by cate


you’ve got the smarts and the heartaches to show for | a Kennedy Cates fanmix

01. I woke up like this, we flawless, ladies tell ‘em / 02. you’re so much better off alone 'til your heart can find a home, but for now, until then, know you’re more than just a girlfriend / 03. you never let 'em kill you, you take everything they give you, and throw it right fuckin’ at 'em and tell 'em it doesn’t build you, and no it don’t ever break you, and no it can’t overtake you / 04. see our world is slowly dying, I’m not wasting no more time, don’t think I could believe you  / 05. fuckin’ with a goddess and you get a little colder / 06. it’s true, I choose myself before anybody else / 07. no matter what, you’ll never take that from me, my reign is as far as your eyes can see / 08. I’m not weak, I’m not broken, I am bold, and the fire you put me through turned me into gold / 09. thinking all you need is there, building faith on loving words, empty promises will wear, I know / 10. I’m only human, and I bleed when I fall down, I’m only human, and I crash and I break down / 11. I wear my pain like stilettos, as bad as it may hurt, no, you’ll never know, I keep walking with my head up, putting on a show, and fronting like nothing is wrong / 12. how could this man I thought I knew, turn out to be unjust, so cruel / 13. after everything’s done and I’m all undone, you can hear my high heels walking on

[ L I S T E N ]

My shoulder is super sore today. I’ve made an appointment to have it looked at tomorrow. What is this? One part heals and then another breaks??? So lame.
The sun is shining so I’m going to see if the snow has melted enough on the path to the lake. At least I can get outside today even if I can’t do my normal workout.
Why do I have a feeling I’m going to be banned from everything but walking and ab work????