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Yo, do you think there was anything significant behind the beach posts?? (Phil's tweet and Dan's aesthetic) It's fine if you don't think so, I'm just curious

i’m mostly just yelling (silently. bc i’m at work) that dan went and posted an insta using the exact same phrasing as phils tweet as if to eliminate literally all doubt in anyone’s mind that they’re walking by the sea together. seems these birthday celebrations are also being used as a means of telling us in a more pointed way than usual that they’re sharing these experiences together. and they’re not trying to hide it any way. or dilute it. or make it sound like anything less than it is. once again, major progression. i’m emotional.

“This is the story of when stars meet the ground. This is the story of when Plant boy Phil met Space boy Dan”

Here you have, I did a thing. I just love this AU so much!!! And I have like this huge plot with this AU maybe one day (after I finish all those requests) I’ll develop it, who knows.

Well, it’s late here for me so im gonna sleep.

Love you all, bye!

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Thank you to @way-beyond-that you’ve given me the inspiration to write again. I’m so glad I met you and our conversations make me so happy. You’re one of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. Omg I’m ready to cry because I’ve had the biggest writing block and I wrote this at 1 am. Thank you Mariana I wouldn’t of been able to write again if you hadn’t of pushed me. So here’s a crappy Dan Smith Imagine.

“Love, what’s wrong?” Dan says as he closes the door. “Nothing I’m just watching some tv” you say with your eyes glued into the screen. “Y/n you’ve been watching movies for a week and you haven’t been outside since you got here”. You haven’t been the same since you moved to London. You wanted to spend more time with Dan but he still spends more time in the studio than with you.
“I’m just homesick” you say as you finally turn around to look at him. "Love, I know it’s hard but you need to go out and see London”. Tears start streaming down your face and you say, "I know but it’s not the same. I miss the sun, the beach, and the heat”. He wraps his arms around you and kisses your forehead. "You should get some rest and tomorrow we can explore London”. He takes a hold of your arms and legs to carry you to bed.
You wake up to the sound of rain. Dan’s in the kitchen making breakfast, "hey there sleepyhead, do you want some breakfast?”
You get out of bed and see the table set with two plates. You sit down and Dan lays down two pancakes on your plate and three on his. "So today I think we should walk around and enjoy what London has to offer” he says as he stuffs a pieces of pancakes in his mouth. "Dan it’s raining”.
"I know but that’s a part of being in London”. You look at your pancakes with no desire to eat them and say, lI’ll try”. The both of you finish up and then get dressed. "Are you ready?”
"Yes, I just need my coat” you say while rushing. You grab your coat and run to the door where Dan is at to take a hold of his hand. He gives you a warm kiss and then opens the door. You let cold fresh air take you in as you head out with Dan. As the both of you walk the streets Dan stops. “We must go here. This art museum is wicked” he looks at you and says, "do you want to go inside?”
"Sure, why not?”
As the both of you enter you feel a wave of sadness come over you. The first painting that you see is a boat under the sea. "I can’t do this Dan, this painting used to be what I used to do. I miss it, I miss being at the beach and painting portraits of it”.
You leave and go home. A few hours later Dan comes home and says, "Pack your things y/n your going home, I can’t stand to see you like this”. "Dan, we sold beach house. This is the only place we have now”.
"Just pack your things y/n. We need to do something about the way you’re feeling”. You grab your stuff and quickly stuff them into your suitcase. Once you’re done Dan grabs your luggage and takes your hand. The both of you get into a cab and drive to the airport. "Dan, you don’t have to do this”. "Y/n it’s the only way” he says as he takes out the tickets and gives them to the stewardess. The both of you enter the plane and leave London. "Just get some rest” Dan says once the both of you are at your seats. 12 hours later the plane lands. The both of you grab your luggage and then the cab. The cab stops at the beach. Dan covers your eyes with a tie. "Dan what are you doing? And why are we at the beach?” You say with frustration. "Just trust me”. He takes you hand to help you walk out of the cab. He pays the cab driver and holds you hand to help you walk. His other hand has his luggage and your other hand has your luggage. "Dan can you please remove this tie?”
"Not yet, love”. After 7 minutes the both of you come to a stop. Dan let’s go of your hand. He removes the tie but quickly covers your eyes with his hands.
"Dan what are you doing? Remove your hands away from my eyes” you say with frustration. "Okay but get ready to cry”. He removes his hands and in front of you there’s a beautiful beach house. "It’s ours” he says as you turn around to look at him. "Dan you didn’t have to do this”. "Well I know that London was a bit sad for you and you really needed some inspiration to paint so I think we could live here and in London”. Tears start streaming down your face, "I love you so much Daniel Campbell Smith”. He gives you a light kiss and says, "I love you too”. You give him a smile and the say, "wait but what about the band and the studio?”
"I can work here LA has loads of studios and the boys can come over to record and visit. They could use some sun”.
"Thank you, I know you’re sacrificing a lot Dan and I wish I could’ve been strong enough for you in London”. He hugs you and says, "anything for you love”.

You’re A Firework - Dylan O’Brien Imagine

Author: Dylanowhy (me)

Summary: Dylan O’Brien was your first kiss, your first love, that is until fame hit him like a truck. Now after years of not speaking and being apart, you decide to stay in his old room for a summer while figuring some things out. Coincidentally Dylan just so happens to be taking a break during that time.

Pairings: Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Kissing.

Word Count: 3,457

A/N: This is the first chapter of my new story Start Of Something New! I hope you guys enjoy.

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Soft hums of Katy Perry played in the background, the smell of BBQ filled the air. Kids ran around as the parents all stood in various places, talking about things that interested them and the teens sat on the stairs, watching all the madness while waiting on the food. You were holding some of Julia’s famous lemonade, her brother’s body slightly leaning against yours. “I bet you ten dollars Uncle Mike is going to light himself on fire tonight.” His voice was slowly turning into low and smooth as he was getting older, it had gotten to the point where your breath would hitch when he spoke to you. He was around two years older than you, but for some reason you two became friends, clicking together instantly. Him and his family had been quick to make you feel like part of the family, hence why you were at their family cookout for the 4th of July instead of being at home with yours. “Why wait until tonight? Two more steps closer to the grill and he will be in flames.” Your words made Dylan laugh, his head falling back as he did so. Julia glanced up at you two, smile on her face as she shook her head. Julia knew you had a crush on her brother, she had confronted you about it probably around a month ago.

“You’re looking at him different.” She had said, arms crossed upon her chest, eyes narrowing down at you. “I am looking at him like the goofball he is.” You said defensively, confused look on your face. You didn’t know exactly when you started developing feelings for Dylan, but it made you worry. If Julia could see it, could he? “Like a goofball you’re in love with.” She mumbled, but you still heard her, it took a lot out of you to wipe the concerned looked on you face as Dylan walked out of the dressing room, striking some ridiculous pose in his slacks. School pictures were coming up for the end of the year and you had agreed to go shopping with him. “I am feeling these.” He said, smoothing down his jeans, making a face that cause you to laugh, shaking your head at his childish acts. “You look like a grandpa.” You commented, his face scrunching up at the idea. “Do not.” For someone who was older than you he really did act like a child most of the time, the corners of his mouth pulling down in a frown.

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