by frankie

Tornami a vagheggiar

(A transcript of Francette’s performance last night at @palazzoaldenard‘s opening night masquerade!  @mugishalffull was kind enough to record a video, and although there is no sound, you can find Amanda Forsyth’s brilliant rendition of the aria here!  Thank you so much to @oleandre-ffxiv for his guidance and dedication, my friends and their support last night, all the behind the scenes helpers, the cast and crew, and everyone who came out to the show last night!  And thank you to @moonhartsffxiv for these pics! Thank you for all your support of the Palazzo!)

With a flourish of jeweled fabrics and a swirl of platinum locks, the next performer spins lithely onto the landing above the stage.  Silver-clad feet lead up upward into slender, gilded legs, only too soon hidden in the shock of color sent whipping about them.

Saturated aubergine feathers, glinting with a hint of oil slick metallics, glisten and catch the light to curve around her side and flow down over her hip and thigh. Tufts of softer blues, no less beautiful in hue, splinter through the center of the lavish coat to make way for a perfectly Gridanian-emerald swath of silk hugging her left side.    

Wearing a light, happy smile, Francette places a hand over her chest and bows to the audience, giving a clear view of the ivory tipped mythrite wings that adorn her shoulders.  She rights herself and the music begins, cheerful and airy, and she starts her slow descent of the stairs.

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