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Hi I would love to read something about James Potter x reader where she’s like the fifth marauder and they are best friends but he thinks he’s in love with lily but he’s actually in love with the reader. Or honestly anything with James is fine. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You owe me butterbeer


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Pairing: James Potter x reader

Words: 1532 (this is hella loooooonnggg)

Summary: You and James are best friends and you are constantly helping him get Lily’s attention, even if you didn’t like doing so, simply because of your crush on Jame himself. However, things take a turn and James catches on a little later that he may not truly have feelings for the redhead but instead for someone who has been there with him all along. (Reader is a Gryffindor btw)

Note: Yas, time for some James Potter. Also, Um, I love this request! But I may have not done it justice whoops. You’ll be the judge to that. There’s no mention of the other marauders btw so that’s that :/ lav yall x


“This better be good, James.” you sighed as you took a seat opposite of none other than James Potter at the Gryffindor table. He simply grinned at the familiar sight of you, although you felt like absolute hell with your uncombed hair sticking out in all the wrong places.

“I promise, Y/N. It’s good.” he smirked, chugging his cup of pumpkin juice.

“If this is about another prank of yours, I swear I will hex you.”

You had very little sleep the night before yet here you were at the Great Hall with barely anyone awake, sat in front of James.

Then again, James was your best friend and you would probably do anything for him.

Unless it was something idiotic.

“It’s not, trust me.” you looked at him pointedly. “It’s about Lily–”

You immediately groaned at this. “Sorry to burst your bubble, James but she isn’t going to stop hating you and especially start liking you.” You didn’t know why but you really just wanted James to stop trying to get Lily’s attention, in fact, in the worst possible way.

It was definitely not jealousy.

”Y/N, hear me out. I finally have a proper plan on getting Lily to like me.” he looked at you pleadingly, anxiously awaiting for your response. You just looked at him, unfazed.

“Merlin, You do realize every single one of your plans has failed, am I right?” you huffed, grabbing a piece of toast.

“Yes, but this one will work! I swear.” you just looked at him, James did seem a little more enthusiastic this time.

“Fine. But like I said, this better be good.” you said with a mouthful of toast.

James grinned once again, his blue eyes filled with excitement behind those round glasses of his.

“Alright, so, I was thinking about how you’re pretty close with Lily. Well, at least on talking terms.” he paused, smirk growing wider by the second.

You raised an eyebrow at this, “So, you want to use me as bait?”

“No, I just need you to help put me in a better light to Lily. That’s all.”

You stared at him coldly, unsure of whether you should give in. However, you saw sincerity in his eyes and with this you let out a sigh.

You really found it hard to say no to James.

“You owe me Butterbeer.” you rolled your eyes as you continued eating your toast as James smiled at you ever so charmingly.

“You’re the best, Y/N.” he said ruffling your hair before leaving the Great Hall.

What have you gotten yourself into?


As promised, you had done what James told you to do. However, he would be disappointed that things went south because Lily seemed unfazed by your sweet words about a certain Potter.

James was supposed to meet you at the common room around midnight, knowing all students would be in bed by then. You were supposed to tell him about the outcomes of the plan. However, you were around five minutes late and Jams knew you were never late, especially when it came to meeting up with him.

It also didn’t help that he is naturally impatient.

Just as he was about to give up, he heard the sound of footsteps descending the stairs from the girls dormitory.

In that moment, James never knew what made him see you in such a different way, your hair was messier than ever and you were in an extralarge cozy jumper in pink pyjama pants. He felt his heart race as you looked at him with tired eyes as you gave him a small smile.

James thought you were so utterly beautiful.

You gave him questioning look, his mouth agape. “You doing alright there, James?”

He immediately snapped out of it; his cheeks grew red at the fact that he had been staring at you in an extremely creepy way.

“I-I’m find.” he cleared his throat, suddenly very aware of how scruffy looking he was at that moment.

You were his best friend for Merlin’s sake.

You frowned at James, his usual confident self was nowhere to be found but you decided to shrug it off as tiredness.

“Anyways, about Lily.” you sat next to him on the couch as you spoke quietly. “I’m sorry, James. It didn’t work.” you gave him a pitiful smile.

James, on the other hand, did not hear a single word you had just said. He couldn’t bring himself to look away from you.

It suddenly hit him like a ton of bricks. How had he not known that you, his best friend and partner in crime, had been the one he truly fancied all this while?

“James, did you even hear what I just said?” you were growing worried, he certainly wasn’t being himself.

Again, he did not say a word, seemingly lost in your eyes. You squirmed under his gaze, unable to stop your heart from beating erratically.

