by forever i mean 2 days

Ginger apparently works for nausea??? I mean I’ve been told forever but I finally just now tried chewing on raw ginger and 2 minutes later it’s like night and day. 

I sliced it up, put a little salt on it, chewed and then ate it. It’s not 100% pleasant, but it could be worse.

Idk if this is partially a placebo effect or what, but I don’t even care at this point. I feel so much better.

Keyleth *boyfriend dies and then comes back with a ticking clock meaning she’s going to lose him again forever apparently this time and soon*

Keyleth *has to alter her entire belief system in like 2 days to save the world*

Keyleth *meets the future version of herself that she fears the most, like it’s literally the nightmare she had with the earth ashari and it’s why she pushed Vax away for so long*

Keyleth *just thought she’d have to kill a kindish old gnome*

Keyleth *finds out Vex and Percy got married without telling anyone (vex having made vax promise not to do that exact thing even tho i doubt keyleth knows that) literally minutes after having to face all her fear and grief in literally less than an hour*

…..i don’t think anyone can be expected to have the greatest grasp of their emotions at this time ok thanks

night 1:
the moon was full tonight 
and so was my mind. 
it was racing with all these thoughts
and it was easier to turn off my phone off than these ideas. 
i wish sleep would come easier. 
ill just stare at the moon.

day 1:
i saw the sun for the first time in forever. 
but i peered at it from the safety of my sheets and pillows. 
the therapist said the medication would help my mental state of mind. 
i don’t know what that means but i know it isn’t working. 
the plate of food from yesterday was left untouched,
the lettuce wilting and caving in like my heart. 
i know i should go outside but i don’t want to. 
i don’t want to see the sun.

night 2:
the moon was back, but dimmed by clouds. 
i cried again. 
the numbing sensation isn’t as strong and i hate it. 
i want it to be stronger
i want it to be stronger than my will to live. 
and i know it already is. 
i wouldn’t wish for death as much if all i ever had
was that damn moon. 
no sun, no happiness, no brightness 
just the moon, and my everlasting thoughts.

day 2:
school didn’t wait for me to come back. 
my assignments pile up on the chair by my bed
but they are left untouched. 
the sun was out again today, brighter than ever. 
i despise the sun
i don’t want to see the light of day,
but to see the light of the moon cascading 
through my window and dancing across the walls. 
i refuse to go outside. 
i would wish death on me than to go near sunlight.

night 3:
i am weak
food has not touched my stomach in 4 days now
for i can’t even choke it down without wanting to dig it out of me.
the therapist thinks i am ill, the flu perhaps. 
i am ill, but no, no. 
it’s not the flu
the flu doesn’t last 7 months and randomly flares up
or calms down. 
that’s the depression talking. 
the moon was out tonight again 
which i guess i can say that good
at least i know i can rely on something to always be there. 
i never want the sun to come up. 
just the damn moon.

—  sun vs moon (via aloseshermind )

I just wanted to, um, say a few things, before I lose you forever. ‘Cause I owe you a lot… but most of all, I owe you the truth. My name is Mon-El. I’m the former Prince of Daxam. And I was a spoiled, useless person, but I didn’t know. Until I met you. And I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. And I love the way that you’re honest to a fault. And the way that you fight for those you care for. And I love you. With everything that I have, I… I love you.

mi citacita, mi munchie, my Indigo. I hoped my whole pregnancy she would have a mean mug but a smile that takes up her whole face & she absolutely do!!! Lol It’s been the most rewarding 2 months of my young life, the rest of forever is going to be oh so beautiful !! thanks everyone for the first Mother’s Day wishes ✨

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“The Lyrics to my Music” - Chapter 1

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Tags: Fluff, Slight smut and angst in future chapters.

Summary: One day you lose your notebook, the most important item you own, it’s filled with exactly 68 lyrics that you wrote, all of them extremely personal to you. Later that same day you discover an iPod filled with different songs with no lyrics. By some strange coincidence that iPod belongs to the same person who discovered your notebook of lyrics. This would cause the two of you to meet and form a friendship. Or maybe even something more…

Chapters: Prologue, Chapter 1

A/N: I’m sorry I took forever to write this, but I promise that you wouldn’t have to wait as long for chapter 2. I hope you enjoy and as always feedback would be very appreciated.

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 One meeting. It was only supposed to be one meeting. A few hours in which I could explain the meanings to my lyrics to this stranger as a sign of gratitude for finding my notebook. But before I knew it we were talking and texting every day, and slowly, but surely the stranger was becoming my best friend.

 It all started the weekend after I lost my notebook and he found it. We decided to meet in a café that was very close to the park and that it turns out we both visited quite often. That morning as I was driving to the café I kept asking myself whether it was really a good idea to meet this guy that I don’t know at all, just so we can talk about some lyrics that I wrote. The whole situation sounded so ridiculous, but already made a promise, and I had to go and pick up my notebook anyways, so I had no other choice.

 The café was almost completely empty when I arrived there except for a young couple, a family with a small child and a guy who looked about my age who was sitting by himself looking down at his phone.

 Is this him?, I thought. It must be him. He’s the only person sitting by himself.

 I sat down on the chair across from him.

 “Umm…Are you Yoongi?” I asked.

 He looked up from his phone and gave me a small, polite smile. “Yes, that’s me. You must be the owner of the journal.”

 “Yeah,” I said returning his smile. “My name is [Y/N] by the way.”

 “Nice to meet you, [Y/N]!” He said digging through his backpack and pulling out my notebook.

 He passed it to me. “Here’s your notebook. I didn’t know who it belonged to at first, so I wrote some notes in it with a pen…I’m sorry…”

 I took my notebook and looked at him, confused. “What “notes”?”

 “Remember when I told you that I wanted to ask you a few questions about your lyrics? Well…I tried to analyze them by myself and understand what they are about, but I needed to write all my thoughts down…”

 Yoongi took the notebook and put it between the two of us, opening it to one of my poems.

 “See?” he pointed to a few notes that he had taken, written in a quick, careless handwriting, “I tried to write as small as I could so I don’t cover any of your writing…”

 I looked down and tried to read the notes. There were so many of them. Some of them were just small words written at the corners of pages. Others seemed to be whole paragraphs analyzing certain lines. He had also circled and highlighted a bunch of stuff, making the page look like a colorful explosion of words.

