by chrizta


▼The Originals Songlist | 1x03 - Tangled Up In Blue

Scene: People touring the French quarter

Scene: Rebekah talking to Camille at the bar; she invites her to the Masquerade ball

Scene: Klaus tells his plans of Thierry killing another vampire

Scene: Everyone arrives at the Masquerade ball

Scene: Rebekah talks to Marcel at the ball while Klaus talks to Camille as they watch them

Scene: Marcel is dancing with Camille and talking about Rebekah while Rebekah and Klaus watch them; Marcel gets the news about Thierry

Scene: Marcel sentences Thierry due to his actions; Camille and Klaus witness Marcel confronting Thierry

Scene: Klaus talks to Camille about Marcel and having her trust broken; he compels her


▼The Originals Songlist | 1x04 - Girl In New Orleans

Scene: Davina convinces Marcel to allow her to attend the Annual Dauphine Street Music Festival

Scene: Rebekah asks Diego who the other woman is in Marcel’s life

Scene: Davina arrives at the music festival

Scene: Davina watches Tim perform; Camille and Marcel talk at the bar; Camille and Davina talk about Tim

Scene: Tim plays the violin at the church for Davina; Klaus and Camille watch from afar

Scene: Camille realizes that Klaus is going to compel her and tries to convince him not to; Klaus compels her