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What are you favorite pec-pictures out of the ones you've compiled so far?

this one is for sure my favorite drawn picture, i like to imagine it as a straight guy getting tackled by his friends for a prank or something, and them fondling his massive pecs without realizing how sensitive his nipples are and turning him on!

this gif by @pectease will never fail to give me a boner lol. the way you can see his nipples being flicked up and down drives me crazy!

these jodymuscle pictures are hot as hell

i love how big and shiny his nipple is, and the way his chin is covered by his humongous chest!  his nipple looks bigger than his ear at this angle, its so hot

and then of course my icon is my all time favorite pec picture! the cleavage, the short chest hair, the huge hard nipple and big areola, the massive arm, the beard, the angle, just everything about this picture is so fucking sexy! i’ve fantasized so much about rubbing my dick all over that nipple, and then stuffing it inbetween the cleavage lol. i’ve never been able to find a source for this, it sucks :(

The daughter's burden

Batfam X reader
Description: reader is Bruce’s actual daughter and doesn’t know about the “night jobs” that the family has. Requested.
A/n: this can end 2 ways. Really bad or really good. We’ll see. Sorry it’s long

Y/n L/n, the true daughter of Bruce Wayne. The media was having a field day when they realized that he actually had another kid. Your mom had recently died of cancer and you had never known your father. You had found a letter from her explaining your parentage and when you showed it to the woman in charge of your foster home, she had insisted on a DNA test. The results were positive.

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Happier, Aren’t You?

Tom Holland
Song: Happier by Ed Sheeran (This song fucked me up by the way)

Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three 

Saw you walk inside a bar
He said something to make you laugh
I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
Yeah, you look happier, you do

Oh, ain’t nobody hurt you like I hurt you
But ain’t nobody need you like I do
I know that there’s others that deserve you
But my darling, I am still in love with you

Tom could feel his chest tighten at the sight of [Y/N] and her new boyfriend walk into the same bar he was about to head into. It was difficult to be this close to her. Tugging at his tie to loosen it, he flickered a look towards Harrison who was cautiously waiting for his reaction.

“You good?” Harrison asked. 

Nodding and shrugging his shoulders, Tom cleared his throat. “Yeah, yeah. I’m good, I’m good.” Clearing his throat again, he motioned towards the bar, “Let’s go.” 

Harrison pursed his lips, “You sure? There’s another pub down the street we can hit.” Harrison had been against Tom’s decision on breaking up with [Y/N]. He knew Tom like the back of his hand, there was no way that Tom was ever really, truly going to move on. 

“I said I’m good, let’s go. All our friends are going to this one.” Tom replied with a colder tone than he had meant to. 

“Alright, mate. Let’s go then.” 

Tom’s heart was racing, they hadn’t spoken since the day after he had broken up with her. He had checked up on her, knowing in his head that it was too soon to be texting her but he couldn’t resist in hearing her voice one more time. She had sounded absolutely broken and he knew she had been crying all night. The call lasted only thirteen seconds but it was thirteen seconds of confirmation that he had made the biggest mistake. 

He hadn’t fallen out of love with her like most people did in his kind of situation. Tom just couldn’t find time to make her his number one priority like he wanted to. And to him that wasn’t fair to her. He wanted to treat her like a Queen, like his world revolved around her because at one point, it completely had. With his newfound fame, she became second to a lot of things and even though it seemed like she didn’t mind, it bothered him. 

As soon as he walked into the bar with Harrison, all of their friends cheered and hollered. He laughed along with them, telling himself to not search for her. But, it was like a magnetic pull, his eyes found hers instantly. She was the first one to pull her gaze away and he was thankful for that because he wouldn’t have been able to if she hadn’t. 

“Come on, Tom. They saved us a table over by the bar.” Harrison shouted over the music and chatter. 

Nodding, Tom finally tore his eyes from her and followed his friends. He desperately tried to ignore the fact that [Y/N] was just a few feet from him. Laughing with friends, he had to remind himself to fake the smile that his friends wanted to see. Eventually, it became a little bit easier with each passing hour and with each passing beer. Soon, the idea of [Y/N] being there was fading until he received a notification on his phone. Glancing down, his heart sank a little.

@yourusername just posted a picture for the first time in awhile, check it out.

Knowing that he shouldn’t engage in looking at her Instagram, Tom ignored his better judgement and swiped to look.

@yourusername happy ✌️

Tom chewed on his lip, bringing the bottle to his mouth. He took a swig before double tapping the picture and clicking his phone off. Continuing to fade in and out of his friends conversation, he couldn’t help but think of how different he would feel if she was sitting next to him. Or if it was his hands holding onto hers. 

“I’ll be right back.” Tom said as he leaned towards Harrison’s ear.

