by ea


The Goths

Bella is much more saucier now (the braid does it)
Mortimer is a lot more chill
Alexander doesn’t have long face syndrome (and is also emo now, look at that beanie)
And Cassandra is much closer to what she looked like in the earlier games (and also cooler, look at that ombre)

bittertomato  asked:

Servant Playmate AU prompt before I have to go to dinner: Jeanne tries to help Anna with math and Elsa internally cringing at Jeanne's attempts.

A/N: This got longer than I thought, lol

She should help. She really, really should. 

But whether or not I have the right to do so, is the question…

“And, um… perhaps you should carry the 4?” 

“Joan, I don’t have a 4 to carry.” 

“Really?” Joan furrowed her brow, leaning closer to look at the book again. “But if you multiply the 7…” 

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