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Hi I was looking for a fic it was a smut fic if I remember correctly Tony was trying to fix Steve's suit because his suit didn't fit him well because of his dick. Also can we have a fic rec list with uniform kink?

Uniform kink!  One of my favorites.  


Honey, I can see the stars by twentysomething:  “The most he’d ever cared about anything remotely related was his uniform, which, beyond the stylistic, was pretty necessary. But now his suit comes from a lab far more advanced than the basement of a Brooklyn antique shop, and the only decision he really gets to make is if his pants are too tight. (They were, but he doesn’t really think they changed them. He doesn’t know why, but he thinks that might have been on purpose.) That being said, he doesn’t know what he’s done to deserve the double take Tony gives him as he walks in the room.”

Blue Movie by BewareTheIdes15:  Alright, look, confession - Tony has been masturbating to Captain America since he was thirteen.

Dressed to Impress by radiophile:  Tony Stark is not at all prepared for the sight of Steve Rogers in vintage military dress.

Fall Into Step by sharkie335:   Steve surprises Tony with one of his fantasies.

5 Times Steve in Uniform Blows Tony’s Mind by @musicalluna:   The title says it all really. Steve wears his uniform and Tony gets flustered.

Officer America by Renai_Chan: Saving the world is much rarer than it used to be back in WW2. Bored during Avenger downtime, Steve decides to put himself to better use keeping the streets of New York clean as the newest member of the NYPD.Tony, meanwhile, is all about his uniform.

What Tony Found in Steve’s Bedroom by @captainneverever:   Tony is surprised by what Steve got up to while he was away on business.

Nothing to Be Shy About by kiyala:  In which Steve is just trying to get dressed, and Tony is being Tony.

After Hours by @laireshi:  Director Stark is still in his office when Commander Rogers returns from a mission.

Love a Man in Uniform by queerlyobscure (softestpunk): The first time Tony sees Steve in his old army uniform, he has a little trouble keeping his mind on what he’s supposed to be doing, and no trouble at all imagining what he’d like to do to him in it.Basically, Tony has fantasies about Steve in uniform.

Leather Gloves by KatySummers:  Tony really likes Steve’s uniform.

As We Dream By the Fire by @laudatenium:  It’s Christmas in Malibu, Crew 91 has taken over, and people are assholes.But Steve loves Tony, and is wearing his dress uniform.Things aren’t so bad.

In the Workshop by @captainneverever:  After ripping his uniform, Steve goes to Tony in hopes of fixing it. Or not as it turns out.

Elevator Going Down by @cptxrogers:  An alternative version of that elevator scene from Iron Man and Captain America: Heroes United.

Drawn, Quartered and Loved by Sparcina:  Tony couldn’t quite say how he’s ended up with Steve fucking him in complete Captain America regalia, but he’s sure as hell not going to complain.

Put on the Suit by thelegendarymistermiguel: Steve, unsurprisingly, has a lot of reserve.Then he sees Tony wearing the Captain America suit.

Commander Rogers by thelegendarymistermiguel: Steve’s convinced that, to a certain length, Tony had some sort of input in the creation of his old Captain America suit, and now, the one Fury had given him, as well.(Alternatively: Tony just really likes how Steve looks in his new suit)

Tony Stark: Seamstress Extraordinaire by Heartithateyou: Tony’s working on a new uniform for Steve and needs to take his measurements.Steve really wishes his hands didn’t need to get quite so close to certain parts of him.

That’s an “America! Fuck Yeah” Moment Right There by LadyLeafling:  Apparently, patriotism gets Tony hot and bothered. Steve approves.

I’m Hot Sticky Sweet From My Head to My Feet by @blossomsinthemist:  There’s a costume party for the Avengers, and Steve and Tony are dared to wear the Ironette Outfit and the old USO girl outfit, respectively. They’re both rather taken by the sight of their boyfriend in “their” themed outfit. So afterwards, they take it upstairs and enjoy each other. Established relationship crossdressing and outfit kink.

Love a Man in Uniform by orphan_account:  Nothing but an authentic Captain America uniform will do for Tony’s Halloween costume, and luckily for Tony, he knows exactly where he can find one. Steve’s reaction to finding out that his uniform has been appropriated is a little different than Tony expects, though.

Context Is Everything by Nix (CrimsonQuills):  Uniform!porn. *doublechecks for plot* Nope, that’s it, just the uniform!porn. *g*

Keep Your Gloves On by tsukinofaerii:  “Why do you keep making passes at me?” Steve tries to help Tony out and gets a bit more than he bargained for. Tony just likes the uniform.

Suitable for Your Eyes Only by LadyDeBrief:  Sometimes Tony has to rescue Steve, who can’t help but attract trouble. It’s understandable when he makes his Army uniform look that damn good, but not acceptable. Everyone else gets to look, but only Tony gets to touch.Oh, how he loves to touch.

