by far my favourite interview of them

anonymous asked:

what are some of your fave tli interviews?

*suddenly forgetting all the interviews I’ve seen so far*

Well, I obviously haven’t seen all of them since I only recently got into TLI (so many years wasted…), so I still have A TON of interviews to watch!

Ok, so a few of my favourite Lonely Island interviews (in no particular order):

So yeah… These are a few of my favourite TLI interviews (just click the bolded part to watch the videos if you want to). I just spent, like, an hour watching different videos and if that’s not a perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon, I don’t know what is!

Thank you for the question, Anon!!

EDIT: Feel free to add your own favourite TLI interviews/ videos in general, so this can become, like, a masterpost of amazing videos!! (all of their videos, face it…)

athenastudying  asked:

hey, i highly recommend the classic agatha christie books (if you haven't read them yet)! for starters i'd go with the murder of roger ackroyd, murder on the orient express, murder at the vicarage (the last two are by far my favourites!) :)

+ some anons~

For the book recs illuminae is amazing! It’s in a really unusual format which makes it even better!

(my study blog is latinlangblr) red dragon is my absolute favorite book i’ve read! i lov it. also silence of the lambs, interview with the vampire, misery, and the shining

thank you guys!! i’ll check all of these out x