“Want me to come?” 

Shaking his head, Tom sighed. “Nah, man. I’m just going to get some air.” 

Harrison nodded, “Alright…” He could read between his words but respected his decision to go alone. 

Pressing a smile, Tom patted his shoulder and headed towards the exit. Running a hand through his hair, he broke apart the neatly gelled style. Looking up, he searched to find some stars. One of his favorite pastimes with her. Stargazing. But the city was far too lit for him to find any. Sighing, he started to walk a little, wanting to just go to bed and forget of having seeing her with him. 

“Did you intentionally like my picture or was it something petty?” 

 Tom jumped at the sound of her voice, swiveling to face her. His mouth sat open, shocked to see her standing in front of him. She looked ten times more beautiful up close, it hurt. “[Y/N]! Uh, um, I.” 

Stepping closer, her voice was firm with her eyes glossed over. “I can’t do this, Tom. Please just don’t remind me of you.” 

“[Y/N],” Tom bit his lip, “I, uh, I, um. I just want you to know that I’m glad you found someone.” Looking down at the sidewalk, he mumbled out. “I’m happy that you’re happy.” 

“I am happy, Tom.” She responded, her voice quivering slightly. “But the thing was, was that I was happy with you too.” 

Tom closed his eyes, sighing. “Love,” 

Shaking her head, she gritted her teeth, “Don’t call me that.” 

Opening his eyes, he looked up at the sky. His teeth still scraping over his lips. “I made a mistake,” he said defeated. 

[Y/N] scoffed with tears in her eyes, nodding. “Yeah, yeah you did.” 

Finally meeting her gaze, “You look happier with him then you did with me. So it wasn’t really a mistake for you to love me.” 

Her brows knitted together, her hand reaching for her torso, “A mistake for me? Are you mad?” [Y/N] twirled in her steps, her hand running through her curls. “You only think I’m happier with him because you aren’t happy. I was incredibly happy with you Tom.” Shaking her head, she frowned. “You broke up with me because you wanted me to be treated the way you thought I deserved. Little did you know the way you treated me was everything I wanted.” 

“So you aren’t happier?” Tom asked quietly.

[Y/N]’s mouth opened and then closed. Sighing, she looked away from him, chewing on the inside of her cheek. “I am happy with him. But I’m not sure I love him yet and that was the difference between our relationship and this one. I loved you with everything in me so of course I was happier then.” 

Tom kicked a pebble, shoving his hands in pants, he murmured. “I was happier with you then I am without you.” Looking up, “If he ever decides to be stupid like me and lets you go. I’ll be here, [Y/N].” 

 “How can you still love me after I’ve moved on?” 

“I’ll never hold it against you for finding someone, love. Because there are so many others that deserve you but I’m still in love with you and always will be.” Pressing his lips, he flinched as he felt rain drops hitting his face. “Would you tell Haz that I’ve gone back to the hotel?” 

Part One ||| Part Two ||| Part Three

Just a little something I thought up for being a cute nickname for Tyler! I think it’s pretty darn adorable, so adorable that I had to draw something like this to go along with it.

In a Tythan sense, I can just picture Ethan being like “Oh you’re by Beanie Baby~” towards Tyler and just give him all kinds of other cute nicknames ones beside from this one, this one being by far my favorite <3

But, I love it! All of you are free to use the nickname if you want <3 cause I think the names really freaking cute♡

Baby Dun- Josh Dun

December 2016

You and Josh were married for 3 months at the time and he’s always wanted kids.  When you found out all you could think of was how great of a father Josh was gonna be. This was the perfect timing since they would be off tour before the baby came.

You had to think of the prefect way of telling Josh, so you went to your best friend Jenna for some help.

Jenna thought of the idea of giving him drumsticks that said the due date on it. You love that idea, it was perfect. You stole the last pair he had in the house and wrote

‘coming soon….September 2017’.

You were still early on so you didn’t know the exact date but knew the month.

You hid the sticks so when Josh was looking for some he would come to you and you would give them to him hinting to look closely.

“Hey babe, do you know if my shipment of new sticks came in. I must have broken my last pair and I can’t seem to find any others.” Josh said from his practice room.

“Umm yeah, I actually think there might be a pair out here.” you said quickly grabbing the hidden pair and  bringing them to Josh.

“Found them.” you said handing them over starting to get really excited.

“Thanks babe.”

“They look kind of different, are they a new style?” you said trying to get him to look at the news you put on them.

He studied them over for a second before finding the writing.

“Oh my god, Y/N really? Are you pregnant?” his eyes were starting to fill with tears and his mouth was fallen open.