 I looked up at Yoongi who was waiting for my reaction, quietly.

 “I-I…” I didn’t know what to say. I was supposed to be angry at this guy that I don’t know for writing all over my lyrics. But looking at the notes I could see how carefully he wrote them, as if my poems, my words themselves, were breakable. And this made me feel most of all…curiosity. Why was he so interested in my work? Why was he so impressed by it that he wanted to meet me in person just so we can talk about it? It didn’t make sense to me. But at that exact moment, for some reason I thought of the iPod. The small device that I found at work a few days ago, and the thing that intrigued me so much. Ever since I found it, I’ve been listening to the songs in it every day, because for some reason they made me feel…comfortable and safe. It was a strange feeling of comfort that I haven’t felt in awhile, and I loved it.

 So I thought I about the iPod for a moment. If I knew who the owner of the iPod was, would I do the same thing, Yoongi did? Would I want to meet the owner as much as he wanted to meet me? Yes. Yes, I would.

 The boy across from me started talking again pulling me out of my thoughts.

 “I understand if you’re mad…Or just weirded out by me…” he said.

 I shook my head. “No…no I’m not. I’m just surprised that you’re so interested in my lyrics because to me they are like my journal and nothing more.”

 “Well…the thing is, that I’m a songwriter too. I’ve written a lot of songs, but these days I’ve been struggling a lot with coming up with lyrics. There are just certain things that I can’t express with words, so I write music for them instead. But after finding your journal and reading some of your lyrics I was extremely inspired by them.”

I smiled. “You were inspired by my lyrics?”

 “Yes!” He replied, “I’m completely serious!”

 I looked at him and raised an eyebrow, “So what do you want to know about them? I’ll tell you whatever you want about my songs on one condition.”

 He nodded quickly, “What is it?”

 “Most of those songs have a very personal and deep meaning to me, which means that when I tell you what they are about you would know a lot of things about me. So to make it less awkward, I want you to tell me one thing about yourself after every song we talk about.” I paused. “Also, if it’s not too much to ask can you give me some tips on writing music, because I’m not very good at it…”

 I was surprised by my own request. Usually, I wouldn’t ask anyone for help, especially with my songs. But I wanted to learn, I really did. And at that moment it seemed like the universe gave me the perfect opportunity and the perfect person for me to learn.

 He grinned happily - an expression that seemed extremely out of place on his previously calm and seemingly tired face.

 “Okay! I’ll do it!” he said and I smiled back at him.

 “Okay then, shall we start?”

 He nodded and opened the notebook to the very first page. My very first song, which was more of a poem than an actual song. It wasn’t structured properly. It was weird and kind of all over the place. But it meant a lot to me, just like all the rest of my songs.

 “I wrote this a few years ago,” I started, “It’s pretty bad, but it means a lot to me. The poem started out as a school assignment and…” I kept going, telling him the story about how my first poem became a thing. And he listened, occasionally pointing out a line that he liked or a metaphor that he didn’t understand.

 I guess that was one of the reasons we became friends - because he listened. He listened to all my stories and complaints, and all the extra things that I knew he didn’t really care about, but he still listened, and that meant a lot to me.

 After 3 hours of me talking and him listening, I told him everything about my first three songs. And he told me some things about himself too, he told me about his family and his friends about what he liked to do and what he didn’t.

 As we were talking I felt a closeness to Yoongi that I found extremely strange. I found it strange because I just met him. And I found it strange because I usually don’t feel that close to people unless I’ve known them for a very long time.

 After we were done talking I said goodbye to Yoongi and turned around to leave but he stopped me.

 “Umm…[Y/N]? Can we meet again, soon?”

 I smiled at him and nodded.

 And we did meet again. We met almost every day for the next month. Whether it was at the café, at the park or at the Italian restaurant that worked at. Sometimes we talked about my songs or his songs (that I haven’t heard yet), but others we just talked about our lives, TV shows that we like or just….anything.

And that’s how we got where we are today, the guy who used to be a complete stranger became my best friend. We were sitting on my living room couch, my notebook laying open in between is as we read and re-read old songs jotting down notes next to about how I can improve them, while at the same time having a conversation about completely random things.

 “So how come I’ve never been to your house before?” I asked.

 He shook his head, “You don’t want to go there, trust me. I live with six other boys and all of them are extremely loud and obnoxious.”

 I stopped and looked at him. “But they’re your friends. I want to meet them!”

 He sighed, “Someday….”

 I rolled my eyes at him and looked at the clock. It was 7:30 PM.

 “Oh, shit! I’m gonna be late!” I jumped off the couch.

 Yoongi looked at me, confused. “Late to what?”

 “Oh, I forgot to tell you. I’m going on a date tonight.” I answered.

 “What? But you’re not dating anyone?”

 I rolled my eyes at him again before answering, “That’s why I’m GOING on a date.”

 “But…Do you have to?”

“Yes! I have to, unless I want to stay lonely for the rest of my life!”

 He sighed, “Can I at least take the notebook with me? I’m working on a new song and I need some inspiration.”

 I thought for a second, “Umm…Okay, take it. But don’t work on any of my songs while I’m not there.”

 I walked into my bedroom and started getting ready.

 I didn’t really want to go on that date. I would much more rather just stay at home with my friend and work on my music. But almost everyone my age was already in a relationship or was even thinking about getting married. And then there’s me. I just feel pressured by everyone. Everyone keeps telling me that I’m getting older and I have to form a family and blah, blah, blah…

 I heard Yoongi get up and go to the door.

 “Bye!” he said.

 “See you tomorrow!” I answered before hearing him close the door behind him.

Suga’s POV

When I first met [Y/N] about a month ago I was fascinated. Just purely fascinated. And not by her looks, but by the way she talked. I felt as if I can listen to her talk for hours. She doesn’t know it, but every time I’m stressed, sad or in creator’s block just hearing her voice makes me feel a lot better.

 And the more I got to know her, the more my fascination of her grew. Soon, I was fascinated not just by the way she talked, but by literally everything about her. The ways she thinks, the way she walks, the way she smiles crookedly, the way she covers her mouth when she laughs so she’s not too loud - everything.

 At first, I thought my fascination was normal because we’re best friends and most best friends are also fascinated by each other. Right? I kept telling myself that until one night I found myself laying awake in my bed, scribbling down lyrics. Lyrics that were about her. Songs, melodies, and music that were about her.