Chain of Command by @cptxrogers:   A quick and dirty fill for the illbetherefest prompt: MCU, uniform sex. Steve keeps his uniform on and fucks Tony against his shield.  (stealth suit!!!!!!!  Sorry, I just felt that needed to be said)

Exact Measurements Required by trilliath: The entire room is openly gawking at him - well, Tony’s grinning like a maniac and Natasha’s face is emptiness personified. Fury just looks assessing. And he knows, he knows the response is disproportionate and he sucks down his temper as best he can, but he’s feeling absolutely at his ends. There’s more that needs to be dealt with in this conversation but he half expects his skin to start turning ‘Banner green’ at this rate, so he turns on his heel and locates the door, brandishing his teeth in a snarl of irritation to try and keep worse words from spilling forth - an effort that’s destined to fail as his uniform shifts again at the change in orientation sending stabbing pain through him.“And who the fuck thought it would be a good idea to alter my uniform without telling me?” Steve demands of no-one in particular as he slams out of the conference room and down the Helicarrier’s hallway without waiting for an answer….
Or, that time S.H.I.E.L.D. quartermasters accidentally put Steve’s balls in a vise and it goes exactly as well as you’d expect it to. Tony promptly offers to help. Because he’s helpful like that. Obviously.  (This might be the one you were looking for)

Marching to an Old, Familiar Tune by Kabal42:   A themed costume party and two men in uniforms, a dark back garden and a score to settle.

I do love a man in uniform by YatoJaeger:  Tony has a thing for Steve in his uniform. Tony isn’t above begging for sex.

A Little Less Conversation by ProfessorFluffy:  Tony has a fetish for Steve’s WWII dress uniform.

And, finally, my own fic with nods to how much Tony loves the uniform and Steve in his military dress uniform:

Poster Child by sabrecmc:  Tony likes the new poster of Captain America. A LOT.

Guess who’s back... Back again...

Surprise, it’s me. After a year long hiatus I am back, and filled with stories I’ve been dying to write, many of them are Jai Courtney based, but also plenty that aren’t. I will be continuing some of my old series, and starting lot’s of brand new ones. 

From now on I will be posting a story at least every Saturday (NB: Friday outside of Australia.) If I’m inclined, or inspired, I’ll post more than that.  

Now, It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and I’m sure many of you have forgotten who I am, so to get us back into the swing of things I’ve included a masterlist of my favourite fics so far, note that they are all at least a year old, so be nice, I’m hoping my writings improved as I’ve gone. 


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So recently in regards to myself and my body I’ve felt more at home than I ever have. Feeling like this is somewhat a milestone for me, it felt time for another timeline.

1-2: are obviously pre transition however not pre questioning. I was already determined to stick it out for the long hair I always wanted.

3: days after opening dialogue with my girlfriend (after going in circles in my head for over a year) her and our friend gave me my first makeover. After that night and the next morning I knew for sure. I had work the next morning so when I woke up I went about the process of undoing and hiding everything from the night before and headed into work. This was the first time I could distinguish the feelings of dysphoria and dissociation. I felt my personality who I wanted to be folded into a box. I felt as every action every word while it was my own.. it wasn’t. Every action I performed was just that a performance of staying within the guard rails of “male”. This was a turning point for me, after feeling it so dramatically I suddenly knew what those feelings I cared around with me for so long were. Before I hadn’t known, it had been around so long I just thought that’s how it was. After this there was no going back.. I never wanted to go back.

4-6: After the flood gates opened the damn burst. Before I knew it I was coming out to my parents and friends, starting therapy and pursing hrt. While this was a very emotional and anxious process with MANY ups and downs. It also felt like waking up and wanting to live for the first time in so long.

7: this is the first picture in the time line post hrt and my first time feeling confident enough to wear a bathing suit.

8: My most up to date photo and also one of my my personal favorites (aside from missing girlfriend who won’t be back till December 23 😭).

It’s a long, emotional, and honestly difficult road. Especially in today’s political climate. However nothing has ever been so worth it in my life. I was only able to make it this far because of support from my friends and family. It was so hard for me doing all this even with all the support I had. I can’t imagine trying to go at it alone or being unable to transition. For this reason I just want to say I’m here for anyone who needs someone to talk to. I won’t have perfect advice or even good advice but I can be someone safe to talk. I love you all and I hope the universe treats you well today ☺️.

Also just a super special thanks to
@spritzeed ❤️💕
I love you


Unfortunately I don’t think my town of Iscariot will ever have a dream address (there’s something causing the file to be unreadable & i can’t be bothered to find the problem or annoy others w trying to fix it). I had just finished it and was logging on for the day to upload it in the dream suite and was never able to even open the town. I’m really upset about this, especially since I also lost all of my designs that I made in this town  ಥ_ಥ

It’s probably by far one of my favorite towns of mine, it was cute and mysterious and I spent a lot of time on it and was so excited to give it to you guys. So here’s some of my favorite spots in the town. I hope you guys liked what you’ve seen so far ♡

Presenting what will be the last (for now) of these not-quite-pinup-ish sketches that I started doing with Snow White…probably doesn’t help that none of the ladies I chose to draw -except- for Snow White were particularly well suited for pinups as we know them lol.

Anyway, who’d I choose for last? GoGo Tomago of Big Hero 6. Badass Biker Girl Incarnate…or at least the closest Disney could ever hope to get to one and stay within their family-friendly boundaries.

Second to Merida, she’s by far my favorite new addition to the Disney Canon as of late, especially during this Neo-Renaissance period (which if you ask me, was foreshadowed by Bolt but only really started with The Princess and The Frog). Though the character archetype she represents isn’t anything new, something about how they executed it with her just really made her stick with me.

Naturally i’m really hoping i did her some kind of justice; wanted to nail her sharp attitude which is her most standout trait. That, and hips/thighs…though i couldn’t quite emphasize the latter all that much with where I cut the sketch off. Hopefully it all worked.