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COLORS is seeing another artist translate your song into movement.-Michael Blume

“Colors” by Michael Blume | Choreography by Keone Madrid

Danced by Ade Willis, Jillian Meyers, Mikey Ruiz, Anthony Quidachay, Matt Magallanes, Melissa De Jesus, Stephanie Sicat, Charina Madrid, Darian Patterson, Kiko James, Nic Ballecer, Amor Ledesma, Juju Sena
So close you can almost taste it

Word Count: 8,878

Rating: T

Pairings: Eleven/River

Characters: River, Eleven, brief appearances from Amy and Rory, Alec Palmer, Emma Grayling

Note: This is a rewrite of the series 7 episode “Hide.” For everyone involved, it takes place just after “Day of the Moon” in series 6. This was posted in honor of the Doctor and River’s third linear anniversary!

Summary: The rapid passage of time felt like a microcosm of her life, her marriage. There were days River thought her time with the Doctor would last forever. But since the second time she went to Utah, since Florida 1969 and that last kiss, she’d become painfully aware of her own mortality and how fast their time together was slipping through her fingers.


Northern Rubber Boa (Charina bottae)- San Mateo County, California

A large adult female (possibly gravid) Rubber Boa found this morning with @1800daniel in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Note the blunt and heavily scarred tail tip of this snake- Rubber Boas use their tails to distract mother rodents as they raid nests. These fossorial snakes, one of only two native Boids found in the United States, feed primarily on nestling rodents.

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Rubber Boa (Charina bottae)

Also sometimes known as the Coastal Rubber Boa or the Northern Rubber Boa, the rubber boa is a species of boa (Boidae) that is native to the Western United States and Southwestern Canada. Rubber boas are known to inhabit a wide variety of habitats ranging from grassland, meadows and chaparral to deciduous and conifer forests, to high alpine settings. Rubber boas are notably docile and when threatened will release a potent musk instead of biting. Rubber boas are primarily nocturnal, but are also though to likely be crepuscular as well. Like other boas C. bottae is a predator and will feed on young mammals, eggs, and birds.


Animalia-Chordata-Reptilia-Squamata-Serpentes-Boidae-Erycinae-Charnia-C. bottae

Images: Dar-Ape and Kafziel