by dezzy


I don’t often find a lot of time to work on art outside the comic pages and work, but every once in a while I indulge myself and draw something pointless and fun. I did this one over the last couple nights, I think it’s been a bit since I have done a more soft-ish sort of shading? Possibly. :o)
I am almost finished with book 4…. which is only half of arc 4 (this arc was too long) Hurray! 

Finished up a giant commission, nearly cleared out my queue, and finished up posting book 3, so I took a little break to do a fun picture. A lot of characters I don’t get a lot of chance to draw often, and some characters I get to draw I hardly draw in color cus the pages are B&W, so I wanted to do a fun lineup sorta pic. Not all the characters but… more important ones. 

A Good Night’s Kiss

Happy Birthday to my wife @dontperishyet!! Here’s some floofy Kagehina for you :D I hope you have an absolutely fantabulous day full of self pampering and lovely dinners ^o^

Hinata Shouyou flopped like a fish when he slept. Which was especially terrifying to someone like Kageyama Tobio, who knocked out like a board, and stayed in whatever position it was he happened to fall asleep in.

It had scared the shit out of him, when they first moved in together. Maybe it was something he should have noticed before, considering how many training camps and sleepovers they’d done in the years prior, but for some reason, Kageyama had never noticed how much Shouyou actually moved.

Of course, noticing things that weren’t related to volleyball hadn’t exactly always been his strong point.

But it was impossible not to notice it now, considering he’d been kicked rather mercilessly in the thigh. And even if Kageyama was a heavy sleeper, Hinata’s kicks were always was enough to wake him up, even if it was 4:37 in the morning.

With a low groan, he rubbed his thigh, thinking there’d definitely be a bruise there by the time he woke up later.  

“Oy,” Kageyama nudged him, “Dumbass, you kicked me again—” he grabbed Hinata with a bit more strength than he’d intended, but dammit, if he was awake then Hinata deserved to be awake too.

“Oy, did you hear me—”

A low whimper trilled in Hinata’s throat, and though he didn’t open his eyes, he rolled over, snuggling into Kageyama’s shoulder. “—‘m sorry…”

Tobio blinked, hard, because that kind of image was too fucking cute for four in the morning. He swallowed, adjusting his arm slightly so that Hinata might be a bit more comfortable in their new position.

“Well…” he was glad it was dark, and that Hinata’s eyes were still closed, because the blush in his cheeks was something he definitely didn’t want his lover to see, “If you know then that’s fine. Just try not to move as much any—“


Kageyama sighed, “It’s fine already—”

“Didn’t eat—all the—mochi….”

Kageyama froze, a small twitch starting in his left eye.

Sleep talking??

He exhaled, shrugging Hinata off his shoulder and then rolling over, pulling the covers with him. That wasn’t anything new. Hinata was always talking in his sleep. Kageyama figured he’d be better off just closing his eyes and trying to catch a last hour of sleep or so before they’d have to get up for morning practice.

He was just about to doze off, eyes fluttering closed, when his back was smashed into, Hinata rubbing his head against Kageyama’s shoulder blades.


Kageyama stiffened, before giving off a low groan. No matter how hard he tried, he was always weak whenever it came to Shouyou. Taking another moment to collect himself, before he let go of the sheets, about to put them over Shouyou as well.

But he didn’t get to, because they were tugged harshly, all of a sudden, Hinata whining, “You always steal the covers Bakeyama!”

Kageyama twisted around, tugging the covers back just as harshly, “It’s because you kicked me dumbass!”

“I didn’t kick you—” Hinata was sort of yelling, but it was drawled out and heavy with sleep, “You always say I kick you but I don’t—” he struggled, managing to tangle himself in the sheets, “Kageyama—”

“Stop moving you idiot,” Tobio sighed, completely awake now, trying to untangle his lover from the complete fuck uppery he’d made of the sheets.


“I said stop moving!” He wrapped him in the blankets, pulling him up to his chest and holding him there, so that Hinata would finally stop squirming.

Shouyou blinked for a moment, nuzzling against Kageyama’s chest. “You’re warm…”

Kageyama clicked his tongue to hide his embarrassment, “Go to sleep. We have to be up soon.”

There was a soft exhale, Kageyama unable to resist running his hand through such a fluffy head of hair.

“…did I really kick you again?”

Tobio nodded, but then realized Hinata couldn’t see it, since his face was still buried in Tobio’s chest. So he made a general sound of affirmation instead.

“Sorry…” Hinata murmured, before shifting slightly, craning his neck up so that he could look at Tobio properly. “Goodnight kiss please.”

Kageyama felt his face flush again, squeezing Hinata in response, “It’s already morning…”

Hinata pouted, circling his fist around Tobio’s pajama shirt, “Well then make it a morning kiss!”

“That’s only after we wake up!”

“We’re already awake!”

He gave a low growl, but finally lowered his head, placing a quick kiss at the top of Hinata’s head. “There,” he said, “Now go to sleep!”

“Tobio you idiot—” Hinata flopped over, only managing to tangle the sheets again, sulking as he shifted off to the other side of the bed.

Kageyama blinked, eyes so heavy he considered just falling asleep and leaving it at that. But instead he found the strength to roll over himself, pulling Hinata’s back to his chest. “Turn your head.”


He sighed, losing patience, “Shou,” he insisted, “Look at me.”

Unable to resist the use of the nickname, Hinata craned his neck again, upon which Tobio grabbed his cheek in his hand. “You’re covered in drool.”

“So are you—”

“Then don’t complain.”

They kissed, about as unromantically as was possible at nearly five in the morning, lazy lips brushing over each other slowly.

Hinata hummed happily, snuggling into Tobio’s chest again. “Goodnight Kageyama!”

“It’s already morn—” Tobio decided to not even bother finishing his sentence, because he was too tired, and at this rate they’d never get back to sleep. If Hinata wasn’t at the top of his game for practice today he wasn’t about to let him off easy.

Of course, that’d fall to shit if Tobio was tired too.

So with a loud yawn, water gathering around his eyes, Tobio finally closed them, resting his chin on Hinata’s head, and letting his nose indulge in his lover’s scent. Better than any other pillow out there, definitely had to be Hinata’s hair. Because it was soft, and it smelled good, and even if it tickled his nose sometimes, there was just something about it that was intensely calming.

And it was precisely like that, nose happily buried in a head of fluff, that Kageyama finally fell back asleep.