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New discovery in Luxor

A Spanish archaeological mission working in Draa Abul Naga necropolis on Luxor’s west bank has discovered a unique funerary garden almost 4000 years old. The discovery of the garden may shed light on the environment and gardening in ancient Thebes during the Middle Kingdom, around 2000 BC.

A unique discovery out of Egypt is the first of its kind. While scenes of funerary gardens have been witnessed in mosaic’s and paintings, this is the first one discovered in situ. It comes with the root and trunk of a 4,000 year old small tree. And a bowl with dates and fruit inside. on May 3, 2017

Photo Courtesy of Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

Maguuma Jungle - Metrica Province - Soren Draa
Alli: He’ll be here any minute, father. Please be hospitable.
Xann: Oh, I’ll be very hospitable.
Crabb: Zapilicious greetings, Alli. What’s crackling? You must be Papa Xann. I’m Crabb of the Incinergen krewe.
Xann: Where are you taking my daughter, Crabb?
Crabb: Sir, I thought we’d go into the city for dinner at this little human place I know.
Xann: Human food? Zapil-ick!
Alli: We’d better get going, Crabb. See you later, father.
Crabb: Keep it snapping, Papa Xann. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of Alli. She’s my own special phosphoradorable flower.
Xann: Oh, I’m not worried.
Xann: DOM-555i, engage. Initiate chaperone sequence.
Alli: Father!
Xann: You geniuses have a good time.
DOM-555i: Hands—where—I—can—see—them—at—all—times.

How do I even begin to explain Marcia Overstrand?
  • Dandra: Marcia Overstrand is flawless.
  • Marcellus: I hear her hair's insured for 10,000 crowns.
  • Septimus: Her favorite colour is purple.
  • Sarah: One time, she met Queen Cerys in the street.
  • Silas: And the Queen told Marcia she was pretty.
  • The Supreme Custodian: One time she punched me in the face... It was awesome.
Ice (Septimus Heap/Marcellia One-Shot):

     As per an ask from this post, here is one-shot based on #4.

     Septimus had stumbled into Marcia’s office that morning shivering, his skin tinged blue. “Marcia,” he had whispered hoarsely. “I think something horrible is wrong with me.”

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Finally I am done with my biggest and most time consuming commission ever, for the ever so wonderful customer @shocktrooper-snaxx whom have been so patient with me and so generous!

Hope you like it and thank you for getting this oppertunity to really challange myself!