by g3


Pulling back slightly, Levi left out a soft & teasing laugh. You sure you can take care of us both that quick, blondie?

You know I can, Archer breathed, nipping gently at his lover’s lower lip. Now can we stop fucking talking about it so that I can prove it to you?

Hungrily Archer’s reached down & began to work at the singer’s pants, pushing them both back. Levi grunted when his back hit the wooden counter, stopping them. Clumsily his hand tried to find the edge to steady himself.


I scanned my new pony stickers! Large on the top (1576x1960), small on the bottom (680x845) Unfortunately the 6000px+ ones were a little too large ;|

What I find weird… the date! “2011 Hasbro”. By that time, FiM was taking place, and even if they were still doing G3, it would’ve been Core7/G3.5!