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“Mulder, what are these people dying for? Is it for the truth or for the lies?” “It’s got to be for the truth. If we owe them anything, it’s to make sure of that.”

Gillian Anderson: Young women still come up to me and say that she has had an impact on them when they need to feel strong for an interview. They think of her and what Scully would do….

Gillian Anderson: It is amazing. It is not a lot to do with me, it’s lot to do with the character that was created

Samira Ahmed:That’s unfair. It’s your performance as well.
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“ Mulder and I gave in to our feelings,finally, after so many years of waiting and wondering, and we weren’t allowed to have sex because we were too busy trying to have a baby.”

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artists have two phases in an endless loop: ‘I’M A GREAT ARTIST!! I GOT THIS!!’ and ‘ugh what the fuck is this. what have my hands created. art was a mistake. just kill me already’