“Yeah. you knocked me up and you’re gonna be a dad.” you chuckled and he stood and pulled you into a hug. A few tears left your eyes at how emotional and excited Josh was for this baby and how your family was growing with the man you loved and trusted.

March 2017

You were now four months pregnant and on tour with the boys. You had found out you were having a baby girl and you couldn’t wait to tell Josh.

This time you had Tyler in on the secret and he had the idea of changing the colors in the canons that shoot out confetti during trees to pink. So that’s what you planned, you wanted the fans to be involved because they were so supportive of Josh, Tyler, your relationship, and everything in general. The clique was like one big family.

Josh didn’t know you knew the gender of the baby and he didn’t think you were going to find out until it was born. He wanted to find out before the birth, but stood by whatever your decision was.

When Tyler made his way over to start the speech before Trees he said the stuff he always said but then said “hey Josh you might want to pay attention to the confetti tonight.” he left it at a that and started singing. Everyone was confused except for you, Jenna, and Tyler.  

You went out on stage and stood there once Josh and Tyler got on the platforms in the crowd. A fan must of pointed you out to Josh because he looked towards you with a quizzical look which you just smiled at.  

When they began drumming and the confetti flew out you could see Josh’s face light up at the baby pink covered to pit opposed to the usual pink. The fans were aweing and clapping catching on to the plan.

The song ended and they made their way back to stage to bow. Tyler pulled the microphone to his lips again to explain to the confused and Josh pulled you into a hug kissing the top of your head.

“For those who don’t understand what’s happening, this lovely man knocked up this wonderful woman and now they’re going to be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into the world in September. Anyways congrats guys hopefully you’ll still name it Tyler.” he joked then turned his attention back the the fans. “Thank you, good night, stay alive guys.” with that you all left the stage.  

“Were you surprised?” you asked Josh as you walked to his dressing room.

“Surprised is an understatement. We’re going to have a little girl soon Y/N. I’m so excited. She’s going to be beautiful just like my beautiful wife.” Josh said pulling you into a kiss.

“Hey Y/N look at this video of Josh’s face when he saw the pink confetti.” Jenna barged in the dressing room handing you the phone. It was video on Instagram uploaded by a fan that was basically right under Josh in the pit.

“Are those tears I see Josh?” you teased as you both watch the video, handing Jenna her phone before she left.

“Maybe. Hey, look on twitter we there is a trending tag. #babygirldun.” he pointed out.

“She’s already so loved by everyone and she’s not even out of the womb yet.” he smiled at you statement.

“I love both my girls so much.”

September 2017

Today was the day that your heart grew even bigger. You didn’t think you could love anything more than you loved Josh, but your daughter found a way to make you love her just as much the second she was born. After many hours of pain and tears you and Josh were officially parents.

He tweeted out a picture of you two a few hours after she was born with a caption that read,

Y/T/N and I became parents today at 4:24am. The hardest thing was to see Y/N in such pain, but only to see her face when our daughter was born. Nothing can start to describe the amount of joy I have right now. Welcome #babygirldun.

Tyler had posted a picture of him and Jenna visiting you daughter on Instagram saying, Congrats to these amazing family and their new baby girl. I’m so excited to be her favorite uncle.

You had decided that you wanted to hold off on sharing the name of your daughter for a day just because you had shared everything so far with the public right away.

The next day Josh told you that you should share the name so you did in a tweet. Welcome to the world my sweet baby girl. You are the best little gift ever. Yesterday at 4:25am you came into the world and changed our world. We love you Ayla Grace Dun.

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what do you think of kyle o'reilly?

Anon, I love you. I love you and please forgive me for the literal essay I’m about to write about Kyle. 

So, for those who don’t know, which is shameful, Kyle O’Reilly is a wrestler, formally signed to Ring of Honor. He is a former PWG World Champ, former ROH World Champion, winner of the Battle of Los Angeles in 2013, 2x IWJP JR Heavyweight Tag Team Champion (with Bobby Fish), and 3x ROH World Tag Team Champ (again, with Bobby Fish). He is currently working the independents. 


Honestly, Kyle, to me, is severely under rated. His mat wrestling skills are almost impossible to beat. I never use to really love submission based wrestling, and then I watched Kyle wrestle. It was like I was seeing wrestling in a totally different light. The mixture of kicks and punches are just perfect. All the commentators always talk about the fact that if he can’t get his hands on the arm, he’ll go after the leg. He is so versatile and believable as a genuine bad ass. Here are some of my favorite gifs of him kicking ass:

Originally posted by frentique

Originally posted by kud-lucas

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He also takes CRAZY bumps and a lot of punishment:

Originally posted by tapemachinesarerolling

Originally posted by zombiedisco5150

Originally posted by frentique

Yes, even I’ll admit, his mic skills are a little lacking, but he’s talented enough in the ring to make up for that. If I’m going to be 100% honest, the first matched I watched of NJPW wasn’t the Okada vs Omega match, it was O’Reilly vs Shibata (please watch this match

Originally posted by bruiserminody

Kyle’s style is just perfect to me. The way he moves in the ring is so fluid and lethal. Out of all of my three main boys I thirst over (Kyle, Kevin, and Dash), Kyle is by far the better wrestler to me. 


