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Hello everyone! I’m doing this follow forever to celebrate the mark of 300 followers. I just want to say thank you all for making my tumblr experience in this account so much better than in my old account. I am meeting amazing people here, and also, I wish to talk and know more about of some of you, but ok, it takes time. Just thank you! 

At first my beautiful squad (ama vocês migas)


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i’ve only had this blog for like 4 months but i’ve been on here for a year && i guess i just wanted to leave a post with some of m’faves & my friends on here :’) i love everyone on this list so much. you can check out my blogroll with the complete list of people i follow.

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post a selfie and 5 things you like about yourself. tag some friends to do the same. let’s all start loving ourselves bc we are hella rad!

I was tagged by my luv Sammi (paynekink) so here we go:

1) I’m kind and I love helping people out
2) I love my teeth :B
3) I’m very empathic and understanding
4) I love my love for animals
5) (totally stealing this from sammi but) I love my relationship with my mom, we’re literally best friends 

I tag: polished-stone, cookiestome, zayncangetsome, liamssecretdimple and pinkkflamingo12. (only if you guys want to do it, ofc!)