 I didn’t even realize I was writing them about her at first. They were just popping up in my head. But the more I thought about them, the more I thought of her.

 And I know that what I’m feeling is extremely stupid and selfish! Because we’re best friends, but she doesn’t like me like that. I know it’s so stupid, but my heart still flutters every time she accidentally touches my hand. And I know it’s selfish, but I don’t want her to go on dates. I want her to stay with me.

 I got home and sat down on my desk. I took all the songs that I have written about her and put them away. And that night I promised myself one thing. I promised myself that I’m not going to be selfish and ruin our friendship. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. I’ll just keep my feelings hidden and they would eventually disappear. Right? Right?…

A Final Goodbye

This blog is turning one year old! And to celebrate it, I will be closing! So this is my goodbye letter!

If you’re reading this, my blog is officially one year old (is it July 10th already?) Yes future me, it is! And here is why, if you even care. If you don’t then well… I can’t really blame you.

If you don’t want to read all the way to the end: Monday July 10th will be the last day I’ll be around, until exactly 11:59pm. Happy reading!

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Bts Reaction to Their S/o Tattooing Their Lyrics!

Seokjin would be a little cautious of whether you would regret your tattoo in a couple years and that worried him a little but that didn’t stop him from giving you a peck while hugging you tight with whispers of thanks.

“I want to dream more” -Awake

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Yoongi would be flattered and vow to you to make more lyrics that inspire you enough to want to permanently have them with you. He would maybe even be inspired in that moment and let you snuggle into him on his lap while he wrote.

“Those days with you, those moments are now in memories”-First Love

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Hoseok wouldn’t even think for a second about you regretting it, he would be too flattered for words. Tears would fall down his cheeks and small screams would escape his lips as he pulled you into a huge hug. 

“I shout for a miracle in this reality”-Boy Meets Evil 

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Namjoon would be worried and want to have a conversation with you before reacting as he wold want you to be 100% decided that you wanted the lyrics forever but once you assured him he would smile hugely and thanking you multiple times with kisses.

“I am all of my joy and anxiety”-Reflection

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Jimin would be so happy, he would break down crying the second he saw your new tattoo. He is an insecure person so knowing that his lyrics had so much meaning to you would help him see how much you love him. 

“Hoping for more good days”- 2, 3

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Taehyung would freak out, giggling, screaming and even dancing for joy while singing the lyrics aloud as well as he could. He would drag you to the members to show your new symbol of love to them.

“Within a complicated world without an exit”-Lost

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Jungkook would be in awe of your new tattoo, staring at it intently with an adorable little smile on his face. He would look up at you, breaking his gaze with the lyrics he wrote with hopeful eyes, “We should get a couple one sometime”

“someone who only exists in novels”-Miss Right

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A request from an Anon :)

I’m having a nice night, what about you guys? 

-Aylee <3



33/100 days of productivity | what do you mean this picture is from 2 weeks ago because i haven’t been taking photos of what i’ve been doing because i’ve been tired and just trying to get through the days one at a time…….oof february was a really rough month, but i’m trying to force an upswing in the forever cycle that is my life (also ucsd and davis came out today!!!!!11!) (a;dsfa;ewoifj @college hrg)

Masterlist (N-Z) + Stories.

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Fix You


Masterlist (A-I)

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Plus-one (6)

Well well well, here I am to share this with you wonderful human beings. I’m honestly cringing right now at the thought of you reading it, but hey - not going to keep it locked away am I? 

If I’m super honest, I’m losing a bit of steam for this as I’ve started part 7. Hopefully I’ll get back into it, as I’d prefer not to have another incomplete WIP forever and a day. Hope you’re all having a fantastic week. 

Tagging for SMUT - that means anyone that isn’t an adult better be walking away now. Happy hump day ;)))

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“What’ve you got on?” Finn grabs onto her arm, stopping her on her way out the door. He looks her over, his eyes pausing on her legs for much longer than a few moments.

“Do you not like it?” she asks, pulling her arm free. “Do I look weird?”

“No!” He’s quick to put her mind at ease. “It’s just…I thought this was a hen party?” Finn reaches forward to touch the material of her dress where it falls at her thighs. He rubs the fabric between his fingers.

Rae’s eyes track the movement of his fingers . “It’s rockabilly themed.”

“S'nice. You look nice.”

“Nice?” she questions, doing a little spin in front of him. She’s got no idea what she’s doing it for. The skirt of her polka-dot swing dress fans out around her, skims over the hand he’s still got hanging in the air between them.

She trains her gaze on him, watches as his eyes dart between her bare legs, nearly bare chest, then to her mouth. She can tell he’s thinking through what he says next. He scratches at the hair behind his right ear, presses his tongue to the corner of his mouth. “Hot. You look well hot tonight, Rae.” His head is angled down so that she can’t see the look on his face, but she can see the flush of red at the side of his neck.

“Ya think?” she asks quietly.

He nods, finally lifting his head to meet her stare. “ ‘Course.”  His smile is soft, reassuring.

“Am I showing too much - ehm - too much skin?” She points to her chest, the cut of the halter top showing off nearly half of each breast.

“Nah. S'pose you’re supposed to show a lot of skin at these things or summat, right? Imagine the other girls will be dressed the same like.”

“Are you two leaving soon or what?” Rae’s mum Linda strolls into the kitchen, interrupting the pair. “I’ve got plans, you know.”

Rae rolls her eyes as her step-dad Karim comes walking into the kitchen, trailing behind her mum. Karim grabs hold of her mum by the hips and pulls her body back against his, either unaware of their presence or uncaring of it. You’d think she’d be used to this after so many years, but it still makes Rae a bit nauseous to see how lusty they are for each other. “You two go, take car but be safe,” Karim says, his face pressed to Linda’s neck.

Finn faces Rae, his hand reaching out to grab onto hers. “Should we go?” He tugs at her hand, pulling her towards the door again.

Rae throws her cardigan over her forearm and allows herself to be tugged out of the house by Finn, grabbing the keys before they get out the door. “Alright alright, no need to pull my arm off,” she grumbles, easing her arm out of his grip.

“Your parents were about to shag….right in front of us, Rae,” he explains as he waits for her at the bottom of the stairs. He rubs at his eyes as if he’s hoping to rid himself of the image forever.

