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Mark may not know what’s going on in his own body, but he somehow knows deep down inside that that was a fucking pun…
and also, it Ethan!

I got a ton, it’s pages 20 and 21

So I’m watching old RT Podcasts and they’re talking about an uber-like service where you can take a helicopter instead of a car to avoid traffic and stuff and Gavin’s response was like “I would be spending over $100 a minute.  I wouldn’t do it for that reason.  Anytime I can just visualize the money burning I’m not gonna spend it.”

And just, real Gavin is so different to FAHC Gavin cause FAHC Gavin would do it in a heart beat.  Once he found out about it he’d refuse to travel any other way for like a month.  And Jack’s like Gavin I can literally fly you around in OUR helicopter for FREE but Gavin would still use this ridiculous app every time he needed to go to the grocery store.