Laura trusts Gabby to be home alone if she’s on a mission, though she gave Gabby permission to shoot anybody who tries to climb through the window in red spandex. (Yes, it happened.)

-Sometimes, Laura falls asleep with Jonathan on her lap while watching a movie. Gabby has photo evidence.

-Laura once had to go to some fancy event with her teammates and had Gabby come along. Gabby wore some of Laura’s old clothes, as she didn’t own any formal wear. A few people thought she was Laura from the past. It was hilarious. 

-Gabby has a jean jacket with a bunch on patches on it. The two most significant ones are an X-men logo and one that she made to look like her old mask. 

-Laura introduced Gabby to the runaways. You can imagine what happened next.

-During the contagion incident, Gabby acted as a liaison when Laura went into the quarantine zone. Sometimes, communication could be a bit garbled because of Gabby freaking out over meeting a hero. Especially when she met Spider-Man. Laura, hearing all of this through her earpiece, got one of the biggest laughs of her life out of it.

-At some point, Daken came to visit Laura and Gabby. Gabby’s first interaction with him was as followed:

Gabby: Wait, you have claws in your wrists?

Daken: I don’t know? Do you have claws in your wrists?

Gabby: Hm. I don’t know…snikt! Uh, yeah, I guess?

Daken:(mouth hanging open) That was supposed to be a rhetorical question.


a birthday gift for @succulent-sam!! happy birthday, gabby!!! I hope you enjoy this little canon ‘verse happiness. <3

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“Do you always understand everything you feel?” Cas asked, one day.

He thought, obscurely, that Spring was the right time for a question like this; or at least this Spring was - a Spring that felt fresh and light and hazy, still dazed by the wonder of Winter’s passing. Dean, sitting in the car beside him, looked washed out by it - or rather, washed clean, Cas supposed he meant. Softened, in any case.

“How d’you mean?” Dean said. He turned to Cas, the bright sun shrinking out the darkness in his eyes - turning them green. Green like go-lights, green like mazes - no, gentler than both of those; green like the water-full leaves of succulent plants. Green like book covers, like peppermint-flavour candies.

“I mean… do you ever feel something that you can’t explain? Something… ineffable?”

Dean pressed his lips together. Cas wondered if he needed to explain the word ‘ineffable’.

“Nah?” he said. “I guess most of what I feel, I know what to call it. I don’t always like it, but at least I know what it is.”

Cas nodded seriously. Dean let the silence rest for a while as they cruised down the Spring-morning road.

“What about you?” he said eventually.

Cas lifted a shoulder.

“I… have a thousand words for how things feel,” he said, “and a thousand things to feel within me. But I… I cannot make them match.”

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3.16.2017 x Bujo spread for the second week of March!

Sorry for the super bad quality! I honestly don’t know how you guys even managed to take such high quality photos o.O I got the printed picture somewhere around this site, I totally forgot whose picture is that, I’m sorry ;-; I hope you don’t mind me printing it and putting it on my bujo! I’ll put a credit in this post somewhere if you could just send me a message. 

- Gabby

  • Let me clarify something. I don't hate Klance... I'm just a little salty because of the shippers. They started this whole mess... And the ship reminds me of all the discourse.