“Told you they were weirdos.”

He opens her door, allowing her to slide in and get comfortable before shutting it. It’s only the awful noises and the “right there, you bloody beast,” in the high pitched squeal coming from Rae’s house that have him running around the car and inside in seconds.

Rae laughs, meeting his gaze under arched eyebrows. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?”

He shakes his head, deciding not to tell her what he’s just heard. She’s happy to not push.

The ride to the pub is quiet until they’re about five minutes away. Rae looks over to Finn, gauging as to whether she should ask the question that’s been niggling at the back of her mind for some time. “Finn…” Her hands fidget in her lap.

“Rae?” he questions, peeking at her before focusing on the road again. She think he might of checked out her tits on the look over, but decides not to tease him about it.

“Tell me if I shouldn’t ask,” she starts, her fingers clenching and unclenching as she contemplates how to ask this. “Do you - ehm - do you sleep with all of your clients?” She looks down at her hands, smoothing out her skirt to keep them busy.

She chances another glance in his direction. He looks thoughtful, as if he expected this question. She’s somewhat relieved, relaxing into her seat again, her eye trained on his profile.

He clears his throat before answering, “no.”

“No? How many?”

“Not many. It’s not - not what most women want, Rae.” He sweeps his hand through the side of his hair before he brushes his fringe from his forehead. “Most of these women, they just want something they’re missing.”

She doesn’t understand, but before she can open her mouth he’s explaining. “Our time together, it’s about providing them with comfort, about giving them the confidence they need.”

She’s not convinced that’s why all those women would hand over £6,000 to this good looking man. “Really?”

“Why’d you have me come, Rae?” he asks, pulling up in front of the pub. He slides his seatbelt off and turns to her in his seat.

He’s got a point, it wasn’t for sex. She wanted to rub her new life in the face of her ex, make him think she was happy. She doesn’t answer his question, instead sliding off her own seatbelt and getting out of the car.

Finn stops her at the curb. “Don’t believe me still?” His hand slides into the crook of her waist as he guides her back against the side of the car.

She remains stubborn, her arms crossed over her stomach, eyes on his. He looks behind him before stepping closer to her, hands going to either side of her hips. He’s so close that the heat from his breath warms her throat. “Relax.” His right hand moves from her hip to cup the side of her neck. With his thumb on her throat he manages to tilt her head back against the car. “Close your eyes, Rae,” he instructs and she obliges.

His thumb glides over the skin under her ear, his mouth close by. “You’re beautiful.” The swipe of his bottom lip against her earlobe makes her knees give way. It’s only his firm grip on her hip that keeps her upright.

His thumb moves down her neck before he traces a path across one collar bone, his mouth still close to her ear. “Jeremy is going to wish he’d never let you go.” She can smell the mint from his toothpaste when he moves his mouth inches from hers. “We’ll show him what an amazing woman you are.” Her breath is coming quicker now, her chest bumping into his with every intake of air. She’s starting to feel it, starting to believe it more with every whispered word. Jeremy had looked rather mad earlier in the day at how close she and Finn were.

“See.” He takes a step back and she feels the loss of contact - deeper than the surface.

When her eyes open he’s still standing right in front of her, a smirk contorting his mouth.

“You,” she says softly, reaching out to pat his chest with an open hand, “you are good.”


She straightens her dress as it’s dipped down a little further in the front before the two walk over to the pub doors. She’s grateful for his steadying hand on her lower back as he ushers her through the door.

The pair are met with hoots and hollers from all the women at the hen party, all of them swarming around Finn. Rae gets pushed off to the side somehow, where she watches all of the women fawn all over him. One of the women, Chloe’s cousin she thinks, she’s got her hands on his lapel while Chloe’s mate from Uni is pressed up close to him trying to smell his cologne.

He catches Rae’s eye, shrugging at her. He’s eating it up. She rolls her eyes at him before she makes her way to the bar to get a round in. She orders a round of tequila for the party, turning back around to watch Finn while she waits.

He’s bent forward in the sea of women, whispering something in a petite brunette’s ear. Rae doesn’t recognize her but assumes she’s someone Chloe works with. There’s a twinge in her belly as she watches the brunette throw her head back in laughter.

“Now you’ve got them all distracted Rae,” Chloe says from beside her, causing Rae to jump.

“Sorry Chlo.”

Chloe’s eyes light up at the sight of the tequila shots in front of her as the bartender sets them down. “You’re forgiven.” Chloe holds two of the shots out for Rae to take. “Now, give this to your fit boyfriend and tell him to get lost.”

Rae does as she’s told, walking over towards Finn with the shots. She has to push four or five of the women aside as she passes and nearly all of them give her a nasty look. He greets her with a grin and takes one of the shots from her outstretched hand, pulling her forward by the waist with his free hand.

She’s positioned in front of his body, his arm wrapping around her side, his hand splayed out across her stomach. A chill runs down her spine when he presses a kiss to her neck. “Got to keep up the appearance,” he whispers next to her ear before she can question him.

All of the women raise their glasses up, all of them looking at Finn. She’s not sure why until he clears his throat, holding his own glass up. “Here’s to the husbands who won you, the losers who lost you,” he speaks clearly, his hand pulling Rae closer, “and the lucky bastards who’ve yet to meet you.”

The women cheer, all gazing adoringly at Finn before they throw back their shots. Chloe steps forward from the group of women, she’s already swaying a bit. She points to Finn and then the door. “OK mister, it’s time for you to go.”

Finn laughs. “That’s my cue. Have a good night, ladies.” He gives a little wave, grabs onto Rae’s hand and drags her towards the door with him.

She trails behind him, the women behind them hollering at them again. “Show him what he’ll be missing, Rae,” Izzy shouts from the crowd, laughter following. The cheering gets louder.

Finn stops at the door to the pub. Rae looks at him questioningly and he shrugs in response. Her arms move around his neck and his automatically move around her waist, his fingers pressing into her lower back. She chews at the corner of her bottom lip, her eyes focused on his.

“Get on with it!” Chloe cheers from behind them.

He’s watching her mouth. “Better get on with –” Her mouth is on his before he can get the rest of the statement out. He’s quick to recover. He tugs her upper lip between his, the tip of his tongue tracing her cupids bow. She thinks she moans then, but she’s too entranced with the things his mouth is doing to be embarrassed. Finn holds her tighter against him, kisses her like he has all the time in the world to just stand here.

