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“Listeners, I’d like to invite you now to join us in a second’s silence in memory of Ted Tonks, Dirk Cresswell, Bathilda Bagshot, Gornuk, and the unnamed, but no less regretted, Muggles murdered by the Death Eaters.“


Femme Fatale - To be a femme fatale you don’t have to be slinky and sensuous and disastrously beautiful, you just have to have the will to disturb. Pansy Parkinson has both the sensuality and the mindset. Here is a collection of sensual and pulsating songs to dance to. {HP Ladies fanmix series}

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@hogwartsgirlgang creation event: Family Ties

The Black Sisters

…she’ll go and fall in love, and there’s an end of peace and fun, and cozy times together.

jewishisadora  asked:

hey!! mind my asking how you made the melodrama edit?

hello! i made it using photoshop cc, and i’ve also made a template if you want to use it to make something similar!

you’ll need to download the keep calm font if you don’t already have it! if you do use this template, please give credit! thank you so much, hope this helps and that you have a lovely day ♥

+ download.
+ post.


Boneheads and ghost pokemon. While I don’t know if some of the ghost pokemon here would be on an actual pokemon team for each of the boneheads, this is what I made with what was given to me. Also added a few because there weren’t enough ghost pokemon for everyone.


Wasn’t ready to do another challenge so soon, but here we go! A clothes swap featuring the Boneheads!

The biggest challenge for me was to get as many of the suit-wearing boneheads to wear something else for a change.


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So lemme get this straight.

For dark souls, we have a Shovel Knight Mod and DOOM mod… That’s super cool! Love that. BUT. HOW ABOUT A MEDIEVIL MOD? Who doesn’t want to tear shit up as Sir Daniel Fortesque?! Somebody get on this please! One eyed jawless skeleton knight jack of all trades who slays demons, monsters and the undead? Sign me the fuck up bro.

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hey y’all! so basically i just hit 1.4k, and I still can’t believe I’m here. tbh i’m still wrapping my head around the fact that i’ve passed 1k!! i appreciate every single one of you who follow me, and this the least i could do.

special thanks to my bby rey (@nymphadorcas) for making this beautiful banner and putting up with my constant shit!! ily <33

special mentions:

@nymphadorcas: rey!! we’ve only been talking for so long, but you’ve impacted my life so much. you’ve always been there for me, even when i’m pissy and shitty. i hope we can be friend for much longer bc ilysm and idk what i’d do if i lost you

@lunalovey: viv, i remember when we first talked and you were still a smol blog. i’ve watched your blog grow to the amazing huge blog it is now! i’m so grateful to have you as a friend! also keep memeing bc i’m lov ur memes

@lilyevansh: febo aka Yeast Queen!!!!! in the month or so we’ve been talking i feel like you’re one of the people i’m closest to. you never fail to cheer me up, and also never fail to be amazing!! continue doing what ur doing bby, it’s clearly working very well

@padfootd: daisy daisy daisy. u may not know this but i’ve admired your blog since i got on tumblr, and i’m still in awe of how perfect it is. perfect blog for a perfect person eh? we haven’t been talking for that long, but ilysm and i hope everything goes well for u!!

@lilypotthr: soph we haven’t talked in so long!!! you’re probably one of the people i’ve talked to longest here, and i’m so glad we started talking. you’ve helped me through my weird stuff and also helped me start writing again. i can’t thank you enough, and don’t go changing

+ everyone in @hpwritersnet, @dadefensenet, @lightningeranet, @hufflepuffprotectionsquad, @nextgenet, and @tolkiennetwork!!

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