Not only is he just an amazing wrestler but he’s also just so pretty. I love his face: 

Originally posted by kasugano

I need to share my favorite pictures because he’s so beautiful:


Originally posted by revengesolveseverything

Originally posted by thekyleoreilly

Originally posted by bruiserminody

(Please watch this at

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

Another favorite of mine is his body:

Originally posted by doomsday519

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

And my absolute favorite GIF of him:

His sexy angry face is amazing:

Originally posted by wrestling-giffer

Originally posted by tapemachinesarerolling

Him in a damn suit killed me:

Also, I have him (and Bobby Fish, who is also just amazing and needs more love) to blame for my weakness for mouth guards:

So, basically, I love Kyle so much. I think he’s very underrated and so beautiful. I think that everyone should appreciate him more. 


Him and Bobby Fish are the best, especially when they dressed up as the Boys

The actual reason why Robert Plant is an angel...

We all, of course, know Robert Plant to be the lead singer of Led Zeppelin -one of the most successful and influential bands to ever have existed- as well as someone of a raw, sexual nature. I think it’s important, though, to acknowledge some of the other reasons why this man in one of the most incredible in rock and roll, starting with something that really hits home for me.

The other day, someone left an anonymous question in my ask box; they wanted to know what my favorite thing about Robert is, and for me, the answer is simple. I admire his love for life and living it to the fullest, even after all of the hardships he’s faced. This is a wonderful quality in him that, I think, is overlooked far too often.

Probably the two most significant tragedies that life has dealt Robert happened only three years apart. In 1977, his son Karac (pictured with Robert above) passed away suddenly at the age of five after suffering a stomach infection, and of course, his dear friend and band mate, John Bonham lost his life in 1980. Now, I’ve never been pregnant, and I’ve never taken part in raising a child, but I can only imagine that a loss like that would be absolutely devastating… And to lose such a close friend, someone who’s been with you through an aspect of your life that only a couple of other people can really understand? Unthinkable. Of course, because of these things, Robert spent a bit of time away from the public eye and who can blame him? It takes a truly strong person to be able to go through the things that he’s gone through and still be able to become the person that he is today. Because he hasn’t given up and is still making music and doing what he loves, he’s a genuine inspiration to me.

His story touches me on an incredibly personal level as well; my mother passed away when I was sixteen, and I still deal with some anger and depression because of the situation five years later. Robert’s story is one that gives me hope, makes me want to see the beauty in the world, even when it’s difficult. Sometimes just thinking about his story makes the hard times a little bit easier.

If by some miracle I meet Robert one day, I have a pretty good idea what I’d like to say to him (you know, if I’m able to stay calm enough to speak). I’ll thank him for his music and for helping me find the courage to take things one step at a time. I’ll thank him for helping me find the strength to love life.

- @babiesunflower

RIP Club Penguin

Okay, so since it is the day Club Penguin is shutting down, I figured I would share a few stories from there that I remember the most. We all remember the arrival of the dojo and cardjitsu, the blowing up of the original hq, the arrival of Herbert, the changes in art style, the new puffles and everything. But these stories came from my youth and mostly real life, so they are very close to my heart.

So, I first joined when I was 6 or so under the user name of Pinkiannah(I think that is how I spelled it) and I was obsessed. My bro and I would play it everyday after school or on the weekend. We actually fought over whose turn it was to play.
I remember keeping my penguin pink constantly to fit my username and I remember my favorite puffle being a pink one that I creatively named “Pufflannah” I adored her and had her walk with me everywhere. But, one day, Pufflannah ran away. I was devastated to say the least, I screamed and cried about how she was gone. So, to make me feel better, my brother helped me collect enough coins to adopt a new one who I named in honor of her. I then went on to get fricken 10 puffles over the next few years as more and more came out. I remember getting another pink one named icing to go with sprinkles (a blue one), an orange one I named Jake (when I was obsessed with AT), a brown one I named Brownie Brain(I still love that little guy, the brown ones are my favorites next to the yellow ones), and a rainbow one named Skittles.