She whines low in her throat when he pulls away. She misses the feel of his lips on hers, misses the taste of his mouth. “I’ve got to go,” he tells her, his arms slipping from around her. “Don’t pout.” He bops her on the nose with his forefinger.

She hadn’t realized she was pouting. She drops her arms from around his neck, letting them fall to her sides. “See you.” She reaches up to swipe the red of her lipstick from the corners of his mouth before stepping back to let him pass.

Finn looks a bit dazed as he leaves and she thinks she’s done a proper job kissing him.

“Come on Rae,” Izzy calls to her from the bar. “Come have a drink with me.”

As the night wears on they’re all feeling the buzz of the alcohol coursing through them. Rae is currently dancing on the dance floor with her best mates, her arms wrapped around both Izzy and Chloe as they sing at the top of their lungs to Journey. “I love you girls,” Rae shouts over the music, the two girls grinning up at her.

“Love you babes,” Chloe slurs, causing both Izzy and Rae to slip into a fit of giggles.

Izzy detaches herself from the other two. “I need the toilet. Get us another round?”                                

Rae nods, already making her way to the bar with Chloe in tow. Chloe rests her hand on Rae’s lower back as she orders their drinks. “Babe,” Chloe whispers. When Rae doesn’t turn she gets louder, “Rae!” Rae startles, turning her head to look at Chloe.

“Chlo, no need to shout.”

Chloe gets closer to Rae. “Rae, I need to tell you something.” Chloe’s eyes fall to the floor, her shoulders hunched forward. “I can’t - I can’t marry Ethan.”

Rae’s entire body rotates to face Chloe, concerned with what her friend has just said. “What do you mean, Chlo?”

Chloe shakes her head, refusing to meet her friend’s stare.

Izzy sidles up next to them, her hand on Chloe’s forearm. “Chloe, come dance with me.” Izzy pulls Chloe back to the dance floor, leaving their drinks at the bar. Rae is left wondering what her friend isn’t telling her.

The rest of the night goes by in a blur and before Rae knows it the limo has pulled up in front of her house. She manages to extricate herself from the limo, nearly stumbling up the stairs when she loses a shoe. The girls shout from the window of the limo as they pull away, telling her to “get in there and have at him.” She laughs, waving them off as she gets to the door.

She quietly makes her way up the stairs, pausing when she hears a creak of the floorboards from downstairs. When she’s satisfied that she hasn’t woken anyone up, she creeps down the hallway slowly and cautiously. There’s a faint light coming from her bedroom that she can barely see through the crack in the door. She nudges the door open with her hip, peeking into the room. He’s asleep on her bed, sprawled out across the middle in nothing but his pants.

“Finn,” she whispers, easing into the room. He doesn’t stir. She places her purse on her desk, money falling out onto the wooden surface, but she doesn’t notice. She’s focused on the way his chest rises and falls with each deep breath he takes, focused on the way his lips move while he sleeps. “Beautiful.”

She pushes the door closed and makes her way to the bed at the center of the room. She toes her shoes off when she gets to the corner of the bed, kicking them underneath. She stands at the side of the bed for a moment watching him sleep. A sharp intake of breath is all she needs to give her the last bit of courage.

Rae sits down on the bed beside him, her hand reaching out to touch him. She pauses with her hand above his cheek, watches his eyelashes flutter against his skin. “Finn,” she whispers again. Her hand trembles as she presses her fingers against his cheek, trails them down to his jaw.

His eyes open slowly, but he doesn’t startle when he sees her. Instead he opens his mouth to speak, “Rae.” The corners of his mouth curl upwards, his eyes focused on hers. She presses a finger to his lips, shaking her head slowly. There won’t be any talking.

She stands up from the bed and soon he’s moving to sit up to follow her, but she pushes him down with her hand on his chest until he’s pressed back into the mattress. She keeps her eyes on his as she reaches up to the back of her neck, unhooking the halter top of her dress. The fabric falls from around her neck and pools at the top of her chest. Her skin prickles with anxiety, it feels like tiny ants climbing just under the surface, but the alcohol has numbed her inhibitions just enough to continue.  

She moves shaking hands to her back where she toys with the zipper of her dress, pulling it down a fraction - just enough. Her gaze falls to his mouth, watching as he bites at his bottom lip. She yanks at the fabric of her dress, pulls it over her chest, her bra-clad breasts revealed. The groan that falls from Finn’s lips has her pressing her thighs together as she shimmies out of the remainder of the dress. The lamp at her bedside table casts an almost ethereal blue haze over her bare skin, but it does nothing to dim the desire she can see in Finn’s face - from the way his jaw is set to the way his eyes never leave her.

She steps out of the dress, shoving the dress out of her way with her foot. He’s sitting up in the bed now. He looks her over then, lets his eyes roam up her long bare legs, takes in the sight of her red lace knickers, caresses the curve of her hips and the softness of her stomach. He lingers on the swell of her breasts, getting up onto his knees on the bed. She sucks in a breath when he beckons her forward with a crook of his finger.

It’s only a step or two to the bed, but it feels like twenty. Her whole body feels like it’s buzzing and the only thing that will calm her is Finn’s touch. His mouth is on hers as soon as she reaches the bed, but the kiss isn’t safe or tender, it’s impassioned and ignites something inside of her. She meets his kisses without hesitation and he pulls her onto the bed with him, both of them pressed knee to mouth.

The two break apart only when necessary to breathe, their hands gliding over each other’s bodies as they kiss. The only sounds filling the room are their muted moans and the smack of their lips against one another’s.

His hand tugs at the strap of her bra around her neck trying to find the clasp. He grunts in frustration when it won’t come undone, as if he can’t wait to get a look at her tits. If she were any less turned on right now she’d be laughing at his frustration.

She pulls away from him for a moment (too long if you ask her) and reaches up to undo the hook at the top and then at her back. He’s eager to pull the material away, grabbing it and tossing it to the side of the bed as soon as it comes unclasped. She can’t help the laughter that spills out as she watches his eyes zone in on her chest.