“Yeah.” he blinked, realizing what he had been doing. “Yeah, I heard you.”

“So, what’s your plan now?” you leaned into the couch, crossing your legs.

“Uh……“ he trailed off. James couldn’t bring his brain to function normally at that moment, being unable to form proper sentences. “I’m going to bed. So-” he abruptly stood up, turning to you. “Goodnight.” with that, James simply ran up the stairs to the boys’ dorms.

You just sat there, so utterly confused by the whole situation that had just taken place. Was it something you said? Even if it was the plan turning out unsuccessful, you hadn’t thought James would react in that way.


It had been a week since the whole weird incident at the Gryffindor common room.

A week since you had a proper conversation with your best friend, James Potter.

The two of you talked now and then, yet he always seemed distant and extremely nervous around you. You were certain it was because of the plan failing. That’s it. You ruined your friendship with James.

As for James, his mind was all over the place, struggling to get things sorted out. He was so distracted that he was nearly hit by a bludger three times in a row and had fallen off his broom once. Thank Merlin there was no need for him to pay the infirmary a visit.

Despite his confusion with his feelings towards you and Lily, he couldn’t help but gaze your way every now and then. He now enjoyed looking at you, especially during transfiguration, as your seat was by the window. He absolutely loved how your hair got caught in the sunlight and how your face practically glowed in the sunshine.

By the end of the week, he was pretty sure he had feelings for you instead for all this time.

Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to admit it to you.

It was ironic how he couldn’t bring himself to admit it to you because he did not want to lose you as a friend yet he was doing just that by avoiding you.


You climbed through the portrait hole, arriving at the common room when you were met with the boy you have meaning to see for awhile now. He immediately stood up the moment he saw you walked in.

“Y/N, I-”

“Oh so now you want to talk?” you crossed your arms, glaring at James.

He sighed, running his fingers through his curls as he took a step towards you. “I– I know I’ve been avoiding you. I’m sorry I-” he looked like he was about to cry any moment then. “ I’m sorry.” he looked at you pleadingly; your eyes soften at those two words. You knew he meant it.

You step a little closer to him, your eyes shifted to your feet. “I just, was it something I said or-”

“No, no. It’s not you. It’s all me, Y/N.” you could tell he was extremely nervous as you looked up at him.“I’ve realized something, and I just needed time to sort it out.” his eyes gazed away from yours.“I know I should have told you at least.” ‘

You brought your hand to his arm. “Hey, it’s alright. We all need space sometimes.” you gently squeezed his arm.“I’m always here if you need me.” you smiled at him ever so softly.

For a moment, you could’ve sworn you saw him bit his lip as he took a long look at yours.

He really wanted to kiss you.

He couldn’t take it.

Not any more.

With that, James leaned down and pressed his lips to yours, taking you by surprise. Butterflies filled your stomach as your knees were pretty much pudding. James pulled away, a little too soon if you were being honest. Your lips tingle with the heat of a blazing fire.

Suddenly, A wave of panic swept over you“ Wait, what about Lily?”

James furrowed his eyebrows slightly. “Doesn’t that whole thing we just did answer that question?”

You blinked, processing whatever he had just said. Then, it occurred to you. “Oh.”

After a few moments of silence, before you decided to break it. “You still owe me butterbeer.”                                                                                                                          

You had one job. ♡


George Weasley X Reader! (Fluff)

Request: Omg loved your George Weasley request and was wondering if you could one where his wife comes home to find that her and George’s toddler (you can pick the gender) got into one of their Weasley Wheezes test products as the Twins were supposed to be babysitting?

A/N: Hehe, this was really fun!

“I’ll only be gone for an hour or two!” Y/N kisses her husband, George, before bending down to their little girl, who has just recently learned to walk. Her red hair frames her tiny pale face in a cute fashion.

“Don’t give daddy any trouble, okay? I love you!” Y/N says covering her daughter in kisses. Their daughter responds in a wave of giggles. Y/N grabs her bag and opens the door.

“We will be fine! I have Fred here to help, too.” George says with a confident smile, winking at Y/N before she leaves, closing the door behind her. The little tot runs off to go play, jabbering random sounds.

“Now, have a look at this!” Fred says setting a box down on the counter. It’s filled with magical trinkets. George’s eyes widen, eager to learn more.

Fred pulls each item out and gives it a quick description, elaborating on all the fun.

“So you think it will sale?” George asks him, after seeing and hearing about all the trinkets.

“Somethings still need some work, but ultimately, yes!” Fred smirks, nodding his head in pleasure.

