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all your gods are teenage girls: ARTEMIS, Greek goddess of the wild

She’s a mystery, that one. Rumours fill the silence where she prefers not to speak. Did those bruises on her arms result from another gang fight or are they just badges of honour won on the field hockey team? They make sure to keep their whispers short when she walks by with her endless posse of female friends. Tiny though she may be, anyone can see the fierceness in her eyes - not Ares’ anger or Athena’s frustration - but the kind of gleam that comes from surviving the worst of humanity, that says she could open her mouth and you’d find fangs. And after all that silence, if she howls on the field, in the streets, at the moon, isn’t it deserved? Don’t we owe her?

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What did the gems look like back in the day? IE buddys book

Here you all go!! Some Buddys Book Gem’s! For your enjoyment. I am glad with how each of them came out. Enjoy!!

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Nothing Like You - Picking things up Pt1

Steven and Connie aren’t married (yet). They aren’t even living together, but they’re doing their best to raise their newborn daughter. Life isn’t perfect. There’ll be a lot of pitfalls and goof ups and all kinds of things, both good and bad, but they’ll get through it all– the three of them, plus all the Gems– together.
That’s what families do, after all.

—————Chapter Summary—————
Steven wakes up, to a brand new day with his newborn daughter.
But he quickly finds out he’s missing a few essentials…

Coauthored with @elexuscal and @run-on-lightning

4506 Words

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Steven yawned. He sleepily rubbed his chin, the coarse hairs of his beard brushed against his hand. He’d have to shave soon. Connie always liked it best when he was freshly shaved. He’d just been so busy lately that it’d been slipping his mind.

He felt something, or more appropriately, someone stirring against him.

“Mmm… We need to get you a crib, Kid.” He stifled another yawn. “Maybe Bismuth could make you one…”

Steven pushed up against the bed, resting his back against the pillow and headboard. Carefully, just like Dad (and Connie) had shown him, Steven lifted the infant from his side, being sure to support her head and right hand. He held her against his chest and she cooed softly, snuggling closely against him.

Steven couldn’t help but smile. Even though she wasn’t even a month old yet, Kid always seemed to get right to his heart.

He leaned close to her, and kissed the gem on the back of her hand. Perhaps it was just Steven’s imagination, but the gem suddenly seemed to shine a little brighter.

“Come on. Let’s see if we can find some breakfast.”

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How will the 104th squad react if they got trapped in an elevator with their crush? (:

Thank you so much for your patience in me filling this! But I wanted to make this one really good, that’s why it’s taken so long; the inspiration hasn’t been there and I would hate to disappoint! So I really hope you enjoy these!!

Eren will most likely focus more on the fact that they’re trapped in an elevator than the fact that it’s his crush that he’s trapped with. He’ll focus on getting them out, keeping them calm with no romantic sentiment at all. Only later, he’ll probably face palm for not taking advantage of the situation to get to know them better. He’s just a man of action and will want to get them out before something bad can happen. 

Mikasa will be painfully aware of the fact that her crush is with her in this confined space, and that they could be here for a while. She tries to keep herself focused on getting out and staying positive, but will usually find ways to strike up some sort of conversation, meant to be a diversion from the fear of never getting out of the elevator. And they’ll laugh about that for years to come. 

Armin will either be completely chill or totally freaked out. It depends on what his mind focuses in on first. If he starts thinking about the elevator situation first, then his mind will be on solving their situation and getting them out, and will look like a chill hero in front of his crush, reflecting on that piece later. But, if he latches on to the reality that it’s his crush in the elevator with him first, then he’ll panic. And they’ll panic together. And they’ll bond over that. 

Jean will be frustrated with the situation at first, but would then try to be funny. Make light of the situation. Distract his crush. The only problem is that he’s hyper-aware of who he’s with and his jokes are absolutely terrible. But he’s trying. And that’s endearing. 

Marco would do his best to keep his crush calm, setting his feelings aside to try to get them out. He’d go into full hero mode, doing everything in his power to save the day, get them to safety, and keep his crush optimistic. It’s very endearing. 

Annie won’t have much of a reaction, except her cheeks will be red the whole time. She’ll do her best to focus on the situation, talk only about getting them out and answering other questions from her crush very plainly, as if she were talking to anybody else. But she knows who she’s talking to. That’s why her face is so red. She’ll only give in and open up to them if they’re in there for a really long time. 

Reiner, like Marco, will focus on getting them out without letting his feeling get in the way. Especially if his crush is scared, then he knows its no place to be flirting and will focus entirely on getting out. But, if his crush isn’t terribly rushed to get out, then maybe he’ll joke around with them a bit, try to strike up a meaningful conversation while they wait for help. It’s a very casual affair. 

Bertholdt will be very aware that he is in a small confined space with his crush. He will do his best not to panic, but his heart will be racing in his chest. He’ll do his best to stay focused on the situation, talking mostly about getting them out. He’ll be very quiet and awkward, almost more so than usual, solely because his crush has nothing else to distract them now but him. He’ll open up if they pry enough, though. 

Sasha will respond by trying to lighten the mood. As they work to get the elevator working, she’ll tell her crush stories to keep them calm and keep their mind elsewhere than the small space in which they’re trapped. She’s very calm in stressful situations, and therefore does all she can for her crush to remain calm too. They’re usually very grateful for it later. 

Connie will most likely be panicking about the elevator. He doesn’t do well in confined spaces. But his crush will most likely be moved by his honestly and vulnerability, as well as his persistence in trying to get them out, 

Ymir will also resort to humor. Her sarcasm and sharp wit seem heightened in the elevator (a product of her claustrophobia,) but she doesn’t let on that it’s nerves that’s causing the jokes. She does also suggest and try anything and everything to get them out. 

Historia will be eerily calm about it all. Of course she’ll try to get them out, but after a point, she’ll just give up and wait for help. At this point, she’ll try to talk to her crush, get to know them a bit more. She isn’t super nervous about it, given their situation. 

wow…nashville without rayna jaymes?

this is HEARTBREAKING. I get that connie wanted to leave the show (which she lied about earlier this summer when she said she was gonna be in the WHOLE season) but why would they even renew the show if there was no rayna?

sweet rayna was the least deserving person on the show to be killed. and her and deacon went through SO MUCH and this is how it ends for them? they were supposed to grow old together!

wow. WOW. and the poor girls, they are all that’s left off rayna, now. wow….