by chohae

 ☆ ミ  Hi everyone, after having so long time this blog , I decided to make a follow forever.

Thanks for everything,  for making my dash so wonderfull  with spam & their beautiful designs & also thank you very much to all the people who follow me, although  my edits are not so pretty > <

Well, here are the blogs that I really admire & I love it …

They are amazing people, don’t hesitate to follow, because really pays to have these blogs on your dashboard.

haebe - monkeilii - haeface - rurouneko - blueprincez - iheart-kyu - qiubutt - sesocherry13 - donghaeyah - 13elieve-in-15 - hyukjaess - superandyy - dochihae - ohmyeunhyukie - dongaes - mahyuks - yehae - super-junior - chorgasm - mysilver-sea - leedonghaek - littlelostgirlworld- superjnr- hae-tits - haehyukjaes - fyukjae - hyuker - thelastmanstandingsuju - monkeymyeolchi - tokkiteuk - vitamile - butihatetumblr - lee-donghais - mingteukies - haohaoeunhyuk - lee-teukk - welovehaehyuk - duckflyfly -  kyuclam - hyukwoon - siwonface - haekey - missingteuk - lteuk - chohae .

Well that’s all, thank you so much again. 

I love all. ♡

Hi everyone! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

As 2014 almost being over, I decided to make my follow forever. ♥ This is my 2nd FF & I want to share with you my favorite blogs :

Hyukjae’s blogs:


Donghae’s blogs:

rurouneko ✯haekey ✯ldhae ✯mrsfishee ✯thisisironhae ✯lee-donghais ✯leedonghei ✯donghaeyah ✯donghaek ✯dongaes ✯buneys ✯dochihae ✯chohae

HaeHyuk/EunHae’s blogs:

shirade ✯onlyloveeunhae ✯eunhaelthy ✯welovehaehyukhaehyukjaes 

Others SJ’s blogs: 

blueprincez ✯qiubutt  ✯kyudrugs ✯yempire ✯yehae ✯super-junior ✯chorgasm ✯mingteukies ✯lteuk ✯2woonholic ✯yetteok ✯lee-teukk

parkjngsoo ✯butihatetumblr ✯vitamile ✯superjnr ✯shyseoul ✯atgwanghwamun ✯whorechul ✯gaemgyus ✯kimyori  ✯xinghais ✯choxide ✯kyucito ✯asoomatic ✯tokkiteuk ✯sjrulestheworld ✯aegyopanda  iheart-kyu ✯13elieve-in-15 ✯heechulssi ✯

thelastmanstandingsuju ✯chokyuhyunsweibo  ✯littlelostgirlworld ✯

Well I think these are all….

Guys, thank you for everything!

Thank you for  making my dashboard beautiful,  you are great people to whom I admire & also thank you so much to the people who follow me & support my posts. xd

This year is completed & will soon be starting another, I know  this year was full of surprise & some bad moments, but I hope this 2015 either a great year for you all.

I wish them well ♥ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♥


❀ Yurax’s first follow forever! 

This doesn’t mark a special day exactly, (since I have no idea when I started this blog, oops) but I am literally on the border of 1.5k followers. Yay! Numbers aren’t something I tend to pay much attention to, though they do make me incredibly happy. I’m both shocked and overjoyed I’ve come this far, and I’m happy to have so many of you enjoy my not-so-great gifs and such. Thank you so much for sticking by me!
Now, since I don’t follow many Girl’s Day blogs and this is only a side, I will be including those I adore and reblog religiously on my main (suxgkyu; and other sides like ha-kyeon, jivoon & ggukie n_n; too many blogs, heh), and I’m sorry but 60% will probably be Infinite biased. I encourage you all to check out those listed below, and I apologize for missing anyone off, I’m tired and these things take f o r e v e r. Smooches and love will be sent to you all! Including those who aren’t noted because ♡

Italics = Mutual follows (on yurax &/ suxgkyu) ♡ Bold = Current tumblr crushes.

ahyoungies | bangyongguks | bunnymato | channie-ah | chohae | daesbulge | daisynous | doffeine | dongyas | dongwoos-penis | gikwanf | girldays | girlsd4y | girlssday | giyeuk | gr8u | gyuchingu | gyuishy | gyuzizis | heyhyuna | hoyaegi | hyosong | ilhoon | infiniteho-ya | itsgirlsday | jnhysng | jung-koook | jungyoos | kimsoowon | leehqeri | minahsday | myungfinite | namupabo | nhyung | noohyun | ohayoungs | ohsojins | pixxietrainwreck | ravikim | sngyeol | snugyeol | sojeens | strawberrybutterfly | suhobos | sullli | sunvoung | tayree | woohyunff | yadoong | yeoli | yeolwut | yeonnies | yong-guks | yoonhgi | youngjiae | zicojin