Another story involves my older brother( @all-stargamer99 ) who also had his own account (I have another story involving him after this), he bought the Club Penguin merchandise like the original puffle plushes and even a cardjitsu deck, but his favorites by far were the plushes. He named them after his original puffles on his account and made little scrapbooks out of pictures he took (I may scan them just because they are actually super adorable).
But one day, being the silly 8 year old he was at the time, decided that his blue puffle was in need of a hair cut. So he cut the puffles hair and started crying once he realized his mistake. To make him feel better, I gave my pink puffle plush a hair cut too, so that his wouldn’t feel alone. Tbh, I think we still have those plushes, I will have to find them when I wake up.

My second to last story once again surrounds my brother and his obsession with Club Penguin. At this time I was slowly out of it and went on to Pixie Hollow(which is now closed and that sucks, the games on there were awesome!) and other online games. But, my brother also was obsessed with this Playstation 1 Spiderman game. So, at the age of 10 (likely a little older, I vaguely remember) he decided to make a Club Penguin super hero named “Puffle Man” who basically could shapeshift into any kind of puffle and use their abilities to stop these super villains he based off of marvel bad guys! He made a fun little comic series about the guy based around the plot of that Spiderman game I was talking about! The character was actually… really well made for a kid his age! I loved reading the comic since he involved these symbiote/bear things into his story to make a black suit arc as well! I think at one point we tried to make a spin-off into the future to follow the guy’s kid? But we only made one and a half issues.

Tying that last story into my final one, I was inspired to make a comic of my own! It was called Bat-puffle(a puffle that was basically Batman but he could turn into a bat) fighting this evil Penguin villain I creatively called “The Penguin” it was only a page or two long and it was crappy. However, my brother loved it! Around this time, we had been shown the wacky adventures of Baman Piderman and decided to make our own version with Puffleman and Bat-puffle! We made a thick book of comics based out the cartoons that were out at the time, and we planned to follow through with the rest, but after a while we just stopped due to interest in other things.

I have so many fun memories with my older brother because of this game, and I honestly hope that the Club Penguin Island app that Disney is making fares well and is a good way to continue from where its predecessor had ended its run. RIP Club Penguin, thanks for so many years of fun and amazement.

Teach Me to Hope (Like I Scarcely Dared Before)

*click through to read on ao3

written by @goldenheadfreckledheart​ | Lexi

prompt: ‘Subtlety is clearly not your forte, asshole.’

word count: 2872

Raven Reyes posted a picture and tagged Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin.

Caption: “My favorite lovebirds.”

Private Message:


       Subtlety is clearly not your forte, asshole.


       I have no idea what you’re talking about.

       actually I do

       and you’re welcome.



       Stop trying to make things weird

       It’s not going to work.


       Honestly the fact that you think my goal is to ‘make things weird’ proves            how oblivious you are.

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My Two Cents About Yandere Simulator

I don’t honestly remember when I first got into Yandere Simulator. But, what I do remember that I had fell in love with the game after seeing people do Let Play’s of it. I used to love going on YandereDev’s youtube channel and seeing updates about the game. I was hyped up about getting the game.

And then, I discovered @stop-yanderedev.

At first, I was like “oh great, some pointless hate blog”. I had seen blogs like that before and expected this blog to be run by a bunch of butt-hurt babies who have zero reasons to hate the game.

But, after going through the blog, reading all the posts and receipts, I woke the fuck up. I didn’t know how shitty the dev was and what he had done before. I also didn’t realize how shitty some of the fans were and what lengths they would go for to make “some silly sjws triggered X3″. The really cool mods over at @stop-yanderedev made me realize a lot of things about the game. And, I am so fucking glad that I found them.

I like Yandere Simulator, I really do. I think it’s an interesting concept with a lot of potential. But, the way YandereDev is going about this, I am very disappointed. I can’t believe that the fans of Yandere Simulator can come up with much more interesting concepts than the dev himself.

So, to get to the point of my little rant, let’s start talking about the things that I think can make Yandere Simulator better.

1. The Protagonist

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Firstly, I do not like Yandere-chan/Ayano Aishi. She is bland and uninteresting to me. I do not know much about anime, but what I do know is that yanderes are supposed to pretend to be this cutesy, harmless person to hide the fact that they’re fucking insane. I’ll admit, I like the idea of having a yandere who is emotionless until they meet their obsession. But, I would love to see that emotionless yandere pretend to be sweet and innocent to hide the fact that they’re apathetic and cruel to those who get in the way of their obsession. Ayano would be a much better character if she pretends to feel something to trick people into thinking that she’s harmless and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

I’ll admit, I love her name. Ayano Aishi rolls off the time rather nicely. Plus, Yan-chan is a really cute nickname. Her design doesn’t look too bad, either. But her backstory and personality is just so…meh.

