by darksigyn

In honor of 600 followers I decided to do a follow forever. While I will probably be following everyone forever; for some reason or another I feel as though these people deserve an honorable mention. Whether I’ve been with them since my hardcore blacklist, rookie blue, bones, or jurassic world days or recently in my SVU days. I am sure I am forgetting some people but I will do another one whenever I hit my first thousand (so let me know if I forgot). I love you all so much.

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Alternate movie ending…

(old low quality one)

(Note: Sadly I’ve gotten the (bad) habit of collecting gifs around the web without keeping track of where they came from, but I know that I owe at the very least these lovely people for some of them: Darksigyn, erubo-rocketo, vrabia, marytasmin, dahliasheng … Chances are that most edits I’ve done thus far of Raleigh and Chuck co-piloting together originally came from the same sources.)