by chrizta

Clues I'm Captain America trash
  • Me when Sam and Steve talk: BUCKY BUCKY BUCKY
  • Me when Steve talks about his dark side: ITS BUCKY BUCKY BUCKY
  • Me when Steve jumped off the interstate bridge: HE FOUGHT BUCKY ON A BRIDGE LIKE THAT
  • Me when Steve fought Ultron one on one: YES MY SON FUCK HIM UP YES YOU ARE EVERYTHING
  • Me when Steve/Nat fought together: YES THIS FRIENDSHIP IS EVERYTHING MY BABIES
  • Me @ the twins and Vision: !!!!!!! I LOVE YOU
  • Me @ everything else: ....No. Russos please hurry and save me.

▼The Originals Songlist | 1x03 - Tangled Up In Blue

Scene: People touring the French quarter

Scene: Rebekah talking to Camille at the bar; she invites her to the Masquerade ball

Scene: Klaus tells his plans of Thierry killing another vampire

Scene: Everyone arrives at the Masquerade ball

Scene: Rebekah talks to Marcel at the ball while Klaus talks to Camille as they watch them

Scene: Marcel is dancing with Camille and talking about Rebekah while Rebekah and Klaus watch them; Marcel gets the news about Thierry

Scene: Marcel sentences Thierry due to his actions; Camille and Klaus witness Marcel confronting Thierry

Scene: Klaus talks to Camille about Marcel and having her trust broken; he compels her

4000 FOLLOWERS IN A LITTLE MORE THEN A YEAR! OMG! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! AND omg I was hoping to hit my next thousand by Christmas so I could have a Christmas Caroline gif follow forever!

Thank you so much to each and every one of you for following me! It means so much. It’s crazy to think that people from all around the world follow little me. You all are my inspiration to keep making edits everyday:) I really feel like I have great followers. You are all so supportive of the things I post and I love that I have a mixture of followers from different fandoms. You guys are the best and I really appreciate it.

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▼The Originals Songlist | 1x04 - Girl In New Orleans

Scene: Davina convinces Marcel to allow her to attend the Annual Dauphine Street Music Festival

Scene: Rebekah asks Diego who the other woman is in Marcel’s life

Scene: Davina arrives at the music festival

Scene: Davina watches Tim perform; Camille and Marcel talk at the bar; Camille and Davina talk about Tim

Scene: Tim plays the violin at the church for Davina; Klaus and Camille watch from afar

Scene: Camille realizes that Klaus is going to compel her and tries to convince him not to; Klaus compels her