by danyella


Essen 2004 - Thomas Borchert, Sandra Danyella, Nikolaj Alexander Brucker

Special mentions:

#1: Thomas is quite obsessed with the veil
#2: Sandra actually approaches Thomas during ‘ it’s in your soul…’
#6: Nikolaj really struggles with the lasso after the kiss
#7: Sandra mouths something before leaving
#8: Nikolaj kneels down and kisses Sandra’s hand

Actual conversation with my nieces (3 & 4) and nephews (5 & 7) explaining their aunt was lesbian
  • Me: Guys, you know how Aunt Danyella is always with Aunt Sher?
  • Kids: Yeah
  • Me: Well Aunt Danyella and Aunt Sher love each other and are going to be getting married this summer and we are all going to it.
  • Kids: Okay that's cool
  • 7 year old: So Aunt D is with Aunt Sher and they are getting married, mommy and daddy are married, mama and papa are married, grandma and granddad are married, Uncle Joe is with Aunt Shelb. Auntie K?
  • Me: Yes sweetie?
  • 7 year old: Why aren't you with any one? You need a husband or wife too.
  • It's that simple people! Children aren't going to go mad because you tell them what lesbian/gay/trans* means, kids are chill and 'lax and are only going to question why their aunt is single and then proceed to ask including the new type of love they have learned about!