“You’ve really been working hard, how did you get such fantastic ideas?” George asks, patting Fred on the back.

“I’m the brother with beauty and the brains, mate!” Fred begins to place everything back in the box. Counting each item over twice.

“Hmm, I could’ve sworn there were exactly ten..” He mumbles lowly. George gives him a puzzling look.

“Dada, me pitty!” His daughter sings running by the twins. Her thick hair, that was red before, is now shades of blue and green, twisted into tight, spiraling curls.

“Merlin!” George almost faints.

“Y/N isn’t going to be happy.” Fred inquires, chuckling.

“It’s your fault! You have to fix this!” George says running after his pride and joy. Fred joins him in the chase of the toddler. She’s laughing historically, holding a golden brush in her hand.

“What’s that she’s got Fred?!” George asks, trying to corner her.

“Comb-a-chameleon! It’s suppose to give the user beautiful hair, hair they desire.” Fred says weakly, pulling out his wand once she’s stopped, looking back at the twins.

“Reverte!” Fred shouts, flicking his wand. Her red locks soon return back to their normalcy. George holds his chest, appreciative.

“That was a close one.” Fred says, sighing in relief.

“I think I hear Y/N now.” George notices the knob on the front door is being pranked with.

“It’s bloody freezing out there.” She complains, tossing a few bags of groceries on the counter. She sees a box labeled Weasley Wheezes.

“Don’t just leave these things laying around! It’s not safe for the baby!” She demands. Their daughter runs up to her, wanting to be picked up.

“Everything’s fine, don’t you trust me?” George laughs. Fred holds back a devilish smirk.

“You never know, George. You can’t take any risks!” She remarks, picking up their daughter.

“Oh what’s this? You want to brush mommy’s hair?” She asks, seeing her still holding the comb-a-chameleon. The little tot runs it through Y/N bangs, giggling excitedly.

“Oh no.” Fred whispers, his eyes a bit wide. The twins watch as Y/N hair turns bright pink and yellow.

“Pitty mama!” The toddler says laughing. Y/N smiles, holding the baby in a cuddle.

“Should we fix that too?” Fred whispers to George.

“Nah, maybe later.” George says, the two of them stare in amusement at Y/N. He walks over to them, trying to contain his laughs.

“Yes, very pretty mommy!” He says mimicking their daughter. He gives Y/N a kiss on the cheek, and she has no idea what’s really going on. If she ever found out about what happened while she was away, she was sure to ban Weasley Wheezes from their home.

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The Weasley’s are a ridiculously powerful family. Let me explain.

  • Arthur is the Head of an ancient House and also a Ministry department where he is pretty much unquestioned. (Bc the purists are ignoring him. Likely because they cannot actually, politically, magically, nor physically remove him if he does not wish to go.) He is a damn genius for enchantments and charms, constantly undoing the spellwork of others as his day job. And his hobbies involve placing incredibly complex magic on incredibly complex muggle contraptions. He learned to charm the Ford Angela without the help of muggles. I think he may have been on the verge of an epiphany with his collection of batteries. Storing energy? To make up for the lack of an ability to conduct magic at a whim? Genius. The man meets a kid raised as a muggle and immediately asks him to clarify the purpose of an item he didn’t understand. He never dismisses children as not smart. And that’s just the father, who has served in two domestic wars and survived.
  • Molly is an unsung war hero herself. Which is buried by the fandom. She herself wields charms and enchantments like a proper story time witch. Disney’s version of Merlin had less skill, honestly. She survived two wars and seven pregnancies. She has, seemingly, lost her entire family. Only her brothers are mentioned and that’s because they themselves died taking out death eaters. She is, to our knowledge, the only surviving Prewitt. Molly has fed an underground resistance movement. She has clothed and cared for them and provided a solid sense of stability. And that’s just the second war, where she was constantly reminded of all she lost in the first one. God only knows how much she fought and helped in the first war. Judging by how fucking deadly she was in the last battle and how capable she is before and how capable her children were, I’m willing to be she wrecked shop every time she entered the scene.
  • Bill is a prodigy of ward magic, which I logically assume is connected to charms and enchantments. He’s so good that goblins, who have been shown to be reclusive and secretive at best, trust him to go into ancient tombs and bust them open without dying. Then he survives a werewolf attack with only a few side effects and scars. He’s probably also immune to veela charms? I’d believe it.
  • Charlie literally raises and cares after dragons. _DRAGONS_ The big ancient bitey fucks that fairy tales and table top games are made of. What little he’s shown, he’s incredibly competent and confident and that’s all the shit I expect of a man that became a dragon veterinarian.
  • Percy is a book smart tactical genius. He’s got some character flaws that are enhanced by Harry’s perspective, but he’s every bit his parents’ son and it shows in the end.
  • The twins are fucking lethal. Like, had they not been raised by Molly and Arthur, they would have been off the charts in terms of sheer damage. They are, individually, more Slytherin than Harry ever could have been. They were making weapons and tools for the resistance while they were still in school. You can’t tell me that the boys named after their heroic uncles didn’t have that in the back of their minds. “If everything goes to shit like it did back then, we’ll be ready.” Ready with tools for escape, magic to entangle and distract, spy gear the likes of which James Bond would die for.
  • Ron. Brave, intelligent, stalwart, headstrong Ronald. The first friend Harry ever had and it wasn’t because of timing or being in the right place or even Harry. Ron saw a kid worse off than him, lost and scrawny, and was like “Someone needs to help him.” And he fucking did. He, like every brother before him, found his calling. Fourth year showed us exactly what he could have been doing instead of risking his life all the time. He could have been a bro with Seamus and Dean and just been a background character. He was not required to risk his life time after time. He has a family that he was loyal to, even when they made him feel like he wasn’t enough. But he actively chose to be loyal to Harry, again and again. No matter the cost. And every time he left, he came back further convinced that being beside Harry was the right and good thing. But even outside of Harry, he’s so fucking smart. Unmotivated sometimes. Frank to the point of offense other times. But intelligent. It wasn’t just chess or playing Keeper. He made damn good grades and became a prefect and it wasn’t just for shits and giggles. He was damn good.
  • And Ginny. The best of the fucking best. Cream of the crop. The Phoenix herself. Sneakier than the twins, sharper than Percy, bold face braver than Charlie or Ron, more magically gifted than Bill, and confident in herself in all that she did. A resistance fighter before she even left school. A friend to the lost just like Ron, but even less of an occasional asshole. We didn’t deserve her, but no one (except maybe Luna) ever could.