Her laughter is swallowed by his mouth, his hands moving to grasp at her breasts. She whimpers against his lips as his thumbs circle her nipples, as he pinches them between his thumb and forefinger. His skin is soft beneath her fingers as she kneads his lower back, pulling at his body to come closer to hers, her own lower body pressing forward. She can feel him hard against her now and it has her moving her hand down his body to cup him through his boxers.

Finn’s mouth pulls away from hers, his lips traveling down her neck to her chest. His mouth is hot against her skin, and he has her moaning when he takes one nipple into his mouth, his free hand slipping down her stomach. He works his hand between her thighs, pressing against her through her panties, rubbing at her until her hips are pitching forward against his hand. She shifts his boxers down enough so that she can touch his bare skin just as he pushes her panties to the side to slip where she’s wet. They probably look like a couple of teenagers, fumbling over each other, touching any piece of bare skin available to them.

He pulls his mouth from her with an audible pop and somehow manages to maneuver their bodies to the center of the bed. It’s not long before Rae finds her back pressed to the mattress, both her and Finn divested of the last articles of their clothing. He’s panting above her, his breath warming her face as he pushes her legs apart and folds them up around his hips. He takes his place between her legs and spreads her open, rubbing against her until she’s bucking her hips up into his.

Rae’s heel digs into the back of his thigh and she pleads, “please, now please.” It ’s the last bit of encouragement that Finn needs. He presses both hands into the bed on either side of her waist and eases into her unhurriedly, watching as he disappears between her thighs. His movements are slow at first as he maps out Rae’s body with long sweeping strokes, explores her mouth with his tongue. “Finn,” she gasps against his mouth, her hips meeting his, pressing him for more. He’s quick to oblige, his pace increasing with every whimper that falls from her lips.

Her fingers press hard into Finn’s lower back, red marks of passion forming and fading on his sun-kissed skin. The feel of him above her and inside of her has her writhing against the mattress, her body reacting so strongly to his that she might lift right off the bed with her frenzied movements. It’s only the weight of his body over hers that keeps her grounded and secure.

He pulls his mouth from hers to look at her, a sexy little smirk fashioned to his face. “Don’t get a big head now,” she manages to stutter out between gasps for air. It’s like he takes her words as a challenge, hiking Rae’s leg up higher on his hip, stretching her calf above his waist. The new angle soon has the both of them moaning and grinding against each other wildly.

From his stuttered movements she imagines that he’s close, his face screwed up in concentration as she meets each of his thrusts with her own. Her hand moves to slip between them to make sure she gets there, but he’s not having it. “Uh uh uh,” he mumbles against her shoulder. He grabs onto her hand and holds it down by her waist, nipping at her collarbone as he shifts back to balance on his shins. Finn guides her hips up with his free hand, her lower half no longer touching the mattress as he drives into her; he’s fixated on being the one to make her come undone. “Rae.” It’s only her name, but the way his gravelly voice makes it sound as he nibbles just below her ear is enough to coax her over the edge, send her falling. She isn’t sure if it’s the sound of her or the feel of her, but either way, she brings him with her, both of them coming together.

He’s deliberately slow in pulling himself from her body, Rae’s body trembling with little aftershocks as they separate. They don’t move to wash up nor do they speak, both of them settling into a comfortable silence. He presses a kiss to her shoulder and she turns to curl into his side, both of them falling fast asleep.


She wakes up alone in her bed at her parent’s house, a thin sheen of sweat covering her entire body. She rolls onto her back, stretching her limbs out as she moves. Rae tries to ignore the dull ache coming from between her legs as she shifts to sit up in bed. She glances at the rumpled sheets of the bed, looks at the empty space next to her and wonders where Finn has gone. She can’t hear the shower running, but she can’t hear much over the drum that’s currently echoing in her brain. “ ’m never drinking again,” she moans, head clasped in her hands.

She takes a deep breath, rubbing her thumb and forefinger against her temples while she moves to get out of bed. It’s only then that she notices her complete lack of clothing, her tits hanging out over the top of the duvet now. “What the fuck?” she shouts in the empty room, clutching at the duvet, as if anyone can see her right now. She stands up from the bed, wrapping herself up to pace the length of her bedroom as she chants, “no no no,” over and over again.

She’s on her third round of chanting when Finn comes waltzing through her bedroom door, a smile on his face. His flannel shirt is misaligned and his shorts are slung low across his hips as he saunters into the room. His hands are full with a tray of tea and what looks like toast and jam and her gut clenches, the possibilities of what happened last night flooding her mind. “Brought you some toast with your tea. The sausage that your mum made looked a bit dodgy, so I – ” He stops speaking when Rae lifts serious and questioning eyes to him, and he must realize that it has nothing to do with his choice of breakfast.

“You OK, Rae?” he asks, setting the tray down at her desk. His eyes stay glued to the desk for a beat too long, forcing Rae forward to see what he’s looking so intently at. When she spots the money falling out of her purse she can almost immediately feel the rise of bile in her throat.

Her hand moves to grasp his forearm, her voice barely above a whisper,“ Finn, what happened last night?”

He doesn’t turn to face her, doesn’t look at her then, just grips the back of the chair that bit tighter. His shoulders fall forward as he answers, his voice free from inflection, “nothing, Rae.”

She can hear it in his voice that he’s lying, but she doesn’t push because she’d rather believe that nothing happened last night, that she didn’t have sex with this beautiful broken man while she herself was still in love with someone else.

He frees his arm from her grip, pushing her purse over with a prod of his finger. “What’s this for? For last night?” He sounds disappointed, maybe even hurt.


NOTE: the toast that Finn does - those words aren’t mine, they’re from the movie The Wedding Date, but I loved them so and had to add them in.

Making these darn things takes forever (3 days, I mean)… It wasn’t supposed to take this long, but I’ve kept forgetting things I planned so had to go back to remake ugh. I’d better take a break and make something else. Or maybe I should play Parenthood. I bought it right away when it came out but haven’t played it at all. Well, typical me.

Oh… I even haven’t uploaded my legacy play screenshots that I took 2 months ago. idk if it is the game itself which keeps getting me bored of this game, or it is just the legacy family. Hmm, maybe both? Hope Parenthood gets me motivated like TS3 Generation did to me.

