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(and why there should be more content with these two, platonic or otherwise.)

Outside of the obvious fact that they’re both writers:

They put up with a lot of shit concerning what they do. Emi is to a lesser extent because of the fact that she doesn’t tell people about what she writes. Take for example, these panels:

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skyev  asked:

Just caught up with the recent chapter (it's never too late) and I just love you guys so much for translating it and adding in your witty T/Ns! Thank you! There's just too much badassery & epicness in Chapter 50: Mori and Fuku being the original Soukoku (and their, somewhat, close relationship), Natsume Souseki fixing the city in 3 easy steps, Dazai's phone upgrade from a flip phone to an iPhone, not to mention the fact that Katai is alive. Thank you so much! I feel relieved seeing Dazai again.

Aaaah and thank you! This was such a great chapter that answered a lot of questions *-* (Didn’t notice Dazai’s phone upgrade tho, so maybe it’s time I reread it haha) And speaking of Katai, DUDE what a genius……

Little Witch Academia

Sucy, Lotte and Akko exude the feelings of close friendship in this spread with the sub-heading, “We are really tight!!” illustrated by key animator Emi Tamura for the latest Newtype Magazine (Amazon US | eBay). 

“Don’t use your powers for unnecessary things. Don’t use them to cause harm.”

It’s a mantra he’s lived his life by. But-

He watches Emi’s face, and she’s still smiling, but it’s not a very nice smile. It sort of stretches weirdly at the sides. Then Shigeo thinks about the smile she wore when she showed her story to him the first time.

“Don’t use your powers for unnecessary things.”

He reaches out, and calls the words back to him. Calls Emi’s words back to them – gently, gently – and he pieces them back together.

Because these words are important.