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Same goes for Yandere-kun. From what I’ve heard, he’s sadistic and looks like another anime character. Aren’t Yandere-kun and Ayano-chan the same person? Why is Ayano apathetic and emotionless, while Yan-kun is sadistic and possessive? Why can’t he look like a male-version of Ayano? I would honestly love to see Yan-kun with a ponytail. It would be so cute! But no, we get this asshole right here.

Honestly, the protagonist is the most important character in the game. They’re the ones that will be remembered the most. If YandereDev wants his game to be the best it can be, he needs to work on Yandere-chan/kun and make them not boring.

2. Senpai

[ Picture taken straight from the official Yandere Simulator website ]

Senpai/Taro Yamada is Ayano’s obsession, not to mention the main crush of all most of the rivals. If that’s the case, then why the fuck is he so BORING? I don’t care if he’s sitting in the “main protagonist seat”, how is that boy able to get so many girls fawning over him? He looks like a generic anime boy you see time and time again. He has no character whatsoever, as far as I can tell.

Now, I love Senpai. He’s probably one of my favorite characters (alongside Oka, Kokona, Midori, Shin, and Budo). Why do I like him, even though he’s boring? I like him, as in my version of him. I have so many headcanons, so many ideas about him that it made me love him.

My version of Senpai is that he’s kind and caring. He’s an awkward dork with a love for nature and animals. He likes reading and drawing. He loves his friends and family to death. He’ll stand up for others and risk his own safety for the sake of those he cares about. Senpai is not Senpai, but Taro Yamada. In my version of him, I give reasons as to why people would fall for him in the first place. I don’t just say “Oh, people like him because he ended sitting in some specific chair”, I give a real, valid reason for it.

Senpai has so much potential. I really hope he doesn’t stay the boring character that he is now.

3. The Rivals

There are rivals here that I like and make sense. Osana I can see as a rival since she had known Taro for a very long time and I honestly love the friends-to-lovers trope to death. Amai and Oka are adorable and Asu is amazing.

Then, there are rivals that I don’t like and that don’t make sense. Why the fuck would Hanako care if her brother got a girlfriend? I get that she loves him a lot and that she wants his attention, but what the fuck? If I was her, I would embarrass the hell out of Taro and tease him about all the attention he’s getting. I wouldn’t care if he got a girlfriend, unless that girlfriend is a fucking asshole or a crazy bitch. Also, why would two, grown-ass women be interested in student like Taro? I find that unsettling that two, grown-ass women would want to fuck a teenager. And, isn’t it illegal for teachers to date students?

Plus, their names. Oh my god, their names are fucking stupid. They’re not real names you would hear in real life or in an actual anime. They’re names that fucking middle school weebs in anime club would make up.

You want meaningful names, YandereDev? Then, DO YOUR MOTHERFUCKING RESEARCH. Don’t just type some adjective into Google Translate and see what that word is in Japanese. Go find some sites that provide you with actual Japanese names and their meanings, like Behind The Name or something.

Look, here’s an example!

[ Picture taken from the Yandere Simulator Wiki ]

Look at Oka Ruto. She’s the leader of the Occult Club and a fanatic for the supernatural, right? So, she’s a pretty spooky person. What name would fit her nicely?

How about Amaya Kuroba, instead? Amaya (雨夜) means “night rain” and Kuroba (黒羽) means “black wing”. Perfect for a spooky girl like Oka! You know how I got that name? I did my FUCKING RESEARCH, that’s how!

Or, or! What about Osoro Shidesu?

[ Picture taken from the official website ]

She is the leader of the delinquents and is known to be the strongest person at Akademi High. What name could possibly suit this badass girl?

Shinobu Tsuyoshi could fit! Shinobu (忍) means “endurance” and Tsuyoshi (剛) means “strong” or “tough”. Wow, another fitting name that’s actual Japanese! The wonders of doing your research.

In short, rethink the rivals. Their names need changing and some need to be replaced. And by some, I mean Mida, Muja, and Hanako need to go.

4. Info-chan

[ Picture taken from the official site ]

Info-chan is a character I’m very interested in. I find her character intriguing. A girl who seemingly knows everything about everyone at school? Sign me the fuck up.

But, when it comes to her “currency”, she loses me. Panty shots are dumb and gross. I don’t care about it being an “anime trope”, it’s fucking stupid. Of all the things, why did it had to be panty shots?

The only thing I have to say is that her currency needs to change. Be more creative with it, because panty shots just don’t cut it. AT ALL.

5. Character Designs

Most of the characters are really pale. Like, what the fuck is up with that? Not every Japanese person is pale like a goddamn white person. Asian people can have dark or brown skin. How do I know? BECAUSE I’M A FUCKING ASIAN WHO HAS BROWN SKIN AND I’M SICK OF SEEING PEOPLE THINK ALL ASIAN ARE PALE AS SHIT. Newsflash, we aren’t. Want examples? Look at Asians from the Philippines, or from India. Hell, look at Asians who are also black. Dark/brown skinned Asians exist, folks. But also, everyone looks the same. The girls have the same body type, save for their boobs, and face. So do the boys. Would kill YandereDev to at least have some diversity with the students’ body types and faces? Probably.