~Mon-El Appreciation Week~
day 3
: favorite heartbreaking/angsty moments

1. 2x13 - Kara tells Mon-El she’ll be marrying Mxyzptlk

Originally posted by dailymonelgifs

“You’re right. You’re right, okay? I’m jealous. I wish I could snap my fingers and give you everything you wish for, and it kills me that he can do that stuff for you and I can’t. And I acted badly, okay? Very badly. But please, please do not marry him. I will be better for you.

Oh my poor space puppy. I almost didn’t include this to my favorite heartbreaking moments, as I already had two of them, but I remember watching this episode for the first time, and damn… My heart had broken so badly when I saw the tears in Mon-El’s eyes, and it was literally the first time I had such a strong reaction to a scene. I might’ve even had tears in my eyes as well, and for someone who rarely cries to TV shows or movies THAT says something. Especially when he says “I thought we were gonna do that.”… I wanted to throw my laptop to a wall or something, it was THAT heartbreaking. This maybe isn’t my top favorite heartbreaking Mon-El scene, but since it is the FIRST scene in any TV show or movie that utterly destroyed me, I feel like I should include this to the list. 

2. 2x16 - Kara breaks up with Mon-El

Originally posted by superkaramels

“I just wanted to, um, say a few things Before I lose you forever. ‘Cause I owe you a lot, but most of all, I owe you the truth. My name is Mon-El. I’m the former Prince of Daxam. And I was a spoiled, useless person, but I didn’t know. Until I met you. And I love being a hero because it means I get to spend every single day by your side. And I love the way that you’re honest to a fault. And the way that you fight for those you care for. And I love you. With everything that I have, I love you.”

I remember the first time I watched this scene. Occasionally I watch Supergirl in school as early as I possibly can, but for 2x16 I knew angsty stuff was coming so I opted to watch it at home, alone, where I could scream as much as I wanted. And boy I was right. The whole episode was like getting my heart ripped out of my chest, but this scene especially… I’m gonna admit, I was crying so hard by the time Mon-El got to the “I love you” part, so much so that even the happiness of him dropping the “L bomb” couldn’t help me. Just seeing him laying everything out there for Kara to see, being completely honest, completely himself, and then getting rejected by the woman he loves… I just wanted to wrap my poor puppy into several layers of blankets, hug him, and tell him it would be okay, especially when I saw him on the verge of crying… Ughhh, it just breaks me every single damn time. 

Also I have to mention, the parallel between this scene and the scene in 2x13, where Kara opens the door for Mon-El so that he can leave, and he walks away without objection despite the obvious heartbreak… I don’t know how it’s possible, but it still physically hurts me whenever I think about it. So yeah. Thanks Supergirl for making me cry a second time in the span of a few episodes.

3. 2x22 - Kara and Mon-El’s goodbye

Originally posted by fyeahkaramel

“There’s something I need to say. Wherever I go I’m gonna be better because of you. You’ll be in my heart. I promise I’m going to be the man that you thought I could be. I promise.”

As expected as this was for me, considering all the spoilers we got for the finale, this scene just caught me so off guard. It was 4 a.m. when I was watching this, and I was in a hotel room with my friends trying not to wake them up, but DAMN it was so hard to stay silent when all I wanted was to scream and cry and punch something and throw my computer to the wall at the same time. This was literally one of the saddest goodbyes I’ve watched in my life. The raw emotions in Kara and Mon-El’s eyes, the shakiness in their voice, how they desperately try to hold onto each other, the “I love you”s, Kara giving Mon-El her necklace… It was just…ugh. Heartbreakingly perfect. Painfully good. I don’t know how else to explain it. But I know that my heart definitely won’t be healed from this, and I’ll be left scarred forever, even though they’ll be reunited next season. 

Also, I just want to say, kudos to Chris Wood and Melissa Benoist, seriously. The first and foremost reason Karamel affects me this much is that their acting is just so on point in every scene that I feel their emotions as if I’m experiencing them. They’re just incredible, making me feel so grateful to be a part of this fandom. 

In like an hour… 

You guys are amazing. I hit 2 milestones in the last two days. 1k followers, and 10k notes. So thank you, thank you, thank you. (Also, sorry this isn’t a naked dude… I mean, I’m disappointed too.)

But… this is what I want for my birthday…

Send me requests. As Asks if you can. (Cuz it’s just easier to keep track of them like that.) Art requests, fic requests. Whatever. I seriously adore requests. I’ll take forever to do them… but you know… It’s my birthday so you have to forgive me. :) 

BFFAEs and their Timing

Four days ago we have a delightful throwback from Riley.

ICYMI, BFFAEs means Best Friends Forever and Ever.

Then 2 days later, Riley posted a selfie with A TWENTY-FOUR T shirt saying she represents A24 (tagging the film distributor) which they also acknowledged on their social media. I know her movies American Honey and It Comes At Night were also distributed by A24 but that day *27 June* is also the new Good Time trailer drop for Rob.

Then we have Rob’s photos in a dog park dropped by paparazzi. (look elsewhere if you want to see them, I don’t post pap pics)

Few hours later Kristen’s other BFFAE posted a pic with a similar looking dog, Ennis.

I am NOT saying they are the same dog, I am just pointing out how their timing is so on point. BTW Ennis the dog is owned by Alex Prager and Simon Dargan.

And someone please enlighten me what is with the nondescriptive white t shirts that RK have been wearing out this early summer caught by the paps?? Some one decipher the message…chaos? Madness of the paparazzi? Yes those hound dogs photographed outside the mexican restaurant were unbelievable in their numbers! Sports theme, hockey, LA youth run? I guess it is to stay healthy, do sports and FU to the chaos and madness of the paparazzi. (like hit them with a hockey stick and outrun them?…I know I am projecting hard here, LOL)

*This left pic is not pap pix, this is her backstage photo at Moschino show. but she has been spotted in this a few times post Cannes.*

And OMG haters, Kristen and Rob are supposedly in the same city, start your prayer chains!

gigi-tastic  asked:

It's past our birthdays but I wanted to know if the birthday unending accepts the dead? If so might my mother, grandmother, and I join? They were both taken long before their time. i carry on burning bright for them to see me from the next world. My grandmother was born at home,the doctor did not come until the next day. He put that day as her birth so she gets 2 birthdays. My birthday is the day before her first, my mothers 3 days after. We are entwined forever and I cannot come alone.





