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From the [H/P]arajuku Prism Stone’s Twitter.

Chuppe: Chuppe~…? (How do you drink…?)
Punicorn: Punicorn? (Don’t you lift the top here?)
Chuppe: Chuppe! Chuppe-chuppe! (Wow~! That’s right! Amazing!)
Punicorn: Punicorn! (Voilà!)

anonymous asked:

Pumpkin and candy :3

Pumpkin: Do you actually like Halloween? Why?
Candy: Favourite candy?

Pumpkin: I literally live for Halloween, I love it so much! I’m a big horror fan and it’s just cool to dress up as scary things! Plus witch hats are the best :3
Candy: Hm…. I’m a big fan of Chuppa Chupps to be fair :D
~ Admin Saihara

Pumpkin: I doooooo!! I love to cosplay and do spooky stuffs with makeup tbh :’)
Candy: I. Love. Sherbert. HnNNNnnnNNnnn
~ Admin Kaito

x-serenade  asked:

dearest amy roseee <333 i hope you're doing well, my love :) so my birthday is on wednesday! if you have time, do you think you could write me a schmoopy sterek ficlet? something with birthday cake, perhaps? :D it doesn't have to be long *glomp* tysm!!

Happy Birthday, bby i remembered your prompt from last year, and i put it together with this one, i hope that’s ok


“Greetings and salutations!”

Derek pauses at the entrance to the candy store, his niece and nephew cackling with uncontained glee as they rush off to examine the shelves bursting with sweets. He stops, only because there’s a guy dressed as Willy Wonka behind the till—of the Gene Wilder variety, and not the terrifying Johnny Depp variety, thank god—and he’s smiling brightly at Derek.

“How can I help you and your sweet tooth, today?” He shimmies, shimmies out from behind the counter, purple velvet coat swaying around him, and tips his hat at Derek. Close up, Derek can see big brown eyes, sweeping eyelashes and a pretty Cupid’s bow mouth. It’s an appealing combination, until he looks away from the entrancing face and takes in the bright red bowtie and yellow waistcoat.

“My niece and nephew,” he jerks an arm at them, “I promised they could get some candy before they go home.”

“Ha,” the guy laughs, claps his hands together, “Send them home high on sugar, your sister or brother will be calling you later with complaints.”

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