by david trood

“I set up the tripod with a wide angle lens and opened the shutter, then fell asleep on the roof of my car, looking up at the stars.” ∘
Photographer David Trood has shot large #landscapes from Greenland to the southern tip of New Zealand, and sees #nature as both his playground and his workplace. “The majority of people today live in big cities, so it’s important for me as a photographer to give them the opportunity to be inspired by images that create an attraction and curiosity towards the #outdoors. When I was a child my father would take me camping in the Australian #outback, and now, when life feels like it’s going too fast, I go back there. It’s a long way from any city, so at night the #stars are very visible ⎯ more visible than almost any other place I’ve been in the world. It can be so quiet you can hear your own heart beating. That combination of solitude, stillness and alertness creates a natural high and a unique feeling of being part of it.” | #GettyCreative #GettyImages (at Australian Outback)

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