by danielle season2

Can’t they just have 59 people in the band ? I love them all so much and I don’t want to loose any more of them :(

So I made a Spotify playlist with all the songs featured on Produce101. You can find it here. I’ll update it regularly with the new songs.

This playlist also contains the songs from all auditions. :)

Produce 101 S2 ASKS

now that produce 101 is over I thought it was time to make this

1. Wink boy or Ending Fairy?
2. Top Vocalist?
3. Best Dancer?
4. Best Rapper?
5. Justice League or Avengers?
6. BiL Team one or Team Two?
7. Big Woojin or Small Woojin?
8. Kim Jonghyun or Mnet?
9. Who was your number 1?
10. Best Visual?
11. Get Ugly or Shape of You?
12. Amazing Kiss or Downpour?
13. Super hot or Hands on me?
14. Open Up or Never?
15. Oh little girl or Showtime?
16. Kang Daniel or Jeon Somi?
17. Most underrated trainee?
18. Most all round talented trainee?
19. Most overrated trainee?
20. Produce 101 S1 or S2?


I was really bored and had to much time on my hands so I made this