Not only that, why are female high school students wearing female middle school uniforms? And why are the skirts so short? Akademi High is a prestigious private school, right? So, their uniforms should look nice and mature. Like this:

Or, it could like this:

These uniforms are far more appealing and mature than the sailor fuku. These would suit the female students of Akademi High far more than the sailor fuku.

Also, on the subject of Akademi High being a prestigious, shouldn’t it be stricter about their dress codes? As shown in the pictures above, the students’ hair is not bright, rainbow colors but natural colors. Through research (yes, again), I gathered that Japanese students are not allowed to dye their hair bright, wild colors due to their strict dress codes. So, wouldn’t make sense for Akademi High to forbid their students from dying their hair wild colors?

To put it in short, make the uniforms look like they belong in a private, Japanese high school and making characters diverse isn’t hard.

And, that’s pretty much it! Like I said, Yandere Simulator has so much potential to be a really fun game. But, if it keeps going in the direction it’s already going at, then you can bet your ass that I’m not gonna buy it.

Again, thank you @stop-yanderedev for helping me realize how shitty the game and dev actually is. You guys are really awesome and I really hope you see this post.

So yeah, thanks for reading! I’m probably going to get shit on for stating my opinion, but whatever.

I also might post my version of how I think Yandere Simulator should be like, so watch out for that!



Requested by Anon

A/N: I hope this is okay, I’ve only seen season one and I don’t know the characters fully to elaborate more on them.


The visiting room was as always: crowded and
cold. You placed one hand over your stomach, rubbing the spots where you felt the baby move and held a small envelope with the other. You looked up watching Michael come through the black fenced door. His lips formed a wide smile at the sight of you, as he sat down. He looked tired though, as if he had been awake all night. Your eyebrows furrowed and he gave you a knowing look.

You knew all about his escape plan, and you couldn’t really ask him anything while a guard stood a couple of feet away. He placed his arm carefully on the table, wincing a little at an unseen pain.

“You’re hurt” you blurted sadly.

“I’m fine, just a scratch that’s all.” He said back.

You wanted to press further, but decided that today you would focus on happy news only. You locked eyes with him for a while, before you talked.

“I have a surprise for you”

He smiled and raised an eyebrow. “You brought a cheeseburger?” He asked jokingly.

You rolled your eyes, and slid the small envelope across the table towards him.

“No, but I think you’ll be happy about knowing the gender of our baby” you replied, sparking a light in Michaels eyes.

“You know?” He asked, with an incredible puppy faced look plastered on his face. He reached for the envelope almost desperately, opening it and pulling out the small ultrasound photograph.

You nodded, making small circles on your belly.

“He’s getting big, Michael.”

You could see his eyes get watery as he looked at the photograph intently, making you get teary-eyed as well. Michael stared at you afterwards, and he let his eyes fall downward. He was staring at your belly as if the baby was already in your arms…

“What are you gonna name him?” He asked quietly, wanting to keep this moment only between the two of you. He placed his hand gently on your hand, that lay on your belly.

“I was thinking Michael Jr… ” you replied, with a soft smile.

His eyes crinkled at the edges with happiness. You could tell he was already picturing the three of you in some far off place, safe. The three of you on a hammock, sipping coconut water and reading stories to your son. The shade protecting the three of you, and Lincoln and LJ fishing by the dock at a distance. He visualized it all so clearly… His family in a safe place, together.

“You like it?” You asked a second later, causing him to nod.

“It’s my favorite name, y/n” he said almost sarcastically and leaned forward quickly, pulling you for a kiss. It seemed to last forever, his lips pressing onto yours with such intensity that you forgot you were in a prison.

“Scofield, enough” one of the guards said bitterly, tapping the table loudly enough to vibrate through the room.

You both parted. Your face was red, as people seemed to be eyeing you from all directions. You coughed in order to clear your throat, “maybe you should go tell Lincoln the good news.”

Michael nodded, but before turning back to the guard he bent over quickly and placed a kiss on your belly. You could hear him mumble, “daddy will see you soon” before he was escorted back to the black fence.


Michael was escorted back to his PI group. They were all hanging around, “looking busy.” As soon as the guard left, the guys closed the door. Lincoln had been eyeing Michael, something had happened. Something good, he could see it written all over his brothers face.

“You look happy, papi” sucre smirked, “the visit was great, i take it?”

“What did she tell you?” Lincoln asked.

