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#onlyinamitypark is the entire horror genre treated like a branch-off of comedy. to be fair, after that whole thing with the ghost pirate ship and our parents getting kidnapped (shut it baxter it's not like fenton could've flown back up ya dumbbell) everything in the fictional realm is just. completely ridiculous. makes for some fun times screwing with tourists tho. #weseedeadpeople #talkingaboutaghost #freakinoutanewbie #isitfromghostbustersorthenews #imnotsayingbut #itsnotgayifhesdead #mwahaha


Apple finally added an orange heart so I can actually make a full rainbow now😂😂

Anyway, here’s a cute Rainbow Dash🌈❤️

** Edit** I forgot the Source:

Speaking multiple languages include:

  • Wondering if you’re speaking the right language in the right class
  • Speaking Dutch in French class
  • Asking my French teacher something in English
  • Speaking French in German class
  • Talking English to people without realising it
  • Firstly thinking of the Latin word and then finding the word you’re actually looking for. (“You know, like… dicere.” “What?” “Yeah, I mean - fuck. I meant dire.”)
  • Using rules that apply to different languages
  • Commenting on something and then needing to delete it because it’s content from another language. (I have this all the time. I write something in French even though I know the creator is English)
  • Add on if you’d like.