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Consider that Gavin has just the bizarrest skills. Like, he can't shoot a gun to save his life (despite the fact that they live in the crime capitol of the world) but he knows how to wield a bow and arrow with deadly efficiency. He's a decent sniper, but only because he thinks of it like using a Phantom (you just point the thing at the thing you wanna shoot and click in the right moment, yeah?). He tries and fails, time and again, to throw knives, but one day they find him throwing other 1/2

things like screwdrivers and hammers and nailing the bullseye every time. Weirdest of all might be his proficiency with a sword. They wonder if he is actually immortal and has skills from his past life. The real answer is that he just likes learning skills that are only useful in niche circumstances. For reasons. 2/2

I completely love this idea, just Gav and Ray chilling at a shooting range and Ray being like “It’s simple, just aim and shoot” as he nails several targets in the head, and Gavin is just like “oh, so just like with a Phantom!” and he takes his own sniper rifle, spends a few moments setting up the perfect angle for his “shot” and gets dead center in the target. Ray just sits there like “well, i guess???”

And the tool throwing thing is just something he picked up from random people and for doing videos with Dan. He can’t throw knives because they have different weights than hammers and other tool, and besides, throwing a pair of sharpened pliers perfectly at a dart board is way cooler than Ryan throwing knives at it.

One day the crew is out on a heist and Michael watches Gavin get cornered by some dudes twice his size, but Gav grabes a long piece of pipe and proceeds to swing it around with all the grace of those fake knights at renaissance fairs. After the heist he walks up to Gavin and just goes “what the hell was that!?! you looked like a ballerina and a knight had a child! that’s the most grace i’ve ever seen you have.” and Gavin just shrugs as he mumbles “I took a fencing class once” and that’s all the explanation Michael ever gets.

Gavin may not be prepared for a typical shoot out, but he’s completely prepared for a bunch of medieval knights to storm the penthouse in the middle of the night.


Attention members of Overwatch, it seems someone thought it would be funny to fill my entire bedroom with corn on the cob. The good news is I happen to love corn, but I still want to know who did this? How did you get this much corn? This is going to take ages to clean up.

  • Cartoonz: I thought you were trying to get Evan to go out with you?
  • Delirious: [exasperated] I HAVE! I've been flirting non stop!
  • -Yesterday-
  • Delirious: Heeeeeey Vanoss
  • Delirious: You like Jazz~
  • -Now-
  • Delirious: I honestly have no idea why he hasn't noticed yet!
  • Cartoonz: [facepalms]

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Sorry if this is a stupid question but what's the situation with Columbus Crew? Save them from what?

The short(ish) version is Anthony Precourt bought the team in 2013 because he wanted to diversify his portfolio with a sports team, but didn’t want to pay the expansion fee to buy a new MLS team.  He hinted that he’d be interested in moving the club to Austin, TX if he bought it, but after the deal went through there were reports that the contract specifically forbade moving the club.  Now it turns out that there was an escape clause that said Precourt wasn’t allowed to move the club unless he moved it to Austin.  Now more and more information is coming out to suggest that Precourt and MLS have been angling for this move from the get-go.  MLS apparently has been in contact with the mayor and other officials in Austin to discuss the club moving and even trademarked 2 names for possible Austin teams (Austin FC and Austin Athletics) even though Austin had not submitted a bid for an expansion team.  

Precourt is now trying to say that he only wants to move because Columbus won’t build him a new, state of the art stadium in downtown, but the evidence would suggest this has been the intention of both him and MLS since he took over.  The MLS commissioner, Don Garber, was asked about the news and responded “The League is very reluctant to allow teams to relocate, but based on [the specific] factors, we support [Precourt’s] efforts to explore options outside of Columbus, including Austin.”

So basically an MLS owner and the league itself has conspired to move one of the 10 original MLS teams (who has won the MLS Cup once, the Supporter’s Shield 3 times, and the Open Cup once) and lied to the fans every step of the way.  If they’re doing it to Columbus, there’s nothing to stop them from doing it with any other club.

If you’re familiar with the story of AFC Wimbledon and MK Dons, that’s basically what’s going on here.

If you’d like to get involved with efforts to Save the Crew, you can check out  You can also write the league to provide feedback about the situation.  Specifically, you can email  

Okay, but, like. Werewolf Vagabond in his Law Abiding Civilian persona being pulled over by the police for speeding, one of the crew in the passenger seat with him.

The cop walks over to his car and taps his pen on the cover his his ticket book, all movie cop stereotype with the sunglasses and all.

“Sir, are you aware - “

“Yes,” Ryan breaks in, staring the poor cop dead in the eye before rolling his window up and speeding off while his passenger proceeds to lose their shit. 

(Ryan with the tiniest smirk as they end up leading the cops on an high-speed chase through Los Santos until they shake them somewhere out in Blaine county and have to explain to Geoff why they were on the evening news when they said they were just going out for freaking kolaches, wtf you jackasses.)