by eliza

maggie is finally meeting alex’s family for dinner, which means sitting across from alex’s mother, who is trying her hardest to make up for years of neglect. and alex’s father, who has essentially just returned from the dead. she’ll be in the middle of this family built on love and support, despite their secrets. maggie knows the danvers don’t care that alex is gay, so her nerves will come from a place of inadequacy. she’ll wonder if eliza will look at her with wary eyes, scrutinizing every little detail of this woman she’s heard so much about. and she’ll wonder if jeremiah will see the way she looks at his daughter, and realize that maggie is in this for the long haul. she’ll wonder if they look at her and see someone worthy of alex, because even she isn’t sure how she got so lucky. but she shouldn’t worry, because every flare of nerves alex will meet with an encouraging smile, a quick squeeze of her hand, a bump of her shoulder….just to remind her that she’s there. to remind her that there’s a reason why maggie is at this family dinner, a reason why kara hugged her so tight she almost broke a rib…maggie is more than enough, maggie is loved, and she’s already family.

Clarke and the list in 4x04

I’m travelling and working all weekend so here’s my review of the ep: it was my least favourite of the season but I liked it and there were some great moments in there.

At some point I will share some more detailed thoughts re. everything Raven because that shit was GREAT.

For now I want to talk about Clarke and the list, and a few issues I have…possibly more with interpretation than the actual show, depending on how things go.

1. I think it’s really important we remember that the list was NEVER supposed to be seen. It was a HYPOTHETICAL list in the worst case scenario. It was NOT Clarke’s ‘plan’. She didn’t want it. She was, and is, dedicated to saving everyone. She was being a GOOD LEADER in covering all outcomes.

2. The list not being locked up and secure is a writer contrivance that I refuse to blame Clarke for.

3. Clarke’s only real mistake in this episode was how she tried to handle it once the truth came out which was, funnily enough, BEING HONEST. She explained her VERY SOUND LOGIC to the people.

4. Jaha’s lottery suggestion was to APPEASE people. It was deceptive af. He knows Clarke was on to the right thing. Her list wasn’t the issue. The truth coming out WAS.

5. A lottery will cause all sorts of problems. It was a short term solution to quiet the mob. The long term? You think everyone will nobly do their best and then accept judgement? Na mate. People will fight. They will try to sabotage others. And let’s say, hypothetically, that everyone works to the best of their ability…then we are in the exact same position! Somebody still has to pick 100 people.

6. Jaha stepped in and helped diffuse a situation. But his solution is a painkiller, not a cure.

7. Essentially, I’m not here for people acting like Clarke did some terrible thing and that the lottery!!! is some perfect solution.

8. It ain’t.