by emjay

I know you prefer your beau a bit ROTTEN,
And since I’m more SPORTY I’m almost forgotten!
But maybe this year on sweet Saint Val’s
I will reach out to my sweetest of Pals.
So why don’t you tell me if you will be mine,
Would you do me the honor Dearest Valentine?

guys… look at this valentine my best and dearest sportabuddy (@this-sideblog-is-mine​) made for me ?? i’m shook

anachron  asked:

fullmetal alchemist, for the series ask!

sorry for taking forever to do this!

  • favourite character: Ed my sON
  • second favourite character: Riza
  • least favourite character: Major Kimblee
  • character I’m most like: Al
  • favourite pairing: Ed and Al
  • least favourite pairing: the only one I can think of right now is Ed and Roy
  • favourite moment: when Ed proposed to Winry and I was screaming
  • rating out of 10: a complete 10
Question Challenge

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Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'1 maybe
Last thing i Googled: what time la la land plays at my movie theater
Favorite music artist: I don’t have one there are too many I enjoy the same but in different ways. I’ll say panic at the disco I guess.
Last Tv Show Watched: Rugrats I think or Friends or Mike and Molly and The middle with my dad XD Ive been watching movies since
What am I wearing right now: light blue sweatshirt from my high school play “A funny thing happened on the way to the forum” and fuzzy blue and grey pj pants
When did I create my blog: Few years ago but Ive been on tumblr since softmore or junior year of high school.

What do I post: any and everything that interests me, and that’s a lot of things

Do i have any other blogs: just nsfw blog
Do I get asks regularly: nope
Why did I choose my url: my bestie calls me little bit and I like to make long and clever names that roll of the tongue I also like the nickname pixie and I wanna be a princess so yup
Pokemon team: Mystic but I don’t play it anymore
Average hours of sleep: between 5 and ….12 lol
Favorite character: This is hard too I have so many. lisa from girl interrupted. yes the joker from suicide squad ._. and the dark knight and gotham. rumplestiltskin from once upon a time, Tyler Durdan from Fight Club. etc idk ….did I name all villans? The acting skills it takes to play a villan really intrigues me.
Dream job: To be a great youtuber, actress, singer, and screenwriter.

I tag: @fang-d-luffy @elli-kylls @kat-peili @timber739 @kaybvb @yroxis


Insurgent B-Roll Part 1