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‘They’re all three-dimensional, fucked up, messy, cuddly human beings. I’ll jump in front of a gun for anyone of those people - doesn’t matter who it is’ - Emily Bett Rickards

The gems we got from the sets of Arrow - behind the scenes. I miss them.


for my gmwbingo card // gmw au: future

feat. farkle & lucas’s son michael, smackle & zay’s son (rafael) and daughter (nevaeh), and riley & maya’s never ending love for each other

‘Arrow’: Why The 100th Episode Is A 'Love Letter’ To Fans & The First Season

Got the hiatus blues? “Shake It Off” with a little help from Colton & Emily!

@coltonlhaynes: Tonight the 100th episode of #Arrow airs…I am so thankful to have been a part of this show for 54 episodes & counting. I had no idea I was going to be in the DC world until the incredible @gberlanti called and asked if I’d come on for 3 episodes which then turned into multiple seasons of pure joy & more laughs than I can explain. I owe u the world Greg! This cast has seen me through my best & darkest times and I love them more than I can explain. I owe so much to the producers/network/cast/writers & crew for letting me be in this family but most importantly…we have the best fans in the world. The reason this show got this far is because of y'all & I’m sending so much love to every single one of you for changing my life. ❤️❤️❤️

Never Been more proud to say I watch Arrow than tonight. They dared to go where few shows do, and at a time when we really needed them to go there. Take your bow, guys. Take your bow.