by emmily


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We packed our bags and showered and i grabbed my electric guitar and got in line to cross the borders to USA. Luckily we didn’t make more than an hour to cross to USA. When we got to USA, we were at Calexico, witch is practically next to Mexicali (where i live). I felt so happy, so exited, i wanted to throw up. We were more than 5 hours stuck in the car, driving to Hollywood, listening to Hesitant Alien over and over, i cried many times thinking i was going to see Gerard…but at the same time i was nervous.

When we finally got to Hollywood, WE WERE COMPLETELY LOST! The mall was HUGE! When I got to hot topic… My heart was EXPLODING! I went inside the store and asked for the wrist band thingy (The thing you needed to see Gerard)… And BANG… No more wristbands… MY HEART SLASHED IN PIECES. My mom was like: BETSIL, WHATS WRONG, BETSIL!!?!? Because she didn’t understand what the woman said since she doesn’t speak english… And i just said… “There are no more mom”… And started to scream to the woman that was selling the wristbands at hot topic: ARE YOU SURE?!? NOT EVEN ONE?!? PLEASE I COME FROM MEXICO JUST TO SEE HIM! She just said: “no, too bad honey…”

I asked one of the guards if there was a way of me sneaking in or something… She said no… But she was very nice! And said: hey, there is a LOOOONG line behind the store, maybe you can find someone that can sell you a wristband. THANK GOD I TALKED WITH HER!
I RAN OUTSIDE. “HEY, DOES ANYONE HAVE AN EXTRA WRISTBAND?!? PLEASE, I COME FROM MEXICO JUST TO SEE GERARD, PLEASE!” Everyone said; I’m so sorry… Gosh… And everyone was talking about; “The Mexican girl that didn’t buy a wrist band”.
But then, a beautiful group of girls said; Hey, we don’t have extra wristbands, but you can hang out with us, and we can try to sneak you inside and if they catch us we will make Gerard sign your guitar". I started crying! They all hugged me! They were so nice and beautiful! I was still a little bit sad Because there was a chance of me not seeing Gee.

And then my mom appears with a man. My mom said: “Betsil come over here”. It was the owner of the store! He said: “YOU ARE GOING IN” Holy crap i started screaming and crying! All the girls hugged me! My mom hugged me and she started crying too! One of the girls kept asking me: “are you happy?” AND OF COURSE I WAS! She kept hugging me and was so sweet!

And then some guys with cameras came to us and told me to tell them my “story” And of course i appear horrible in the video, I WAS CRYING SO HARD! EVEN MY MOM CRIED! I couldn’t believe i was actually going to see him! It was so beautiful. We singed, yelled and laughed and took pictures and fangirled so cute. And i didn’t talk much, i was still in shock, and i also am very bad at speaking english.

GERARD’S MANAGER! She said; “Hey!thanks for coming! You are an awesome fan! And guess what? Gerard’s coming to Mexico soon, and I’m sending you tickets”.

SHE STABBED MY TINY HEART. She hugged me and i couldn’t stop saying thank you! We get in hot topic… Its almost my turn to see Gerard… Holy crap… The camera guy asked me: “how do you feel?” And i just said" “i have to pee..”, everyone starting laughing!
I peeked in the wall to see… Holy crap! I SAW GERARD!!! When i saw him i grabbed emmilys arm (one of the girls that was with me) and starting crying and said: ITS HIM! ITS HIM! ITS GERARD!
Emily said: “its okey if you cry” and i just said while i was full of tears; “ I’m not going to Cry!” Okey… The guy said: “you’re up”…

Holy crap… its my turn to see Gerard… Crap…then there he was… I started to cry so hard… I saw his manager looking at me… Just smiling… I was so… Shocked… I paralyzed when i saw him… I couldn’t talk… I couldn’t move… He is so beautiful… He has very pale skin… And very nice eyes… And he has tiny wrinkles… He said: “hey”.
I got closer to his desk thing and gave him my hesitant alien album while i was holding my guitar… He said: “how much time did you make to come here?” And i said quietly:“like 5 hours…” And he said: “ woah… Thats a lot..” And he looked at me and said: “whats your name?” And i said: “i have a weird name…” And i gave him a tiny paper with my name… He read it and just smiled… I was just staring at him… With tears on my face… Then he looked at me guitar and said: “do you want me to sign that?” And i said yes and gave him my guitar… He drew a little heart on it.

And i randomly said; can i touch your hair? EVERYONE STARTED LAUGHING! THE CAMERA GUY LAUGHED! HIS MANAGER LAUGHED! HE LAUGHED! And i was like: why are you laughing? And gosh his smile is beautiful! And he just moved a little so I could touch his hair… It was so soft…. Then i left shocked… And i took a picture with lola… And the warner bros dude gave me his card thingy. And a woman asked me if she could post my pic on the hot topic Instagram page and i said sure!
And then Gerard’s beautiful manager came to me and said thanks! And she gave me 30$ for gasoline! Super nice and sweet. Then all of my new friends gave me a group hug and we took more pictures. i was still shocked… And i couldn’t believe it yet… It was so beautiful…
and its been 2 months.


Hey Taylor, I really don’t know how to begin this, I just wanted you to know how excited I am for the next few days when I get to see you live THREE times!! I honestly can’t believe it!!
I still remember this time last year when you released your tour dates and it felt like so long away and now your in Melbourne and I think I could pass out at any moment from excitement!

I first fell in love with your music when my boyfriend (now fiancé ☺️) introduced me to Our Song back when we were first dating, we would turn it up in the car and sing it so loudly we would get the weirdest looks at the traffic lights but we didn’t care because it would make us so happy! To this day Our Song is still one of our favourites 💕

I wanted to thank you for your amazing music and songwriting because it has brought me so much happiness in my life and so many new friends, like @tayloralisonstyles13 who lives on the other side of the world to me in Atlanta in the U.S but it feels like I’ve known her forever and she’s one of my best friends! Then there’s the beautiful @gipsysworld we found each other through tumblr when we realised we were attending the same concert on the 12th and sitting only meters away from each other, we’ve since met up and become such good friends and now we are going to see you together tomorrow night on the 10th and are so excited! If it wasn’t for you Taylor I wouldn’t have met these beautiful people and I owe you so much for that.

Here’s some pictures of our signs and costumes for the concerts, I haven’t taken any pictures in them yet because I haven’t quite finished them but will hopefully upload some tomorrow :)

I’ll be at the 1989 tour on the
10th of December with @gipsysworld sitting in section C2 row C seats 14-15

11th of December with my swiftie friend Yasmine who was with me for the Speak Now and Red Tours sitting in section A3 row D seats 13-14

And on the 12th of December with one of my best friends Emmily who will be dressing up with me in our matching Shake It Off costumes sitting in section 24-1 aisle 22 row B seats 438-439

Can’t wait to see you and sing and dance till we can’t no more!

Love Ashley ❤️

Please share this as it would mean so much if Taylor could see this, also any fellow swifties that want to come and say hey before the show please do! I would love to meet as many of you as I can!