I don’t understand how people keep understating the Weasley’s. They are so well connected through the Order. They’re an entire family of warriors. A family of knights. Every last one of them is a one person army on their own, but they’re so fucking united and loyal that it should terrify any that dare oppose them.

Snape: [taps quill]

McGonagall: [taps quill in response]

Umbridge: Stop that.

Snape: Stop what?

Umbridge: You’re talking about me in morse code.

McGonagall: Yes, that’s what we’re doing. In our very limited free time, we took a class on a very outdated, very unnecessary form of communication just so we could talk about you in front of you.


McGonagall, to Flitwick: That’s… exactly what we did.

Harry: *looking with wonder at the Marauder’s Map* Is that really…?

Fred: Dumbledore.

George: In his study.

Fred: Pacing.

George: Does that a lot.

Harry: So… what do the other professors do in their spare time?

Fred: Well, we’ve seen Flitwick’s dot hopping up and down in his office loads of times… figured he had some hidden passion for aerobics, but turns out Peeves just likes to drop his wand onto shelves he can’t quite reach.

George: Then there’s Snape. Creeps about at night quite a bit, which isn’t a surprise, but after we noticed him in the Trophy Room a few times, we went down one night to see what he was up to. He was changing your dad’s name to “Rotter” on all his Quidditch awards. 

Harry: HEY!

Fred: No worries, we set them right whenever he does it.

George: Man’s got to have a hobby.

Fred: Sprout sleepwalks, we reckon. Watched her bumping into the greenhouse wall for a half-hour one night. Lupin goes for a long jog in the Forbidden Forest once a month, it’s a bit odd. 

Harry: And McGonagall?

George: You know old mum. Standard stuff. Classroom, office, Great Hall one minute… 

Fred: …climbing the drapes, chasing birds, tipping over cups in the kitchens the next.

  • fred: prepare for trouble!
  • george: and make it double!
  • fred: to cause the school some devastation!
  • george: to prank all peoples within our nation!
  • fred: to sell our snacks to all of you chumps!
  • george: to leave your faces full of lumps!
  • fred: fred!
  • george: george!
  • fred: weasleys wheezing at the speed of light!
  • george: buy our stuff now, or prepare to fight!
  • ginny: oh my god you two shUT UP

The houses studying

ravenclaw: okay so like i know this class is important, but i need to learn this birds mating call and i only have 12 hours.

hufflepuff: i’m going to look at my notes, i’m not going to know what it means, but i tried.

gryffindor: *screaming*

slytherin: i honestly don’t know what’s happening, but i’m not going to study. (and they probably end up with a 100)