Michael walled over to his brother, holding the photograph in hand. He handed it over to Lincoln, who took it questioningly. Lincoln examined the baby photo with a smile on his face. He was going to be an uncle soon… And his little brother was going to be a father.

“It’s a boy, Lincoln! Y/n, and I are having a baby boy!” he yelled too loudly, for all to hear.

Lincoln came over for a tight hug, while c-note patted his back.

“You’re gonna love being a father” c-note said, remembering his own beautiful daughter. “The first time you hold your baby it feels like…” C-note continued.

“There’s no feeling like it” Lincoln finished, letting go of his little brother.

Michael took back the photo and stared at it in awe again, while sucre came over and placed his arm around his shoulder to pull him into a quick tight hug. He was happy for Michael, for his friend deserved all of it.

“Does he have a name yet?” C-note asked, “better be something smart, right snowflake?”

Michael laughed a little, “yeah, Y/N wants to name him after me…”

“Well ain’t that sweet” T-bag said aloud, but most of the men ignored, causing him to sigh.

“Well, the sooner we get out of this prison, the sooner you get to be with Y/N and your son. So how about we get back to work?” Abruzzi said sternly, causing Lincoln to glare at his annoyance.

Michael looked up at him, and nodded. “Yeah, we should get back to work…” He replied. He was in too good a mood right now, that nothing, not even Abruzzi could upset it. He took a look at the photograph one more time, and then tucked it safely into his pocket. Soon he would hold you in his arms again, and he would keep you safe. He would keep everyone safe…


Magi Chapter 337 hit me like a truck so I drawed this picture for my most favorite character <3

I think Judar is still an innocent child, deep inside. I love him ;-;

The white lilys reflect the innocence of judar. They have a reddish tone because of the blood he sheded. wow such deepness lol :D

Watercolours have become my current favorite medium ^-^ even though i said i hate them hehe.

Also my Magi portrait collection is growing!  Morgiana, Yunan and Judar done so far <3

As odd as it may seem one of my favorite cutscenes in the entirety of Kingdom Hearts is when Sora first meets Pooh. Winnie the Pooh has got to be one of the purest franchises in media, so when you see Sora nonchalantly approach Pooh to sit by him to greet him you can’t help but feel at ease.

The picture itself of them both sitting together is very endearing, and you appreciate how well Kingdom Hearts captured the essence of Pooh and even went as far as to bring Sora too into that innocent atmosphere.

But then Sora starts talking to Pooh, and out of nowhere Pooh seems confused, sad, distraught even, because everyone and everything he’s known is suddenly gone, and he figures he might as well say goodbye to himself too. And you try to push back that unsettling thought of Pooh considering suicide as you watch how he casually walks away, leaving Sora behind, whom was probably taken by surprise too and couldn’t think of anything to say.

The mood of the scene even changes abruptly from existential crisis to flowers and happiness when the music finally sets in and the title of the Hundred Acre Wood is displayed on the screen. And after that strange and surprising encounter you are just left there to wonder what is it that you’ve done with your life.

And honestly, I think that’s freaking beautiful.

Favorite Mother/Child Pairings

I’d like to share some of my favorite mother/child pairings and interactions that I’ve found so far in Fire Emblem Fates. If you consider this a spoiler, don’t read it I guess haha.

Oboro & Asugi/Saizo/Gaius

I don’t have a picture of it here, but when they both make their frowning face they look extremely similar, too!

Orochi & Dwyer

Orochi’s mothering goes well with Dwyer’s personality and supports. Not to mention she is the only support I have found with Jakob where he’s not a jerk (besides his supports with Corrin) and she actually manipulates him which is a nice change of pace.

Camilla & Velouria

I love everything about this family!! Camilla doesn’t take Flannel’s (yes I keep thinking of him in his Japanese name since it’s cuter) shit and makes him come out and say the things he needs to. Not to mention Velouria is a cuddle monster and so is Camilla so it’s a perfect match! Velouria’s eyes also resemble Camilla’s so they’ve got the parent/child resemblance going on. Camilla’s ending with Flannel in Conquest is also quite cute.

Azura & Selkie 

Azura’s supports with Kaden are the only ones I have found so far that have made her look cute. If you find anymore, please comment because it’s like digging for gold <_<.


Here’s a little nugget I found that I’m sure is a coincidence but also hilariously goes with Orochi!Dwyer

Let me tell you how excited I am about this!! I’ve been trying to draw Lupin since I started drawing, because he is my favorite, and this is the first time I’ve ever been able to put how I pictured him when I read the books! I need to keep drawing him so I don’t lose it, though.

edit: Thank you so much for the lovely comments!! To clarify, this is not wolfstar fanart. I don’t interpret their relationship that way.