by far the gayest

I still think bodyguard of lies (2x14) is the gayest episode so far, in like the combined amount of gay, and it’s not just the kiss (and Lexa’s brain stopping for like a minute after that), because those marry me looks from Lexa to Clarke and those fuck me looks from Clarke to Lexa basically sum up the whole episode

Ok but can we talk about how on the London concert Yijeong said his ideal type is leader and then proceeded to hug the hell out of very unamused Kyungil who only graciously hugged him back after the fans collective “EEEEEEEEEEEHHHH”

ps after Jaeho’s eloquent inquires of “you gay??? you gay???” Kyungil responded he likes girls, but then said his type is someone who likes him

  • spring lesbian things: sharing an umbrella with your girlfriend, waiting for the rain to stop, giving her a small flower you found on the ground. she loves it and keeps it in her hair
  • summer lesbian things: bonfires that start when the sun sets, cuddling with your girlfriend when the fire can't keep you warm, keeping your hair up because it's too hot and she can't take her eyes off of your neck
  • fall lesbian things: hikes through the woods, sharing your plaid with your girlfriend, surprising her at work with her favourite coffee order
  • winter lesbian things: dragging her out to see the first snowfall, taking pictures of the snow-covered trees, sitting by the fireplace, never ending supply of red lipstick

taako headcanons i totally accept: big nose, tooth gap, whatever tf body type, whatever tf hair color

taako headcanons i absolutely refuse to accept under any circumstances: that he is Straight™