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Goodbye Part 2 - Harry Styles Imagine (Part 1 is below on my page, just scroll down)

🎵Cause once you go without it, nothing else will do… 🎵

“Aaaand that was Meet Me in the Hallway by Harry Styles. Speaking of Harry Styles, coming up next we’ll be speaking to him about his new movie coming out in 2 days so be sure to tune in!”

“Do you want me to change the station Y/N?” Your best friend Dua asked. You shook your head. “It’s fine.” “You sure babes?” Dua asked again. “I just mean they might ask him about the breakup. It hasn’t stopped other interviewers. Not that you would really know because you seem to try and avoid him everywhere you go.” She looked at me for a split second before focusing her attention back onto the road. “I clearly haven’t done a good job. It’s no easy task so I guess I should just give up because he’s absolutely everywhere.” You shrugged and continued to look out the window, zoning out.

A few minutes had passed until the time for Harry’s interview came.

“Thankyou everyone for you patience, the time has now come. We now have Harry Styles on the air, uh Good morning Harry.”

“Good morning.”

“How are you on this fine morning?”

“I’m really great. Thanks for asking.”

“So first things first, your new movie is coming out in 2 days. How exciting is it that the day is nearly here?”

“Very exciting. Feel like I’ve been waiting forever. I mean it was such a great movie to film. Everyone who worked on the set behind and on camera are such lovely people and were so great to work with. I can’t thank the amazing Christopher Nolan enough for this opportunity. Obviously I worked on Dunkirk with him, so it was a pleasure to work with him again once more.”

“Awesome! Must’ve been such an honour.”

“Yeah it was, for sure.”

“On a different topic, there’s been rumours that you’ve been working on a new album, is this true?”

“Uh yeah it’s sort of true. It’s a slow sort of process at the moment as I was busy filming and then promoting this movie. But I’ll be looking forward to getting back into the studio when all this is over, so that’ll be good.”

“Sorry to bring this up and it’s totally okay if you don’t want to talk about it because I know you are quite private with that aspect of your life. But I know you and Y/N broke up a couple of months ago, I just wanted to ask you if you were alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine. It’s okay, obviously you aren’t the first person to question me about it and I’m sure she gets questioned about it too. We’ve both been so busy so it was a necessity but I honestly wish her nothing but the best.”

You sighed. “Okay you can turn it off now.” Dua reached over and changed it to a different station. “He’s making it sound like we’ll never get back together.” Tears were now starting well up in your eyes. “Oh no honey that’s just what people say you know. Don’t give up because you think he’s giving up. Fight for it until you just can’t fight anymore.”

“You should be my therapist, that was really inspiring.” We both laughed. “On a serious note….” Dua started. “Uh oh, what is it?” You asked, worried what she was gonna say next.

“Harry asked me to ask you if you wanted to go to the movie premiere on Friday? It doesn’t have to be like a date thing but just like show up I guess.” Dua continued.

“Wow uh, yeah I mean I guess I could, you know to support him and all that. I don’t get why he couldn’t just ask me that himself though.”

—2 days later—

You were so incredibly nervous to go to this premiere. To see him in person. You kept on fixing your fuchsia coloured dress in the back of the limo, fixing your hair and fixing your nails. Anything to help with the nerves. But nothing could have prepared you though when you the limousine came to a halt in front of the red carpet. “Shit shit shit shit shit.” You kept whispering to yourself as the limo driver got out and made his way around to your side. “Breathe Y/N, you can do this. You. Can. Do. This.” The limo driver opened the door and you exited the vehicle. Screams filled your ears and there were people shouting your name. You thanked the limo driver and walked down the red carpet. You waved and smiled to people, signed autographs and took some selfies. People kept asking about Harry but you chose to ignore them politely.

“Are you and Harry back together?”

“Does Harry know you’re here?”

Was all the paparazzi were shouting when it was your turn to get some photos taken. You just continued to smile and let them take photos of you. It was hurting, having to smile despite the ache in your heart.

—After the movie—

Everyone was standing up and clapping, applauding the actors who were situated in front of the screen. Even after everything, you are so proud of this man. He’s accomplished so much and has managed to stay so humble despite all of his success.

You took your time exiting, keeping your eye on Harry. He met your gaze and smile and waved. You waited a minute until more people had exited and made your way over to him. “Hey. You look beautiful.” He said pulling you into a hug. “You look pretty handsome yourself.” Looking him up and down. He really did though. He was wearing a white and red checkered suit and his hair was slightly messy from running his hand through it so many times but it still looked sexy. He smirked. “I know that look.” You blushed and looked down. He put his right hand underneath your chin and brought you head up to look at him.

He leaned in.

And so did you.

Closer and closer…

“Hey Harry come on let’s g-” you were interrupted by an irish accent. You both coughed and pulled away and turned towards where the voice had come from. “Hey Niall.” You waved. He laughed and shook his head. “Hey Y/N. Sorry I didn’t mean to uh ruin the moment there. Are you guys both going to come to the afterparty?”

“There’s an afterparty? Alright okay sure, um, Y/N?” Harry looked at you, waiting for your answer.

“No I’m probably just going to head off home. It was lovely to see the both of you though.” You hugged Harry and walked up to Niall and hugged him also. You walked out and made your way out to the limousine.

Pulling up to your house you realised that maybe you should have gone but it’s too late now. You waved the driver off and made your way inside. You decided to kick off your heels and walk towards the kitchen. You grab yourself the orange juice from the fridge and pour yourself a glass. Seeing Harry wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be but you guys nearly kissed. “Where would that have left us?” You thought. Maybe Niall interrupting you happened for a reason. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time yet.

You finished the glass of orange juice and rinsed it out and left it in the sink. Just as you were about to walk upstairs to your bedroom you heard someone knocking at your door. You sighed and turned around. The person knocking was insistent in getting your attention and didn’t stop. You groaned and unlocked the front door. Your breath hitched and all was silent in that moment.

“Harry?” You opened the door and he walked in, he didn’t say anything until you locked the door and turned around to face him. “Weren’t you supposed to be at the afterparty?”

“I was but then I decided in what the hell I was doing letting you come home by yourself looking like you do.” After saying that he grabbed you and kissed you in one quick movement. It turned into a heated make out session in no time.

“Jump.” Harry said, slightly out of breath.

You did and wrapped your legs around his waist, his hands underneath your bum pulling you closer to him. “Let’s go upstairs baby.”