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This is my first follow forever so I hope I’m not forgeting anyone (and sorry if I did but when people sometimes change they url it’s hard to keep track). Since almost everyone is doing this I really wanted to join in too.
I know this year was really bad for lots of people but I truly hope the next one is better for all of you, mutuals and followers. You all deserve pure happiness!

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So, today it’s exactly three years since I joined tumblr and I’ve recently passed the milestone of 500 followers, so I thought I should finally do my first ever follow forever. First off, though, I want to thank every single one of you who follows me, mutual or not - you are the ones that make me feel welcome here, so a big <3 to you all.

As for the actual follow forever, I’d like to start with my dear friends @aganzir, @thedinosaurprince and @wherewithalice. Thank you for dragging me into this hellhole by showing me silly dwarf gifs, but more importantly, thank you for being you.

Next I’d like to acknowledge the people who I secretly (confession time) like to think of my crew. I see you here almost every day and you make my dashboard the place it is.  Some of you I talk to a lot, some almost not at all, but you are all amazing people with amazing blogs:

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But that’s definitely not all of my fabulous mutuals. I also happen to adore these people:

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Last but not least, shout out to a bunch of awesome blogs and bloggers out there that would make it to the list of my tumblr crushes any day:

@anachronisticfairytales, @asongoficeandfanart, @atarinke, @avatarparallels, @brienneoftarth, @czaritsa, @fleabottom, @kallielef/ @kallielefave, @lohrien, @makanidotdot, @perplexingly, @sansalayned, @victoriousvocabulary

All the best to you all in 2016! xx


Hey guys! So this is my first follow forever, and I know it’s a few days late but whatever. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone, but I love you all and Happy New Years!


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The 12 CARYL FEELS Vessels in Art Form

What a year to be a CARYLER?! 

Our CARYL Family has gone through some ridiculous HIGHS and equally ridiculous LOWS but for the most part we managed to stick together, support each other and do whatever we could do to inject as much positivity and optimism into this little tumblr void we call FANDOM.
Some of us wrote fan-fics that tickled the senses, some of us tried our hand at analysis and logical theorizing, some cheered from the sidelines and dreamt up headcanons that the TWD writers really need to read…
While others absorbed all the generated FEELS and made them REAL in a way that allowed us to really see the things WE felt and yearned for.

Today I want to honour these people! 

The dedicated fan artists that inspire, elevate and celebrate the CARYL bond with their amazing talent and creativity, and then choose to share it with the rest of us.
They risk scrutiny, ridicule, exploitation, hate and people just being plain RUDE to them, just to help uplift Carylers and boost the CARYL feels when they are most needed.
Since there are 12 months in the year (duh) I decided to share the 12 fan-art masterpieces that meant a lot to me this year - the ones that stuck with me and the ones that left me at times a little misty-eyed with their AHHH Factor.

These Are Not In Order AT ALL;

If I could I would most likely own every single CAROL/CAROL piece @czaritsahas ever done! 
Her CARYL ‘forehead kiss’ is just pure magic!

If you haven’t seen the work of the lovely @mignonripleycat you are seriously missing out - the way she pairs up CARYL parallels with her art can get your feels in overdrive quick.
I couldn’t pick a favourite so I went with the one where I pretend Pooh is actually playing Carol’s role in the ‘Stay Safe’ scene (just go with it)

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Like most Carol fans, I was pretty darn excited the other day when I found out that AMC and Hot Topic had two new official Carol shirts for sale.  Imagine my dismay when I showed them to @praxid and she informed me that one of them looked very similar to original artwork from an Etsy seller.  

Yesterday we all came to the defense of @czaritsa when we found out that someone on Etsy had stolen her art and was selling it for their own profit.  I’m really proud of how quickly the fandom rallied for her and reported that person.

I can’t even imagine how horrible it was for Ashlee to find out about that Etsy person, especially with how rude their responses have been to her.  Can you imagine how horrible it would be to discover that AMC and Hot Topic had stolen your design, changed it a tiny bit and was now selling it for profit on such a huge scale?

So, let’s help out this artist.  I, like many of you probably, ordered those shirts as soon as I found out they existed.  I plan to return this shirt as soon as it arrives to Hot Topic.  I also plan to send messages to both AMC and Hot Topic and ask them why they think it’s okay to steal their fans ideas and profit off of them.  As soon as I return the shirt to Hot Topic, I’m going to support the artist and buy one from his Etsy store.  I urge you to support the fandom artists and do the same thing.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the shirt, this is the one that the Etsy artist created and has had for sale for awhile

This is the shirt that amc and Hot Topic are selling.  It’s a new shirt, it was just added to Hot Topic this week.

It both saddens and sickens me that this is being done to an artist from our fandom.  If you would like to support them, you can order their Carol shirt here.  I’ll be returning my Hot Topic shirt as soon as it arrives and buying one from the original artist.  


It’s that time of year again! The 12 Days of Carolmas are upon us! This year I’ll be counting down the days by sharing some of the most amazing Carol fan art and celebrating the incredible artists who bring Carol to life in gorgeous and wonderfully unique ways. So without further ado, I bring you Day 1! MELLY CAROLMAS!

🎼🎤 On the first day of Carolmas, @czaritsa gave to me, Carol being stealth in the ASZ!🎤

thespellweaver  asked:

It'll probably take more than one message to get this out: So I know that TMS deals a lot with the latest comic books and artist and the like, I'm trying to find a way to reach out to the artists of certain comic books because I've recently found a thief on Etsy stealing their work. The shop in question is called TwistedDisplays, and a vast majority of the items for sale are ripped from popular comic covers. I found this after a personal friend of mine confronted them (1 of 2-3?)

confronted them about their artwork being stolen. (their username on tumblr is czaritsa and you can find info about it on their 4th or 5th page of their tumblr blog) The thief in question doesn’t seem to give any indication that hell be stopping this, and give the 100+ sales he’s made, he’s already made a big profit off of what he’s stolen. I don’t know you you know any of the people he’s stolen from, but maybe spread the word or pass it along? This whole situation has me steamed.


Readers, if anyone would like to show support for @czaritsa, feel free to report Etsy user Twisted Displays; as of now, their shop is still open, which is pretty lame. More details can be found by searching the artist’s blog for “etsy.” There’s a heaping helping of gorgeous TWD art there too, plus some great Cap/Bucky and Mad Max portraits, so give ‘em a follow while you’re at it!

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2015 Part 2: Saturday aka Melissapalooza

This is gonna be long, so grab a coffee and settle in. Melissapalooza started right when the con opened. We got there early and had some time to spend before getting in Melissa’s line. We saw Josh McDermitt first, and he absolutely LOVED Tina’s @tinarakowski cosplay and told her she’s the “sexiest Eugene he’s ever seen.” Walker Stalker Con apparently agreed :) It was very cool to see them give us a little shout-out.

 Connor also made Josh a custom pop vinyl of Eugene that he thought was “AWESOME.” Josh was super funny (as everyone knows) and he gives great hugs!

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